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Elves are real! These mystical beings and creatures of the unknown have always held a special place in my heart! When people ask me “are elves real”, there is a lot of evidence that proves “yes they are!” You just need to know where to look and what to look for! In this article, I am going to be uncovering the mysteries of the secret lives of elves.

elves are real

What are Elves

Elves are magical creatures that have come from the frozen lands of the ancient North, in a time before all time. These supernatural beings have been moulded from light, and are also referred to as ‘Elementals’ or ‘Spirits of Nature’. They exist in a realm parallel to ours called the ‘City of Eternal Bliss’, and the doorway to this city exists only in heavily forested areas, untouched by man. In the Elven city, all dreams come true, all needs are fulfilled, and every wish is granted.

Elves love trees. They understand that trees are wise, unmovable beings, that spend their entire lives in meditation. It is said that great Elven sages are reborn as trees after their Elvish journey ends.

How to Recognize Elves

Elves exist in different shapes and sizes, and are known to be incredibly beautiful. They may be fair-haired or dark-haired, and have delicate, graceful features. They have large, expressive eyes, pale porcelain skin, high cheekbones, and pointed ears. They have an athletic built, and there is little difference between the male and female elves.

The Activities Elves Love

Elves love music, and are very talented when playing musical instruments. Elvish music is very melodious and enchanting, and very celestial and rapturous. Elves tell each other tales of their travels through their songs and music. It is said that when humans hear the sound of Elvish music, they go into a trance-like state becuase it is like an aphrodisiac to their senses.

Being artistic and creative creatures, they love dancing in meadows. They dance in a kind of ring-like formation, which causes a circular discolouration in the part of the grassy meadow where they dance. So the next time you are taking a walk in a forest on a beautiful spring morning, you should look for these circles embossed on the dew-soaked meadow.

If you are passing through the woods on a moonlit night, and happen to come upon a family of Elves dancing, quickly look away. Elves do not like to be interrupted, especially by humans. Like Elvish music, their dance seems to enrapture humans. So if you stay to watch, without you even realising it, what might seem like just a couple of minutes to you, will actually be hours and hours of time that has gone by.

Where to Find Elves

Elves are very secretive in nature, and prefer to be secluded from other living beings. They do not like to be disturbed during their activities, but If you are lucky, you may be able to find elves amidst the new blossoms in a dense forest on a humid spring night.They are also known to enjoy a quiet, summer swim in a babbling brook.

Although Elves rarely allow themselves to be seen by human beings, they can choose to be able to seen them. Children whose minds haven’t been tainted by the cynicism of the world, and who haven’t lost their sense of wonder, can see elves very easily. Children born on a Sunday are also more likely to be able to see them.

To be able to see elves is a gift that an elf can bestow upon you, Since I have been lucky enough to see them several times in my life, I know that elves are real. If you keep trying to see them, with a pure heart and pure intentions, you will also come to discover the reality that elves are real!

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  1. Anica says:

    It’s funny and strange at the same time. When I was younger, I thought I seen Fairies flying around me…but only when I was sad and lonely. It felt as though they had brightened my mood at that specific time in my life. I always tell my children that they are real and sometimes I can see them whisking thru the air just out of the corner of my eyes. Although they are fast and very beautiful, I would always see a metallic type iridescent color around or on them! I would love to see them straight on…with both eyes open!

  2. Hawk says:

    I have a great deal of forest around my house. I just wonder if I might find any number of magical beings in those woods. They’ve always held a sense of wonder to me.

  3. Elfseeker says:

    I have always believed in there being other forces in this world. I always thought I was alone in believing this.

    I want to thank you for this! I have always dreamed of seeing an elf! I want to go into nature as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elfseeker says:

    I love the feeling you get from being in the woods, and I have always only been able to feel as if we aren’t the only beings able to enjoy them.
    I love this article so much, and I only hope that I have good vibes enough to let me be able to see into the mystical realm and see the elves with my own eyes!
    Truly such a beautiful and amazing thing!

