How To Protect Yourself From An Energy Vampire (Important!!)

Have you ever felt really drained by an encounter with another person? Did you feel so weak that it caused you to be unproductive for the rest of your day? You might have encountered an energy vampire.

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Being Drained By An Energy Vampire

What Is An Energy Vampire?

An energy vampire, also known as a psychic vampire, (psyvamp for short) is a person who drains other people’s energy due to an inadequacy in their body to retain their own life force.

There are two types of energy vampires. There are those who intentionally drain you to raise their own depleted energy levels, and those who are unintentionally doing it, and mean you no harm.

Regardless of their intention, it is usually a life-long condition. To protect yourself from these vampires, you can do one of two things: you can stay away from them, or you can help them. But first off, you need to know how they drain your energy, and the symptoms of when you have encountered one.

How These Vampires Drain Your Energy

Everything in our world is made of energy. These vampires drain human energy due to an inability to keep energy flowing through their own bodies. They also burn energy faster than normal humans. If an energy vampire does not feed on your energy, they will suffer from headaches, lethargy, and fatigue.

So they have no choice but to seek out an energy donor to stabilize their bodies. They can also gather energy from big crowds or inanimate objects, but the strongest source of energy is usually to drain energy from another individual.

Psychic vampires might use any of the following methods to drain your energy:

• Constantly asking for help from you. They will take all of your ideas, but are unwilling to help back.
• Making you feel guilty, and expecting you to be there for their every need.
• Starting long-winded arguments with you that cause you to expel your energy.
• Betraying you by starting rumors, or ruining your reputation for the sake of their own name.
• In extreme cases, they will start some kind of group to have a steady source of energy. For example, they can start religious cults where they are the leader, and they use their followers as energy donors; or they have corporations who mistreat their employees and participate in malicious activities.

Traits Of An Energy Vampire

These vampires can be anyone. They can be of any sex, age, race, or occupation. They can be a stranger, your family member, partner, neighbor, or co-worker. Regardless of their associations to you, they usually have the following traits:

• They can be negative and pessimistic.
• They can be disorganized, since they don’t have the energy to stay neat.
• They can be charming individuals who always persuade you to help them in every problem of their life.
• They can be abusive physically, emotionally, or mentally. Demoralizing others is a great way for them to keep draining energy from weakened individuals.
• They have deep-seated phobias, obsessions, and compulsions.
• In extreme circumstances, they make outlandish claims that they have supernatural abilities. For example, they might claim they can extinguish fire with their minds, or are able to live forever.

If you have the ability to read auras, a psychic vampire’s aura is very different from a normal person’s aura. Their aura will be small in size, and will have dark tentacle-like waves reaching out form it, in order to suck in energy from surrounding bodies. Then after feeding, their aura will instantly grow bigger and brighter.

Signs You Have Been Attacked By One Of These Vampires

These are the symptoms that you might have fallen prey to one:

• You feel your energy is depleted after an interaction with a person, whether it was a one-time occurrence or you are in close contact with that person every day.
• You have lower self esteem after an encounter with them.
• Your brain functions are slower than normal.
• You are stricken with an illness that the doctors can’t explain.
Being constantly exposed to psychic vampires can have drastic consequences. Besides having your energy system worn down, or making you fall ill, you yourself can become a psychic vampire in an effort to replenish your drained energy sources.

How To Protect Yourself From A Psychic (Energy) Vampire

Here are some ways that you can protect yourself from them:

1. Know yourself very well. If you have low self-esteem or you are a people-pleaser, you will be very susceptible to others draining your energy. Build your confidence and learn how to say “No” to things that you should say no to.
2. Maintain or improve your physical health. Being healthy makes you less vulnerable to psychic vampire attacks.
3. Try to avoid, or keep at a distance from those people who you think might be depleting your energy.
4. Keep an eye out for others who are trying to manipulate or take advantage of you.
5. Respect psyvamps of authority, but don’t give them more of yourself than what is required.
6. Find a healing arts practitioner who is trained in dealing with these types of vampires.
7. If worse comes to worse and you are in an abusive relationship with a one, you must gather the strength to call law enforcement.

How To Help A Someone Who Is A Vampire Of this Kind

If an energy vampire is someone close to you, such as a parent or a spouse, it might not be easy to stay away from them. But it is possible for you to help them help themselves.

You can help them find other ways to recharge their body’s energy sources without draining other people’s energy. Some of those ways are:

• Finding holistic practices such as chakra balancing might help a psychic vampire regulate his energy system. Please find a reputable healing arts practitioner.
• Being more social. Going out and being around more people can be a boost to anyone’s energy levels.
• Good old-fashioned sleeping, exercising, and eating right is the key to maintaining anyone’s balance. Yogurt is known to be very nutritious to weak psyvamps because of its live cultures.
Usually when a psychic vampire is able to seek help, their energy depleting tendencies gradually diminish. They need to recognize and understand their problem so they can learn to gather energy from other sources besides unwilling persons.

To survive, we all must take in energy in some form or another. The key is awareness. Where do we get the energy, and how is our energy being dispersed? Finding that balance of energy will ultimately give you protection from psychic energy vampires, and at that same time, not make you one as well.

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