10 Vital Things You Need To Know About Your Spirit Guides

When I give a psychic reading, my Spirit Guides assist me in addressing the questions and concerns of the person I am reading for. Who  are these Spirit Guides that I’m talking about?

If you have had days when you felt that the world was complicated, your friends were unreliable, and life seemed totally hopeless, you need a kind and reliable helping hand.

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Every soul sent to earth has a mission to accomplish, and your Spirit Guides are here to help you discover that purpose.

Everyone experiences frustration and sadness now and then, but there are times when the pressures of life seem to be too heavy to bear. That’s why before you reach your breaking point, it would be great for you to learn to call on your Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides – Who are They?

Spirit Guides are beings of light who help people reach their highest potentials. Even if you are not aware of it, your soul has a strong need to be in touch with your Spirit Guides as you make your way through life.

Each person has spiritual beings who surround them for their protection and well-being. It is not always a simple matter, however, to communicate with such beings. Productive communication with your Spirit Guides can only happen when you understand their nature, and what their goals are for you.

So, to help you understand them more, here are 10 things that you need to know about your Spirit Guides.

Fact 1: Spirit Guides are your direct link to the Spirit World.

Your Spirit Guides bring with them the essence and wisdom of the Spirit World every time that they make contact with you. They can link you directly to all that is spiritual.

Fact 2: Your Spirit Guides are always with you, they have been with you from the time of your conception.

Similar to your Guardian Angels, your Spirit Guides were assigned to you by the Universe on the day you were born, to take care of you and guide you in this life.

As you were growing up, they appeared and spoke with you.They even played with you when you were a toddler!

Most of the time, grownups will just dismiss these wonderful, unseen beings as an “imaginary friend,” or a figment of their child’s imagination. But children converse and play with their Spirit Guides, who are not imaginary.

Sadly, as children grow up, their hold on the spiritual world loosens. In the process of becoming adults, children start to focus more on material things, until they forget about their spiritual side.

Just the same, even when grown-ups forget, their Spirit Guides continue to be there for them. As an adult, you must never forget this.

Fact 3: You can have multiple Spirit Guides in one lifetime.

Yes, you read that right! You can have more than one Spirit Guide to help you achieve your goal and purpose here on earth.

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Spirit Guides are beings of light who have been with you even before you were born. Spirit Guides can help you to achieve or make real your highest potentials.

That’s because you have a specific spiritual purpose here on earth, so the Spirit World has assigned you multiple Spirit Guides to serve as your helpers and teachers.

Fact 4: Your Spirit Guides are here to guide you in realizing your real purpose here on earth.

Every soul sent to earth has a mission to accomplish, and your Spirit Guides are here to help you discover that purpose.

Since most of us are have been reborn many times due to Karma, most of the memories of our past incarnations, and even the memory of our soul purpose, are completely forgotten.

With the help of your Spirit Guides, slowly but surely, you will remember your purpose for having chosen to be reincarnated, once again.

And what is your true purpose? Your real purpose here on earth is to rediscover your divine self, and to become a beacon of light for others who may be struggling with the spiritual lessons that they need to learn.

Fact 5: Spirit Guides do not hold back the practice of free will.

Your Spirit Guides will never, ever, get in the way of the exercise of your free will.

Always keep in mind that Spirit Guides were sent here to guide you – not to control you. They are mindful of the “rules” – both on earth and in the great beyond.

They will simply remind you or warn you about the possible outcomes of the risks you take. But they will never stop you from doing the things that you feel you need to do on your journey here on earth.

As the Creator never hinders the exercise of anyone’s free will, neither will your Spirit Guide.

Fact 6: Spirit Guides are highly evolved beings, and they are masters of one or more aspects of existence.

Spirit Guides are beings of high intellect, and they possess varying degrees of mastery in one or more aspects of existence. This means they are always reliable when it comes to answering questions about your spirituality, your life’s purpose, and other important matters concerning your well-being, inclusive of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical development.

Some Spirit Guides can even help you therapeutically when you are sick!

Fact 7: Spirit Guides are attracted to the light within you.

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If you are full of love and compassion, then you will attract more and more Spirit Guides to help you with your mission of spreading kindness, love, and healing throughout the earth.

How can you attract your Spirit Guides to your life?

They are beings of light, and as such, they are also attracted to the things which are of the light.

If you are full of love and compassion, then you will attract more and more Spirit Guides to help you with your mission of spreading kindness, love, and healing, throughout the earth.

Remember, they are attracted to the light which emanates from your heart.

Fact 8: You cannot share your Spirit Guides with others.

Can two or more people share the same Spirit Guides? Yes.

Some Spirit Guides are given exclusively to individual persons by the Universe. Others are not.

So, if a Spirit Guide is exclusinve to you, even a psychic medium like me, who can see, hear, and communicate with your Spirit Guides, cannot ask those guides to be my guides, too.

Fact 9: Real Spirit Guides will never give you a feeling of discomfort.

As they are beings from the realms of light, Spirit Guides will never make you feel uneasy or scared. If the “Spirit Guides” that you are communicating with bring you discomfort and fear, then they are not real Spirit Guides.

Fact 10 – Your Spirit Guides will always desire that you become a better person.

The main goal of your Spirit Guides is to help you become a better person in your present incarnation. They always want the best for you, and they will help you to achieve your goals in life, provided that they are for the greater good.
How Can You Contact Your Spirit Guide(s) for the First Time?

Through a psychic reading, a psychic medium can channel your Spirit Guides so that you can receive their messages.

Gifted with the ability to see, hear, and talk to all spiritual beings, a psychic medium will serve as your bridge to the spirit realms, so that you can communicate with your Spirit Guides directly.

Through a psychic medium, you can ask for their names, understand their characteristics, and even the abilities each of your Spirit Guides possess.

Interested in knowing who your Spirit Guides are, and how they can help you in this life? Click here to schedule a psychic reading now!


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  1. Roxanne Cadieux says:

    I’m trying to make contact with spiritguides for a week but nothing yet iI’m always trying because I would love there guidance and try speaking to my love ones thank u

  2. Steve says:

    I’m wanting to connect and find out who my spirit guides are for the first time how do I begin?

  3. Taylor says:

    I always get a headache when I try? I eventually quit.

  4. Diana says:

    I have many spirit guides differant ones at different times hear things especially when upset I have also know when any of my four children are in danger or need me , could hear people voices but had to shut them all out because I could hear way too many cries of help, but would like to hear cries, help locate dead loved ones again

  5. Sara says:

    After having listened to the gratitude cafe, it’s important to note that spirit guides are always with us and communicating with them is not a gift, but something that everyone is inherently born with and anyone can tap into their 6th sense. We need to listen more to the whispers and guidance we are given

  6. Tina Poteat says:

    I ask my spirit guide to help when trying to help others. I seem to be able to help others but dismiss myself. I have been shown the eye of a whale. I don’t know what to think. I have wondered if the whale is one of my guides because I dream of them often. I really need to know what it means. I feel it is very important. Peace and hair grease Tina.

  7. Michele Prado says:

    I saw tge most beautiful being when I was pregnant. I had been praying and when I looked into the skylight there she was ! Ice never seen anything so beautiful in my life. My codfish roof me I was hallucinating. I shrugged it off for 30 years. I was asleep at tge wheel. For 30 years ! I woke from my coma last year again.

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