Empaths – Psychic Feelers And Emotional Sponges

You may have heard people talking about empaths, or you may have heard Psychics refer to themselves as empathic. The word “empaths” refers to a specific type of psychic ability a person has, and you might be surprised to know that YOU are probably an empath too!


So What Is An Empath

The definition of empath is “A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.”

Being empathic is different than being compassionate. Compassionate is the ability to relate to someone based on past personal experience, while an empath can actually “feel” the emotions another person is feeling.

A person who can “feel” other people’s emotions is called a “psychic empath”, because they “feel” emotions inside themselves, the same way the other person is feeling their emotions. For example, if you are sad, an empath can feel your sadness in the exact same way you are feeling it.

Psychic Empaths Need Protection

Psychic empaths need to protect themselves with white light, and wear certain crystals that match their energy vibrations in order to protect themselves from “taking on” too many emotions of others.

Walking down the street can be a painful experience for empaths, because if they are not properly protecting themselves, they will “feel” the emotions of everyone they pass!

In my opinion, many mental illnesses are a result of an empathic person not knowing how to properly protect themselves, and since they feel so many different emotions that are not their own, they get to the point where they finally break and go insane!

Many people who are Bi-Polar, Schizophrenic, experience extreme mood swings, or sink into uncontrolled depression, are usually very sensitive people!

Traits Of An Empath

If you suspect you are an empath, then here are some common empath traits that will tell you if you re empathic and to what degree:

Empaths will:

– Feel overwhelmed and stir crazy when they are in emotionally intense environments
– Feel like they want to run away when in the presence of negative people
– Feel sad when they know that there is no reason to be sad
– Feel the pain of others when the other person is talking to them about their sadness
– Feel their moods and emotions being affected by the moods and emotions of others
– Feel what animals feel – be extremely sensitive to an animal’s emotions
– Prefer to be around happy people, because negative ones bring them down

Being an empath is a great psychic ability to have, but it can also be a painful one to have too! The biggest struggle a psychic empath faces is learning how to shut it off!

Words Of Advice To Empaths

As a child, this was the hardest part of my psychic ability. Learning how to turn off my empathic feelings so I wasn’t walking around like a human sponge. Through the years, I have learned techniques to turn it off, but I have come to accept that it will never be turned off fully all the time.

If you are an empath, it is best to learn how to embrace it, rather than fight it – no matter how painful it may feel at times. By embracing it rather than trying to run from it, you can learn how to work with it to help others, and come to accept it as a beautiful psychic ability to possess!

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  1. Yulan Li says:

    Wonderful article Tana. I know I am a psychic empath. Depending on how deep the connection is with people, I’ll start to feel their negative emotions, and even start to talk like them!

  2. Jenn says:

    Thank you for writing this article, Tana! As of the past few years, I’ve come to understand that I am an Empath, and have been for my whole life. These kind of articles really help. Let me know I’m not crazy! One of the largest struggles for me is just turning it off. That, and realizing that I’m feeling THEIR emotions, not my own.

  3. Shara says:

    Hi Tana
    I always thought I just had really good instincts or was good at reading people until I did a little research and realized I am actually an empath. What’s really interesting to me is that I have found that certain people affect me more than others, I’m not sure why. I tend to create this defensive energy around negative people and am usually okay but sometimes not. Then there’s other people who I esteem and am extremely sensitive to. My boss at work for example, I have literally walked into a room moments after he bumped his head and felt an intense ache in my head and feeling of frustration. I know my boss has been going through a lot of stress so I knew that the frustration was a reaction to the bad day he may have been having. I have many other people who I guess I allow in and their emotions can be overwhelming at times, that being said I really do feel grateful for this gift because it has helped me connect with so many people in my life in ways I couldn’t have without it.

  4. Lama says:

    Thank you for this beautiful article! I have been experiencing this long time ago and then it disappeared lightly, now after a break I got the feel and its killing me, I am feeling the energy of someone I love, even though we don’t see each other. It’s all over me! Can you tell me how you protected yourself?

  5. PAU says:

    I’m an empath… I’m sad for no reason and I feel deep connection in conversations to anyone. Even at simply looking at a person, I can read their feelings then it shocks me how correctly I can predict it when they started to tell me/show me their personality. Though I’m struggling right now, this august. It feels a very heavy month, or maybe the atmosphere from where I work/class. I feel in the room the people’s feelings. Hope you can teach me/email me on how can I control it. Thanks. Godbless

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