An Email I Received You Have To Read! I Wanted To Share With You :)

I received some of the nicest emails over the past week from some people who had a reading with me, and I really wanted to share them with you!

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

She Found Her Dream Job


Hope you are doing well.  I was in the audience in Columbus, Ohio and I really enjoyed the evening of your lecture and live readings you gave or the audience.  

I had a reading with you in January, and you said that by April or May, June, at the latest, I would have 2 job offers, and would have to decide on one of them. You also said you saw me moving west by September.  

Thought you might like to know that I did get two 2 job offers  just like you said- one in Columbus, Ohio, and one in the Phoenix ,Arizona area.  The one in AZ was truly the opportunity of a lifetime for me. So I accepted that job.

I have lived here now for 3 weeks.  When I built my last house, I said I am never moving again! However, here I am – just like you predicted!  

So… were right.  Just thought you would like to know.

Karla L. – Columbus, Ohio

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Her Son With Autism Changed Instantly! A Heart-Warming Story

This is a long email I was sent, but it made me cry with joy when I read it, so I just had to share it with you. I hope it warms your heart as much as it warmed mine

It is an utterly amazing email!!

This email also attests to the power of healing work, and those of you who have had these sessions with me before, have already experienced this power for yourself! I sincerely hope you enjoy this one!

Dear Tana,

We did a couple sessions for manifestation and you told me how to manifest my desires specifically. I followed your every direction. 

Most of them are for long term desires like being happy, healthy, and safe. 

I also manifested for my son to recover from his autism. He’s very high functioning but could sometimes get into outbursts. I worried how he would be in the future. I know it sounds desperate to wish it. But since I can manifest anything, why not then?

Within a few weeks of the first session, I received a confirmation email from someone who found me volunteers to work with my son for free. 

We switched my son’s autism recovery program and now my son has changed in just 6 short weeks. He’s happy and content. 

The best part is one day around a week ago, he decided to no longer be attached to soft drinks, sweets/ sugary stuff. He also said he finally “graduated” (his word for Moving On) from swearing, being aggressive, always complaining or making things hard for us. 

This happened just like that. Out of the blue. As if there’s a switch and he decide

to switch off the negative side. 

I mean for anyone especially one with autism, it’s not an easy thing to just quit anything cold turkey and make a 180. 

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My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe what I heard. He’s been keeping his 

words. That was the best day of my life. Period. 

And there’s more. He starts to confide in me more. Telling me his thoughts and feelings (again, things he struggle with because of his autism, but what I have specifically manifested for). He told me this morning how he had not believed in me as a parent all this time and that he’s sorry for that.

I almost cried when I heard this.  

These are some of the things I’ve been manifesting. It surpasses all material things. For the first time in a very long time, I’m very happy, content and peaceful. I am grateful for the sessions we had. I am confident that all my other desires can come true. 

And I am grateful for you…

Penny C. – New Orleans

I wanted to share these emails with you, because getting emails like these are make me feel so grateful to be able to use my gift to help others.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. If you haven’t emailed me before and said hello, please do! I promise I will personally write you back! Please tell me how you enjoy these emails!

P.S.S. If there is something you’d like me to write about, email me and let me know, and maybe I can write about that in one of my next emails!

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  1. Sam B says:

    Interesting! And also very sweet.

    I have a few suggestions but emailing directly is somewhat sketchy. Perhaps for those reading via the website, you can add an email address to contact you by, if its not I don’t know what it is.

    1. You’ve only just scratched the surface with alien phenomena, and only mentioned one type, the greys, and even then just the Zetans. I’m just wondering, what about the sollipsi Rai? They’re the actual good ones! Also not forgetting the others like Lyrans, Pleiadians, Carians, Andromedans, the “Blues” / “Blue skinned”, Arcturians and their respective starseed topics (and perhaps a possible confirmation if fairies and greys are linked). I’ve done an extensive amount of research on this over the course of 7 months. If this doesn’t interest you or sound relevant (although most of them are spiritual beings) then I’ve got other, more psychic related ideas.