  5. destmani okwelle says:

    Thank you for making me realize more about them through this write ups by you.I told people they were real but they won’t believe me,anyway since this story has been written by you,people will find out the truth

  6. Hugh mungus says:

    I now have an elf wife, thanks!!!

  7. Mesarathim Kairei says:

    I’ve seen a male Elf, face to face back in early November of 2012. I remember him speaking to me before he left. Since then, I’ve always had the feeling he’s never left the area, his presence lingering as if he kept himself close by, especially when I was near a large group of trees. I still feel that, to this day, along with the feeling he’s not happy about the man I’m dating right now. However, the reason for all of it is something that keeps eluding my grasp, so to speak. Are face to face encounters with Elves common? I’m just curious because I don’t know of anyone around me that’s had this happen.

  8. Mark says:

    I’m interested in how you know this. Personal experience for me has been varied in the behaviour and appearance of elves. Some have been very kind and others have been very malicious.
    Encouraging people to find the fae may not always have the best outcome. They stay hidden and secretive for reasons.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Mark, Actually, they are not dangerous at all. Only if you disrepect them, then they can be mischeivious. I learned many of the things I know from my mentor, who is now in spirit, and also when I am astrally traveling I met many beings who teach me. Thanks for the message.

  9. Lea Fabricante says:

    I had a dream last night, there is someone who told me that he was an “elven”? Are they similar with elfs?

  10. Kate Kelley says:

    When I was around the age of 6, I was getting ready to go to bed and I walked into my room and there was an elf looking person male around two foot tall. He told me how I was a very good person and to always be good and kind. I remember I couldn’t speak I was scared. I always thought that maybe it was an angel or something like that. He was definitely dressed like an elf. I am now 53 years old, always looking to see if anyone else as a child seen an elf. It only happened the one time. The memory is very vivid to this day.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Sounds like one of your Spirit Guides came to visit you! I was just told by my guides his name is Charlie! Thanks for sharing such a neat experience!

  11. Shirley says:

    I feel I had a strange incounter with an elf. I put up a game camera in my yard before the
    holidays to catch an older man that lives next door who keeps coming on my property at
    different times when he shouldn’t be doing this. The camera was on for about a week
    til I looked at the chip to see what was on it in pictures. I couldn’t believe what was
    I viewing. A short man with pointed ears. I haven’t told anyone for I feel they wouldn’t
    believe me. So, I am searching out my wondering and found your website about elves.
    I do live at the foot of a mountain area. But, other websites indicate only in iceland
    there are elves. Can they be here in the US, our woodlands?

  12. chelsea jimmy says:

    Comment:I have always been crazy about elves ever since I read a novel about an elf falling in love with a human.I pray to see an elf one day.

  13. Smith says:

    Just for the record every being from every “fairytale” are real. They fall to the category of fiction, myth and legend. I am here to say that weather you choose to believe or not they exist. The biggest reason to the difficulty of seeing them is due to the fact of sporadic behavior upon seeing them. If you happen to have the chance of seeing them DO NOT!!! Over react,
    Keep a level head sudden reactions are frightening and if you don’t make too much noise you have better chances. So if you are in a city most likely not going to happen. Go to an quiet area with plenty of woods and clean air. Find a nice spot maybe camp out and listen to the wonders around you. Trust me. I know from personal experience.

  14. Trystram Marion says:

    thats not suprising. i myself have a few near me almost always. they show up on camera sometimes as orbs, and the picture is said to have orbing.

  15. K.O. says:

    I had an encounter with a female elf when I was eight. She taunted me for months, telling me to kill myself so I could join her in her world. It was completely unprompted btw, she first appeared in my bedroom and I was never disrespectful towards her. For years I thought I was crazy, but I eventually met two other people who have encountered the exact same elf (based on shared detailed descriptions of her.) One refused to speak about her so I’m not sure what his experience was like, but the other had a similarly scarring experience to mine. Is this common? She’s come back to see me briefly two other times that I know of and I do not want to see her a fourth time.

