The Enchanted House: How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted – by Tana Hoy

I remember a time when one of my clients shared a very interesting story to me. She had recently bought this really beautiful lot on the outskirts of a small town. It was perfect for her family – the neighborhood was great and the house was well-maintained.

She and her family fell in love with it, and after a few weeks of preparation, they moved in. Everything seemed perfect, until they started to notice that they are not really alone in their new house.

Once I heard about their story, I immediately knew that their house was enchanted.

Let me give you a brief background about enchanted houses and lots.

The Characteristics Of Houses With Spirits

I call a place enchanted when it is located in an area that has a lot of spiritual activity going on. Faeries are abounding in these areas, and so are Earth spirits such as dwarves. In some cases when the house is built on a lot close to a natural body of water, there is a pretty good chance that Water spirits are residing there as well.

Enchanted locations have certain defining characteristics. They are usually situated in places that have very close ties with nature, regardless of whether these ties exist in the present or in the past.

For example:

  • If an apartment complex was built over a forested area which was very abundant with nature 20 years ago, then there is a huge chance that the building would experience a lot of spiritual activity.
  • If the location has a lot of land area, the vegetation around the area will be very healthy. Usually, there will be a tall, prominent tree that has existed for many years being planted in a very noticeable spot in the land. The soil would also be very fertile, evidenced by an abundant growth of grass and flowers that grow all around the lot.

Once a person steps into an enchanted location, a noticeable shift in the atmosphere is usually noticeable. This is characterized by:

  • A sudden drop in temperature, usually followed by tiny pinpricks at the back of the neck area.
  • A sudden heaviness that is evident in the air, like the feeling you get when you step out of a plane and into the tarmac after a long flight.
  • -Sudden sensations like an invisible web that hits your face as you are walking. This particular feeling is known to be the result of a spirit such as a fairy coming in contact with your aura.

What Happens To A House Built On Enchanted Land?

Houses built on enchanted land usually affect their occupants in many ways. Sometimes, the land being enchanted benefits the people who live there. Once such example is that of a family from the Philippines in the 1990’s.

After purchasing a house and lot in a relatively less-populated part of the city, they started feeling the presence of a number of spiritual beings around their lot. Consulting a medium and psychic investigators, they found that their house was built directly above a kingdom of dwarves.

They eventually learned how to coexist with their unseen co-inhabitants, and have continually seen their fortunes rise.

The opposite could be said of some cases however, where people have experienced feeling a very repelling energy emanating from the place they are living in. Events such as this suggests that the unseen beings are not open to coexisting with humans.

In some instances however, the presence of unseen beings are manifested in simple, everyday things. For one, supernatural events tend to occur at a relatively high frequency, such as:

  • Objects missing for a certain period of time and reappearing at a location nowhere near where they were originally placed.
  • Sudden changes in temperature could also be noticed from time to time.
  • Appliances getting turned on and off without any human help.
  • If you have babies or toddlers in the house, you might also observe them playing with their “imaginary” playmates more often than usual.

What Can You Do If Are Spirits In Your House?

If you have observed any of these things in your house, and if you continue to feel the presence of spiritual beings in your house, it may be a good idea for you to try and harmonize your energy with theirs. The enchanted world is composed of many different types of beings, and a lot of them can actually help you.

Spirit guides aside, there are Earth spirits that are known to provide luck to those they are living with, provided that their existence, as well as their space, is honored and respected.

There are also Air spirits that have been known to provide healing and calming energy as well, providing you and your family with restful sleep and great weekends at home.

Moreover, there are also beings which are known to provide protection to the people who live with them. These spirits are like the Protector Guides of your house, preventing any intruder from entering its premises.

The fact that you share your home with the spirit world should not be viewed as something unfortunate. Indeed, a lot of people usually panic and turn to radical religious practices whenever they find themselves in a situation such as this, but this does not have to be the case.

All you need to do is to keep an open mind. Eventually, you will come to terms with the fact that your life, and your home, as shared with the unseen.

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