Energy Vampires: 5 Signs You’re Being Robbed By An Energy Thief


Most people know all about keeping their possessions safe from robbers, but there’s another kind of thief you should watch out for…

…the Energy Vampire.

Also known as an Energy Thief.

The energy thief robs you of one of the most important things in your life, your energy, leaving you feeling tired and drained.


What Is The Aura? energy_thief1

The aura is the glowing energy that emits from and surrounds the human body. It acts as a shield protecting you from negative energies.

Your aura is a field of energy, which surrounds all living things. It’s an egg-shaped energy field, which surrounds your body. Your aura reflects the current state of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

In most cases, your aura is made up of layers of colors which surround you. Your aura not only mirrors what is going on inside of you, it also shows your overall wellness –physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Your aura also acts like a second skin, serving as a protective shield against negative energies in the environment and from the people around you. It is a vital part of your life force.


How Will You Recognize An Energy Thief or Vampire?


You’ve probably come across energy thieves (Energy Vampires) before.  These are people who just seem to suck the life out of you.

An energy thief is someone who unknowingly drains your energy just by being around you, or by interacting with you.

Interacting with an Energy Vampire who steals your energy, even for a few minutes, will leave you feeling exhausted.

Energy thieves give off a bad vibe and are usually surrounded by negativity. So they feed off your energy.

Energy thieves are:

  • Always complaining
  • Negative
  • Needy
  • Gossipy

Now you know what energy thieves are, how will you know if someone is stealing your energy?

In a few seconds, you’ll learn all the signs to watch for when someone is stealing your energy, along with what you can do to stop it.


Signs Your Energy Is Being Stolen


Your energy is in danger of being stolen every time you interact with a negative, needy, complaining, or gossipy person.

Knowing the signs to look for will help you spot energy thieves and protect your aura from being drained.


  1. Someone greets you in a very friendly manner then suddenly changes their mood.


You might come across individuals who will greet you warmly or happily at first like you’re the best person they’ve seen all day.

However, once the pleasantries are done and they got you hooked in on the conversation, they’ll quickly change their mood.

They’ll suddenly become surly or start to talk about a depressing topic. This type of energy thief will suffocate your aura with the negative energy they give off.  

How To Stop Them:

You can stop them from draining your energy by simply smiling at them. The act of smiling helps give off positive energy, countering-acting an energy thief’s sudden mood swings and protecting your own energy field.


  1. Someone is trying to drag you down to their level


Energy thieves who are dragging you down to their level want you to feel what they’re feeling, too. They want someone to empathize with them. As they’re trying to get your mood to match theirs, they are also subtly sucking your energy dry.

For example, you may have a friend who keeps on calling you and asking for help with a problem. After giving your counsel, your friend will feel better but you’ll be spent.

This type of energy thief isn’t getting energy from your intentionally. Most of the time, they just need guidance and support.

How To Stop Them:

What you can do is offer a few positive words of advice and change the subject to a lighter tone after. Most people need help from time to time and your words of encouragement will go a long way.


  1. Someone is trying to make you feel bad for them energy_thief2

Distance yourself from people who are always complaining about their situation so they will not deplete your positive energy.


You may know someone who keeps on complaining about not having a job but doesn’t really try hard to find one. They often become argumentative when you try to give logical advice or become resentful of your positive attitude.

These energy thieves have self-pitying behavior but show no signs of wanting to take responsibility for their own energy. 

Constant interaction with such energy thieves will deplete your positive energy. So you will need to think about letting these people go or make sure you interact with them sparingly.

Having a healthy relationship with these types of energy thieves is almost impossible. You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to distance yourself from them.

How To Stop Them:

There’s a very big chance they will keep functioning as a victim if their behavior is allowed to continue. Cutting ties with these types, or showing them you’re moving on, can gently force them to find their inner strength and to conquer their own hardships.


  1. Someone is trying to make problems bigger than they really are


Energy thieves often try to blow things out of proportion – especially their problems. They overreact to the less important things in life and greet everything with a pessimistic view.

You see this kind all the time. This energy thief exclaims that the whole day is ruined just because a barista didn’t the right amount of syrup in their coffee, or they complain over and over again about having to walk an extra five minutes, simply because the parking spaces closer to the office was taken.

How To Stop Them:

Make sure to share an optimistic view with this energy thief instead of letting them overreact. They’ll have a more positive attitude once they realize great things can be learned from natural human experiences.


  1. Someone is trying to make you focus on the negative


Energy thieves who want you to focus on the bad side of things fuel themselves with your energy, and will make sure you don’t have any positive energy left for yourself after interacting with them.

These types often try to make you feel like nothing is going your way and will fill your head with doubt. They’ll point out the negative things in life and will make you feel like you don’t deserve to have positive energy.

How To Stop Them:

You have to immediately think of things that make you happy or do something you enjoy after encountering these energy thieves. Take your mind off whatever they were saying and act as if nothing happened. This will send a message to them that they should take their negativity somewhere else.