  16. M. Elvis says:

    thats awesome,i would like to go and meet them

  17. Jaimie says:

    Wow! Thanks for this read. I looked this up because I just saw an elf face to face 2 nights ago! It was a male with red hair and stood about 2 1/2 feet high. I’m out in the mountains of NC surrounded by forest, caves and bubbling brooks. VERY PRIVATE. I think it was trying to help me was in a very upset mood but it just looked at me with a big smile and had a kind, beautiful face. I’ve never hallucinated before and wasn’t on any drugs was just in an upset mood. I think it was watching over me to make sure I’m safe, I’m very in tune with nature so I’m sure he recognized that. As I said I haven’t hallucinated nor do I have and mental disability other than anxiety and depression from time to time but I’ve had that my whole life. This experience was a positive one. Was a little scary because was so unexpected. I believe they are multidimensional, as I they can pop in and out of this realm. I kind of go into that state of mind from time to time so maybe I triggered it that way. Anyway! Stay natural!

  18. Aysha Siddique says:

    You should read the novel, ‘Chosen’ by Quinn Loftis

  19. Joey Kent says:

    All My Life I’ve Never Seen One Elf Before I Even Feel Lonely I’m A Lady’s Man And Single If I Can’t See You Come And See Me Because Everything I Dance All The I Sing Constantly Even In My Room All I Do Is Play And Also Don’t Like Being Disturbed Telling Jokes Tease My Friends Who I Really Like And Love But In Respected Christian Hearted Don’t Be Afraid Of Me Just Come To Me I Really Always Wanted To Santa’s Elves And I Always Dreamed To Ride His Sleigh And Drive And I Prey Every For All My To Come True

  20. James basque says:

    Greetings all. I have always felt a strong connection with all things fey. A story comes to mind i once read in a book about neo-paganism. apparently an old way to see through an elves glamour and respectfully reveal its invisible form is to find a stone that running water has worn a hole through over time. take said stone and peer through it with a song in your heart. years ago i found such a stone, the size of a robins egg, in a river deep in the wilderness on a idyllic summer day. ever since ive had it around my neck every time i go for a wander in the evergreen forests of canada. There is magic in nature that quickens something deep inside me.

  21. My son..now 32 has always sworn that he saw an elf as a 5 yr old. Our house at the time had bedrooms downstairs. His was at the back. He told me he was awoken by the security light going on and off. It hadnt been a windy night..quite calm. He peeped through curtain and noticed very quick movement. He spotted a very small figure with a grinning face. He said it was waiting for light to go off..then darted across to make it come on sgain. He must have drifted off to sleep and was adamant it was real when telling me the next day. It didnt occur again but I believe his story.

  22. Nina Angela says:

    Some people says they are not real but i believe they real even thought i never met them
    i really wanted to meet elves !

  23. Tiffany Marie Clark says:

    I have a god daughter that speaks to fairies every day. She has 4 of them, then recently her mother was informed by a stranger across the country that her daughter was of royal fairy blood. She was born at 25bweeks healed a whole in her heart before surgery, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 2015 and now shows no signs of cerebral palsy today. Could she really be.

  24. Evolution says:

    If such creatures exist what kind of evolution they had? Were humans and Elves have a common ancestor and then split to 2 different creatures? Are we able to create a breed between Human and Elf? What kind of genes they have? How much they are close to humans ?

  25. John Naumann says:

    I accidentally got a picture of a wood elf on my phone. I take pictures of ghosts n am extreme outdoors person. Ornithology taught me to identify most all birds by age nine. This wood elf is carrying his 3 children, sitting on small tree branch. Large noses. In protected forest over looking cow pasture. Shot early 2019. Incredible picture

  26. Fais says:

    your story is true, I am also wanting to know deeper about this beautiful elves. As I know they had lived in earth longer than us. Some humans got married with elves and even they are eager to know how to find their way to elves mystical world.

  27. Richard says:

    I pointed ears, could possibly been an elf? I was adopted as young boy of 9yrs. Old

  28. Oliver says:

    I really want to see you please please and please I like elves they are the best things in the world

  29. Tate Storm says:

    If elves are real, why aren’t dragons? They say their myths. Elves are myths too.. but one night i was up forever and I couldn’t go to sleep. I opened my eyes and saw a black creature with a girl standing beside it on my roof. That was a year ago. I’ve been trying to get research on elves and dragon for i love both, but why don’t they just come out into the world?

