Protect Your Winged Friends By “Fairy-Proofing” Your Home

During my astral travels a few days ago, I met with a couple of my winged friends, a fairy, an angel and a pixie, when we got to talking about some incidents of their winged mystical friends getting hurt in human homes.


Protect The Winged Beings In Your Home

They shared with me how a few of their friends have already suffered injuries due to technology and designs of modern homes. It’s especially bad for the pixies, they said.

I’m posting this article so you can become more aware of probable hazards in your home, and what you can do to make it safer for these beautiful both for winged spirits.

Danger Spots In Your Home

Here are some of the most things that cause accidents with winged beings:

• Glass windows, glass doors, and glass tables. Pixies and other winged beings tend to be playful, and they sometimes don’t look at where they’re going. When they zoom into the air, they usually don’t notice glass and they slam right onto it. You can put up window screens so that your glass windows and doors are more visible, and you can put table runners on your glass tables.

• Ceiling fans. Fans not only blow air, they also suck air upward when programmed to pull air in that direction. Sometimes, winged beings get too close and they are pulled right into the fan, breaking, or even cutting off their wings. To minimize
accidents, make sure not to reverse the direction of your fan.

• Electrical outlets and sockets. Curious beings can poke electrical outlets and fry their wings. For safety, keep electrical outlets covered.

• Light bulbs. Fairies are very attracted to light, so they can burn their hands or wings when they touch them. You can use LEDs because these bulbs don’t produce heat ,and they are also economical to use!

• Shag carpets. Since shag caroet is coming back into fashion, Fae folks’ toes can get tangled in shag carpets when they try to run. So it is best to avoid asking fairies into a room where there is shag carpet.

• Insect repellent devices. Radiowave pest control devices can confuse winged fairies, and bug zappers can electrocute them. Try some natural options, like catnip, citronella, and lavender.

• Vacuum cleaners. Using your vacuum cleaner haphazardly, especially on cabinet tops and under the bed can injure fairies as they struggle not to get sucked in. Why not use your old trusty broom and duster instead?

Supernatural beings like to visit human homes, but they are not be familiar with new home designs and technologies. So, it’s best to make you home safe for your winged friends and “fairy-proof” your home to keep it safe for winged guests when they decide to drop by!

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