How To Protect Yourself From Energy Thieves And Dispel Negative Energy


There are many ways to protect your aura from Energy Vampires and to remove their negative energy from your life.

All of these exercises are very easy to do and you can do them as often as needed. In fact, your protection against energy thieves will get stronger if you practice these tips every day!


  1. Stay Grounded


Staying close to nature can help boost your positivity! When you connect to Mother Earth, you keep yourself grounded to natural energy that flows through all the living things in the world.

There are many ways to stay grounded.

  • Go to your garden, take your shoes off, and walk barefoot on the grass.
  • You can also go camping and marvel at astounding natural views if you are feeling particularly drained.


  1. Use A Protection Bubble


One of the most common ways of protecting your energy field is by using a Protection Bubble. Most psychics will do this first thing upon awakening.

You start by:

  1. Stretching your hands above your head and imagining yourself connecting with the Universe.
  2. Visualize a white light coming down from the heavens.
  3. Feel your whole body is being surrounded by this white light, then imagine the edges of this white light taking the form a bubble.
  4. Feel yourself being surrounded by this bubble, with you in the center of it.
  5. You now have a protective bubble around you and it will ward off energy thieves.


  1. Keep Your Aura Close


Whenever you interact with another person, you pick up on their energy. Keeping your aura close to you will ensure you won’t pick up negative energy from others, and that they won’t be able to steal energy from you.

Here are a few steps on how to keep your aura close to you:

  1. You must be able to tell where your aura is before you can keep it close to you effectively.
  2. Find out where your aura is by holding out your hands to feel the protection bubble that surrounds you.
  3. You may feel that it gets easier to push out your hands as they go farther from your body – this is because the density of your energy lessens as you get to the end of your protective auric bubble.
  4. Once you feel the edge of your aura, visualize the protective bubble with you in the center of it.
  5. In your mind, tell your aura to come closer to your body. As energy follows thought, your aura will follow your command.
  6. Visualize the edge of the protective bubble coming closer to your body.

You can tell your aura to come closer to your body whenever you’re in a public place or if you feel you an energy thief is near.


  1. Clear Your Aura Through Sound energy_thief3

Sounds created by tuning fork, handheld chimes, ceremonial drums, or Tibetan singing bowls. can help clear your aura.


There are certain sounds which make you feel lighter after hearing them. This is because there are special tones that are able to clear your energy. 

Here are a few examples of objects which produce tones that can clear your aura:

  • Tuning forks – When tuning forks are struck, the tone they create makes the air around them vibrate. The vibration brings balance back to your chakras, which in turn increases your body’s own healing energies.
  • Handheld chimes – Handheld chimes are placed near the ears or a certain part of your body to provide deep relaxation. Its natural harmonics bring back balance to your chakras while removing stress.
  • Wind chimes – The vibrations created as the wind flows through the chimes can help remove stress and bring relaxation.
  • Tibetan singing bowls – A mallet is run around the bowl’s edges to produce a tone, which spirals outward from the bowl, creating a powerful energy field.
  • Ceremonial drums – Ceremonial drums produce sound waves, which helps bring relaxation through their vibrations.

These objects are all easy to use. Here’s a simple clearing exercise using sound, which you can perform inside the comfort of your home. You can use a tuning fork, handheld chimes, ceremonial drums, or Tibetan singing bowls.

  1. Choose the instrument which will best suit your needs and preference.
  2. Find a quiet space where you will be able to hear the sound clearly and without interruption.
  3. Sit comfortably and take two deep breaths.
  4. Start creating sound using the instrument of your choice.
  5. Feel the sound vibrating and flowing throughout the room.
  6. Feel the sound radiating inside of you.
  7. Imagine the vibrations spreading throughout your aura and clearing away any negativity.
  8. After the clearing exercise, take two deep breaths before standing up.


You can do this exercise in under five minutes, and you can use it as often as you like, or feel you need it! 


  1. Stay Positive And Be Open-Minded


Never underestimate the power of your own state of mind. A genuinely happy smile is the greatest weapon against energy thieves. So when you have a positive attitude, you are repelling the negative energy given off by energy thieves.

Remember that most people are not aware they’re stealing your energy, so your positivity can actually stop them from stealing your energy.


  1. Book an Aura Cleansing or Psychic Reading session


Having an Aura Cleansing or a Psychic Reading session is the best way to know if you’re being robbed by energy thieves.

An Aura Cleansing session with a professional psychic can benefit your energy greatly! With an Aura Cleansing, a psychic can clear any negativity away, which has settled in your aura and start your energy on its healing process.

A psychic reading can show you if there are energy thieves in your life, and if there are, how to stop them from stealing your energy.

A professional psychic can also help you protect your aura and remove any remaining negativity left by energy thieves.


Need Help?


If you want to learn how to protect yourself from energy thieves or see how much damage one of them has done to your aura, an Aura Consultation, along with a psychic reading, will be the proper tools to clean out any spikes or barbs left in your energy from these Energy Vampires. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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