    2. Practical meditation techniques. You’ve covered this partly before, however there are some who struggle with the concept of it, let alone attempt to do it. Most know what it is but struggle to put it into perspective in practical terms, therefore struggle in doing it properly. “Sit comfortably, close your eyes and calm your mind” So essentially stop thinking. Most would be wondering “how? You can’t just stop thinking. Its like saying to stop breathing.” I had to learn it and comprehend it by focusing on my breathe. Your brain is still thinking and focusing, even if you’re not in a daydream or active thought process.

    3. Where do angels, elves and spiritual beings come from respectively? Are they born from creation incarnate? Do they have their own realm? What types are there?

    4. Why do people disbelieve in psychic phenomena? Not just by religion but overall. Even atheists are skeptical. Then again some of them may see spirituality as a form of religion, but whats suppressing it and why? Is it human inborn instinct Is it globally suppressed by government? (Apparently there was a great purge in 2014 or something) Or is something behind it all? An underlining cause?

    5. Why are some born with direct access to psychic ability while others are not? If we all have them, why can’t most of us use them almost immediately? Is it because of our individual paths? Karmic debt? Maybe to avoid using them for selfish gain? Why do most have to take the long way round? Too much negative energy?

    That’s not entirely correct though as there are non spirituals and those who aren’t positive light workers and such who have them and if negative people can’t use them due to too much negative energy, how come negative spiritual beings have access to them? Are they on a higher plain which gives them an ability? If so how’d they get up there as a negative being? Surely only positive beings can (with the exception of the 4th dimension).

  2. Tracy says:

    First I would like to thank you Tana fir all your help with my house. Secondly ever since I first saw your picture I knew immediately that you are the kindest ,honest and so friendly. You have been terrific to me. I would recommend your readings to anyone who is looking for a psychic. My reading yesterday was exactly what I needed to hear, especially “that I was going to be ok”. . You were surprised when I didn’t have anymore questions for you except the three I had written down. I do have two more after we hung up , of course. They can wait until Sept.
    Thank you again for your reassuring words. You are truly wonderful and I’m so greatful I found you. God Bless

  3. Candy says:

    So wonderful ❤️?
    I love you TANA ❤️?????????✨?

  4. Jo-Ann Shepherd says:

    Dear Tana,
    I truly loved the email from Penny in regards to her son and his autism. My grandson is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 3 years old and I would love to know how she helped him make his change.
    Thanks for all of your great emails and horoscopes and if the Canadian dollar was better I would love a reading with you.

  5. "Penny" says:

    Hi Jo-Ann, it’s Penny.

    Thank you for your response. My son is now 12, he’s found his path in the arts, mainly music and performing arts.
    Tana has been helping both him and me since 2012. We did some healing works, as well as readings.
    Everything that I could do to help my son, I’m doing it. I have been using Son-Rise program (please google it, you won’t regret it!) to help him. This program is the most gentle, loving, non judgmental approach that is so simple but works woders. It has transformed our lives for the better. We seeked help from a DAN doctor, did biomedical intervention and the GFCF diet too. And for things that therapy or treatment can’t do, that’s where Tana comes in.
    There are some aspects like past life related karma, or even childhood trauma that’s sealed in my son’s subconcious mind. There is also my guilt and regrets associated with my lack of knowledge about Autism from the first few years of his life. I still feel guilty about my past behavior (thinking that he’s just naughty or difficult). All of these are like a messed up, tangled web that no longer serve any purpose. Tana helps to release the pain, the trauma, guilt and regret psychically.

    I did see significant difference pretty quickly. There is that sense of peace within him. He’s much more content, calm and happy. He still confides in me his thoughts and feelings, how his day is at school, etc.

    And we do a lot of affirmations, mirror work, we read quotes or a chapter from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, Louise Hay’s affirmations. In short, just a bit, but consistent daily self love, no judgment, acceptance, listening with each other.
    Hope this can help your grandson too.

    Much love,

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