How Elementals (Nature Spirits) Can Protect Your Home – by Tana Hoy

Have you ever gone on a trip, unable to enjoy your vacation because you kept on worrying about your house? Or have you ever gone to bed at night, unable to sleep soundly, because you were thinking about safety?


A Nature Spirit

Installing security systems will help ease your worries greatly; but did you know that you can further protect your home by asking the elementals to help look after your property?

What Are Elementals?

Also called nature spirits, these supernatural beings are the caretakers of nature. In addition, they also care for people who respect the environment, and who are genuine sources of positive energy.

There are four different types of elementals that can help you: fire spirits, water spirits, air spirits, and earth spirits, and they are all natural protectors.

Which Type of Elemental Is the Best Protector For The Home?

These nature spirits can help you safeguard your home in according to the element they are connected to:

Fire Spirits

As beings of the fire element, fire spirits are in charge of fires, from small ones like candles and cooking fires, to much bigger ones like furnaces and fireplaces. They can protect your home against uncontrolled blazes, and since they are also in charge of electrical systems, they can keep your lighting system working safely.

Water Spirits

Water spirits can guard your home against raging storms as well as extremely wet weather. They care for everything water-related, and can protect you from potential dangers, like stagnant puddles where mosquitoes lay eggs, or pipes that are on the brink of bursting.

Air Spirits

You can keep your home feeling fresh by inviting these guardians into your home. They can will help the wind bring the scent of flowers and trees into your home, and help the the aroma of your cooking permeate throughout the house.

They can also warn you of toxic gases or rotting food. And because sound is carried by wind, you can be sure that your alarm system will go far and wide if you have the air elementals as your allies. They are in charge of anything that has to do with both scent and sound.

Earth Spirits

These nature spirits can protect your home and possessions by caring for your surroundings and the objects in it. You can call on them for protection against earthquakes, tremors, and the like.

How These Guardians Protect Your Home

These spiritual beings can help you in many different ways. They can blow toxic gases away from your home; or draw your attention to a probable hazard. For example, they might make a clattering noise under the sink to alert you of growing mold, or they might make a tree branch fall to prevent a culprit from trespassing into your property.

Since they are spirits, they will keep guard of your house inside and out, 24 hours a day, and you can trust that they won’t fall asleep on you!

How To Summon The Protection Of Elementals

Summoning nature's guardians is as easy as calling out to a friend., but there is something that these beings look for before you can enlist them as your allies. They will only help you if you respect, and care for, Mother Nature, along with the four elements of nature.

To initiate friendship with theses beings, you need to whisper a greeting to them every day. You can also ask them to keep you company as you go about your chores or activities. The way to do this is to talk to them as you cook, as you tend to your garden, or as you clean your sink, etc.

Even if you can't see them with your physical eyes, simply acknowledge their presence. They will often acknowledge you back through a sudden gust of wind, or a ray of sunshine in your eye, or a beautiful bloom in your garden.

As you gain their trust, they will naturally assist you by keeping your home safe. All you really have to do is ask, and always remember to say thank you!

They Are Attuned To Your Vibrations

Because they are spirits, they are attuned to your energy vibrations, and they will be drawn to you if you emit positive energies such as kindness, gentleness, and happiness.

However, they are likely to keep away if they sense negative energy from you and your household, like misery, anger, jealousy, fighting, etc.

If you care for and respect nature these magnificant nature spirits will also repsect and care for you.

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  1. Dylan says:

    thanks tana i’ll definately try this for my home

  2. Jennifer Beatty says:

    I have what I have been told elementals in my fake fireplace. I thought they were gone but yesterday saw one slammed up against the inside of my fireplace box looking like it wanted to get my attention then it disappeared when I opened my balcony door. A black thing came up beside the yellow one up against the glass and the yellow one then disappeared. They don’t look like fairies. I have pictures if you are interested.

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