How To Eliminate Fear To Manifest More Of What You Want In Life!

Hi there,

Today I wanted to talk about fear, what causes it, and what you can do to minimize it in your life.

Have you ever really stopped to think where your fear comes from? Have you ever wondered what is the source of your fear?

Does to come from your stomach? 

Does it come from your skin? 

Does it come from your eyes? 

What part of your body do you think is the source of fear? 

If you answered “my mind” you are 100% correct.

What Causes Fear?

Fear is a caused by the internal negative self-talk we have with ourselves about whatever situation we are faced with that is causing us to feel fear. This negative self-talk is the messages we tell ourselves about something we fear is going to happen, or after something has happened which we perceive as bad.

The way you perceive any situation in your life is what determines if you see it as good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative. So therefore fear is created by your own internal thoughts. perceptions, interpretations, and dialogues.

And the internal thoughts. perceptions, interpretations, and dialogues we have with ourselves are determined by our life experiences, childhoods, and even our past life experiences!

Most people work themselves into a tizzy when they feel afraid, because the end of the “movie in their head” always ends with them being homeless (if it’s a money fear), being alone the rest of their life (if it’s a love fear), or dying a sad death (if it’s a health fear).

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Why Denial is Your Friend When It Comes To Fear

There is an important Universal Law which is important to understand. “What you focus on, grows in your life!” If you focus on the bad, you get more bad., and “if you focus on the good, you get more good!”

So the key to overcoming fear AND manifesting more into your life of what what you do want is this:

“Focus on what you do want, and deny the fear thoughts that run through your head.

Why deny them?

Because when you deny something, it ceases to exist. Deny, deny, deny! Denial is your friend when it comes to fear!

What Most People Falsely Believe

Most people falsely believe if they don’t “worry about whatever they fear” it will just get worse. As you can see, this is the exact thing you should avoid doing!

Worrying about it makes it grow. Denying it makes it go away! Denial shrinks the situation and starve it by refusing to feed it with more negative energy!

Worry also shows a lack of faith. It indicates that you think you are more powerful than your angels and Higher Power, and that you can somehow “worry a solution to happen!” Do you see how counter productive worry actually is?

Worry needs to be replaced with positive thoughts, along with faith in whatever name you use to identify God. The name you use doesn’t matter, because It is all the same source!

5 Steps To Change Fear Into Peace

Here are 5 steps you can take to change fear into peace the next time you feel afraid!. Believe it or not, with constant and persistent practice, you CAN change fear into peace.

1. Become Conscious Of Your Thoughts

The first key to changing fear into peace is to recognize that fear is self-created by our own internal dialogues, conscious or unconscious, as a result of focusing on the negative “boogey man ending ” we tell ourselves will happen.

2. Deny The Fear

Deny the fear, and replace it with faith in your Higher Power. Faith is strengthened by using the power of factual hindsight! Why hindsight is always factual is because you already know what has happened in your past.

3. Reflect On The Past

Reflectiing on your past, is the crystal ball to your future! By using hindsight, which is your crystal ball into your future, you will see where you biggest fears never came to pass. You will also see how your past got you to where you are now. Focus on this idea with the understanding your Higher Power and the Angels were always with you, even when you couldn’t feel them because you were so caught up in fear!

4. Become Aware

Become aware of your negative self-talk in times of fear, and replace those thoughts with more positive, expansive ones.

5. Focus On What You Want

Focus on what you do want to happen, and forget (deny) what you fear is going to happen. So focus on what you want to happen, and deny the negative thoughts of what you “fear” will happen.

These are the 5 Cosmic Keys to overcoming fear!

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I will then help you reframe your internal negative self-talk, as we refocus it by changing it into a more positive internal dialogue.

This process will help you to overcome fears that have held you back throughout your life, and move you in the direction of turning fear into a feeling of faith, trust, and peace.

Refocusing allows you to focus on the positive so you can grow it in your life, and taking the power away from the negative, to cause it to shrink in your life.

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I sincerely hope this email has helped you in some powerful amazing way, and i wish you the many blessings that will come from you possessing this highly spiritual information!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Grace says:

    This really helped especially the homeless part

  2. V says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 this really helped me to read it

  3. Avery says:

    Wonderful tip: deny! Denial is your friend when it comes to fear. This recommendation resonates with me. It enables a mental mindset tool to manage excessive worry- simple but effective.

  4. Sam B says:

    “Worry leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger, leads to hate, hate, leads to suffering.” – Yoda.

    This is what I first thought of upon reading this. In this case, it may not be as extreme, but the comparison remains in energy form. “Worry leads to fear”, this makes sense given what Tana has said . “Fear leads to anger”, in some cases, this is frustration and stress. “Anger leads to hate,” now this isn’t exactly accurate, but it could mean resentment of those experiences and/or as Tana’s said, loss of faith. “Hate leads to suffering.” This is likely to be the effect of fear in form, manifesting in events or circumstances of negativity.

    I did this almost at midnight so it’s gonna look a bit off but all in all, I agree with Tana on this. The fact that worry eventually leads to unwanted negative effects.

  5. Candy says:

    I Loved reading this….
    Deny that fear.
    Thank you so much xo ??❤️?????

  6. Zerrin says:

    Bless you for writing this down to help others!! I bet it’s helping anyone who truly wants to change. I enjoyed reading it very much!! I will definitely have source to share if my paths cross with someone who also needs a little help understanding through confusion. Keep on writing!! ??

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