  30. Debi says:

    I saw what appeared to be a wood elf in my back yard, he was traveling and had a satchel over one shoulder and a bow on the other…he looked very handsome, dark long hair but not very tall ….only like 4 feet or so…but had a perfect muscular body. He didn’t notice me as i saw him from my back door that is also a window.
    This was about 5 years ago now….in Alaska.
    He was walking across my backyard and had his head down looking just at the ground in front of him…like he had been walking for quite awhile and then he disappeared around the corner of my house and he was gone. Of course i never ran out to see where he went but the next day there were signs in the grass where he had walked across it as it was newly mowed .
    His clothes were made of bark and the leather of some animals combined. He was wearing a hat made of wood fibers like pounded bark. I will never forget seeing him. I wish i could see him again.

  31. Aurora says:

    Oh yes! This is abseloutly right!! When I say it to people they just think it’s funny. I have always loved the fact that beautiful elves and magical creatures sourrounds us! My dad actually opened my eyes. I actually remember that we had a little altar under a tree that was hollow inside. Kind of like an opening. And we put all our miniature cutlery under and filled it with honey and milk and other good treats. And every full moon we sang and danced for them around the tree. And the next morning the food was all eaten up and it was all messy around. I certanily belive that this was the elves. Even tho it could’ve been possible that it was animals I just felt it. And I have proof. Because I am now 13 and I lay out food for the house elves that lives in my house. I give them milk and honey and something to eat. And it’s always gone the next morning. I first got my whole experience when my dad bought me the spider wick field guide book. I read trough it with him every night. I still have it and it means the most to me!! It made me open up my eyes again after all theese years. I kinda forgot about it because I am sourrounded by people who don’t belive such things. But whenever I got that question ”do you belive in elves” I always said yes. I have always belived in them!! And always will. I have in fact seen them and heard them and felt them.

  32. aeris clinton says:

    do they live in rain forest too?

  33. Tara says:

    I lived by alot of breath-taking woodland, very close to lake michigan. This is a simple, basic experience, by my window, outside grew a vibrant pink rose tree. I always loved it.
    One morning drinking coffee, waking up and looking out the that window…suddenly a fairy elf appeared looking in at me, she had beautiful big eyes, was green…seemed obvious that elf was looking out for that rose tree, helping it grow.
    We must of watched each-other for the longest time, i stayed still, didnt move, then poof as suddenly as she appeared, she vanished.
    I have had many, many experiences of a supernatural, psychic, clairvoyant and empathic nature, that was the first and only of seeing a Fairy Elf though.
    Yes i was born on a Sunday, Yes im a Pisces, yes im a clairvoyant medium and Empathic, just things i have to live with, nothing special…

  34. Nick says:

    Are elfessential women real and wear do they live. Nick

  35. mage says:

    When I was three years old I saw this tiny little creature watching me from outside my window, though she never hurt me it felt kind of creepy because she never moved she would just sit on the edge of my window with her dark brown hair and diamond blue eyes it felt like she was watching me and observing me I could never understand why because at Day time just before sunrise she would disappear so one night in April i went to the window and opened it she stared at me and then disappeared but she kept coming back and still today right at 8:00 she keeps coming back never leaving so I built her a little house outside my window and named her Diamante as in Diamond. Do you perhaps know if she is harmful or not and why has she appeared just to sit on my window like a protector of some sort I am a little anxious about her because my children are seeing her as well they said that she speaks to them and if they don’t go to bed she sings her song like she sang to me as a child and they say that they forget ever falling asleep.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Mage, I wouldn’t really be able to tell you what That little being was doing without being energetically connected to you somehow. We would need to have a reading for me to be able to connect and tell you what exactly it is and what is doing. Sorry about that.

  36. Adelice Marie Niyokwizerwa says:

    I always believe that anything or any creature I see on TV somehow real exists, I would to see them someday, learn about them, and sing like them. We are all part of nature

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