Are energy leeches sucking your energy dry?

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In my last email, I taught you about Walk-ins, and the new Spiritual Species of Walk-ins Called Trillions, and how Trillions can actually help you! You will also read about how to become a Tier 1 Spiritual Master. Make sure to read that email by clicking here! Then make sure to also read the important information in this email!

I have been receiving a lot of emails recently from people asking me what they can do to feel better about their lives?

Many people write me and ask if a psychic reading will help them to get their live back on the right track?

From what I have been reading in all the emails I receive, it seems that so many people seem to be struggling lately with many areas of their lives. It seems to be caused by what I call “the invasion of energy leeches!”

Love, career, money, health, family and even unexpected loss are just a few of things people have been experiencing! I received this email just a few days ago:

Dear Tana,

I have been thinking about having a reading with you, but I keep putting it off. So I decided to write you and ask if you think a reading can help me get things back on track?

It seems many areas of my life have been going haywire, with many unexpected twists and turns! I lost my relationship, I am having problems at work, and my family is upset with me!

One thing after another seems to keep piling up on me! My back has also been hurting for some weird reason, and I have been recently feeling drained and tired a lot!

So Tana, can a reading help me?

Sue C. Dallas, TX

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Here is what I wrote back to her:

Dear Sue, 

A psychic reading will definitely help you get your life back on track. That is the whole purpose of a psychic reading!

Many people are being affected by the energy of 2014, yet they do not even realize it! You are not alone with your struggles!

Once we have a reading together, I will be able to look at your energy patterns that surround your aura, and then I will be able to tell you what is causing this havoc in your life!

I need to see what is causing it, and nip it in the bud right away! 

I suspect you have what I call “an energy leech” attached to your energy field, and I suspect it is sucking the life out of your aura!

This is what it sounds like to me! I will need to remove it during our reading. Don’t worry, I can easily do this over the phone!

If you are fatigued quite a bit too, it is definitely one of those nasty leeches!

Talk soon!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

Energy Leeches

An energy leech is a type of leech that attaches itself to your aura! They usually attach to you during stressful times, when you energy defenses are down.

I have found that energy leeches can have devastating affects on a person’s life. If you had the ability to see one, you would find that they look like something out of a horror movie! Yuck!

A famous psychic who lived long ago once told me she almost died because she didn’t know she had one attached to her! Thank god she caught it! She said it had been attached to her for over 20 years and she never knew it!

I hate energy leeches! They are not only very ugly, but they can be extremely destructive too!

Signs Of An Energy Leech

– Constant fatigue not related to lack of sleep

– Problems popping up out of nowhere

– Can’t seem to find or meet the right person

– Problems finding the right job

– Constant fights among friends, family, or coworkers

– Others just don’t seem to hear you or understand you

– Dealing with unexplainable bouts of depression

– Fears and phobias that keep you stuck!

I am going to talk more about them in my next email, but I wanted to let you know about these nasty creatures, and make you aware of them!

I hope this was helpful for you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

If you have questions you need answers to, a psychic reading will help you find those answers. Click here now to schedule yours!

P.S. DO NOT try to remove these leeches by yourself! White light will not remove them! I am going to tell you even more about these energy leeches in my next email, which will be Part 2 of this one!


7 Responses

  1. kimberly northrup says:

    I am feeling everything you have described. I can’t explain it, i should be happy. I recently got engaged to the love of my life. We moved in to a beautiful house, but everything seems heavy and sad. I just can’t find my way back to happiness. Help!

  2. janice arandelovic says:

    I have that problem too .I can relate to the lady that wrote you. I look forward to hearing from you in Sept.

  3. Tracy says:

    Tana I think my daughter Taylor has this problem. Will she be like me Empathic and see future events?? She has been so different since she moved in with her boyfriend in 2014. I try to tell what’s happening to me, I think she believes me but since living with Andrew, she has changed her attitude always tired shes,23 she has a full plate with a 5 year old and full time job. But her personality is not her. She has become so different. The moment she told they were moving in together it was Thanksgiving 2013 my stomach turned I had to leave because I knew she was not going to be the same and I was right.. She needs to be convinced its not her.. What can I do for her , how do I convince her what’s really going on ?? I would gladly pay for her to have reading ,but she would resist. any advise..
    Thank you Tracy

  4. Sam B says:

    Since I’m already on anti duality streak, I want to make a point that they may not be an entity of darkness. If you just look at it fundamentally, they just live on hunger. They live on auric energy like we live on food, just minus a few table manners. Sure, while they’re chewing on your essence, you get the brunt of what’s left behind making you constantly in a negative state, but when it comes down to it they’re just hungry.

    I’m not trying to promote them.
    “Adopt a leech today! Have your very own parasite to perpetually suck the life force out of you!”
    Nothing like that, but in all seriousness I don’t see them as inherently evil. They’re just hungry for food, unless they are specifically out to cause mayhem. Probably just depends on their level of sentience or consciousness.

    This doesn’t dampen the dangers they pose. However, if they are sentient enough, there “might” be a possibility of converting them. I know this kind of idea is slightly out there but it seems more to me that they were trapped this way. Of course they choose to reap your energies dry but this is the only way they know.

    We have beings both good and bad, but are these “leeches” really evil? Would you consider a leech of the material world “dark” or just out for food?

    A few months ago, I likely wouldn’t have even considered this.

  5. Sam B says:

    I’m not trying to make light of the situation but viewing them as a negative entity is what makes them so. If their energy forces can be somehow changed, converted, I don’t know. Instead of trying to banish or destroy them, show them compassion. OK this probably sounds mad, but I don’t know.

  6. malena says:

    wow it seems like this is what is wrong with me when things are going good boom the rug pulled from under me. this has been going on since 2012. my health, my finances my love life. i have up and down emotions. it is like someone has a real good whamming on me. thanks tana. whenever i get some money i will do a reading. blessings malena

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