My Psychic Predictions for February 2016 – by Tana Hoy psychic predictions

February is going to be an interesting month, because there are going to be many strange occurrences.

Here are my psychic predictions for February 2016. February is going to be an interesting month, because there are going to be many strange occurrences.

The psychic energies are high this month, so expect some unusual events to transpire.

Here are my psychic predictions from February 2016:



There’s going to be a passing of a famous Country Western singer. Hundreds of fans will show up for the funeral, as country music will have lost a legend. madonna

Madonna will have problems with her son, Rocco.

A well-known Hollywood producer will be involved in a sex scandal. Many people who know him will be surprised when his “hidden side” becomes publicly revealed.

Madonna is going to have more problems with her son Rocco. Some information will be revealed by Rocco, which won’t paint his famous mother in the most flattering light. Many fans will feel very disappointed in her.


Politics donald trump

Donald Trump will continue offending various sectors of society.


Major corruption is going to come to light involving high profile politicians in the Republican Party. This news will come at the worst of times, and will be a major cause for the Republican candidate losing the presidential election.

Donald Trump is going to cause more problems for himself, making more comments that are going to offend women and other minorities.

Information about the assassination of JFK is going to be in the news, raising some interesting questions about what really might of happened that day.




More scandal is in store for the Vatican. Cover-ups involving deep sexual secrets and financial cover-ups are going to come to light.

Oil prices are going to continue to stay low throughout most of 2016. But right after the elections, prices will start rising up again. kingdom of saudi arabia

Map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

There will be scandals in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. We are going to hear stories about close members of the King’s family being involved in orgies, with prostitutes, and even homosexual affairs. All of which are death penalties in that country.

The Mexican Peso is still going to drop even lower. There is going to be a severe financial crisis in the country as a result of this.



Parts of Texas and the Midwest are still in for some very harsh weather, while Arizona and California will experience warmer than normal temperatures for this time of the year. heavy rains in India

Really bad weather in store for India.

India is going to experience some of the heaviest rains in a long time, this year. Lives will be lost, and emergency efforts will be needed.

A medium range earthquake is going to rock Los Angeles this year.  The city will not experience any major damage.


Medical medical marijuana

Medical marijuana will gain support from more states.

Even more advances in cancer research will be made this year. More cures for several types of cancer will start to look promising.

Medical Marijuana is going to be shown to help even more types of medical conditions previously unknown.  This will cause it to become legal in even more states.

Talk about a new type of bionic arm and leg is going to be in the news. We are also going to hear about bionic eyes being the works also.


Miscellaneous 1960s fashion

1960s fashion will make a comeback.

The State of Indiana will go bankrupt, experiencing severe money loss, as large corporations, and other scheduled events pull out of the state due to their new discriminatory laws regarding the rights of LGBT people in their state.

There will be a new breed of dog, which will become very popular. Some will say it’s so ugly it’s cute! It will become all the rage for dog lovers!

Some styles from the 1960’s will come back, such as funky floral patterns, braided hair, high platform shoes, and even wearing flowers in hair.



These are my latest psychic predictions for 2016 for the month of February and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Paris says:

    Thank you for your awesome work :>

  2. Candy says:

    I feel bad about the peso in Mexico, wow!
    Thank you Tana 🙂 ????❤️

  3. Christina says:

    Joey Feek just passed away. Madonna got emotional about her son at a concert. Donald Trump continues to make me wonder just how low he can go on a daily basis. Tana you are spot on!

  4. Irma says:

    Arabian men are disappointing in wanting more than one partner. Indiana State, shame on you. Let people love and be loved. It is straight people that mess up the constitution of marriage. Why are we still talking about these issues, it’s 2016 ya’ll! I do enjoy the 60’s fashion, I must of been a hippie in a previous life. lol

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