My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (February Release)

Here are my psychic predictions for February 2017. 2017 is going to be a very interesting year. With a new president, and all the energy shifts that will happen on the planet, 2017 is going to be a very interesting year.

So here are my latest psychic predictions:



We are going to see some major rifts between several celebrities and our new president. Many celebrities will be very vocal about their feelings about him, and our new president will also express his opinions about them – on his favorite political platform – Twitter.

There is going to be the unexpected divorce of a well-known couple in the music world. Several fans will be surprised when they announce the news.

A well-know celebrity is going to be charged with a DUI, due to an undisclosed drinking problem. They will not seek treatment, and their life will be reminiscent of another Lindsay Lohan drama all over again.

Politics Trumo

Trump will have a tough time in his presidency as a lot of people all over the world will protest many of his decisions.

The new president is going to have a very rough time. Thousands of people around the world will continuously protest many of his decisions throughout his presidency. He will become the most protested president ever to have taken office.

Scandals and corruption will run rampant in the House and Senate. A senator is going to be discovered to be involved in payoffs from major corporations to pass laws in their interests.

A congressman claiming to be a “moral and religious” man will be discovered to have been hiring prostitutes. This will bring major embarrassment to his wife and family.


World Events


Unknown deals will be made between the US and Russia.

Relations between the US and other countries will become a mixed bag. There will be countries we didn’t have good relationships with where our new president will make some progress. While other countries we had good relationships with will sour.

There will be talk of more war. The new US president will eventually take steps to get America back into battle again.

Russia will appear to not be friends with the US, but unknown to the world, behind the scenes, many deals will be made between Putin and the US president.

Love And Relationships


The divorce rate will decline around the world this month. Couples who have been experiencing love problems will find solutions to their love problems this month. soulmates

Love is in the air this month because the prevailing energy is right for finding true love.


This will be a good month for single people who are looking to meet because the energies will be right for finding true love. But if you are one of these people looking for love, you will need to be very active this month in the pursuit of meeting single people.

There will be a major announcement of a well-known couple finally getting married.

Science And Medicine


The cure for people with HIV will be available very soon. Many people around the world who have AIDS will be given new hope and a chance to live. This new drug will not be available to people in Africa, due to the cost of the medication, and the drug companies will do nothing to help the suffering people there.

A new strain of a common cancer will be discovered, allowing scientists to come up with a more affective treatment for it.

Scientists will discover that a certain virus is becoming drug resistant. They will rush to try and find a new drug that will be affective.



Make wise decisions on real estate investments as their prices continue to rise.

Mexico will continue to see their peso stay at an all time low. It will be quite a while before it rises back up in value again.

The US economy will remain strong, and businesses in the US will continue to flourish.

Real estate prices will continue to rise, but like all things, what goes up, must come down. So be wise in your real estate investments.

So, there are my latest psychic predictions for February 2017. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Sam says:

    I thought something like this would happen. The rise of the corporate government(s).

    For anti Trump people consider this: If he didn’t / doesn’t take the position of President seriously and went into office seeing the position as a novelty or not take it that seriously, the reality of the position will soon kick in and probably sour his eagerness. 😛 However at this time, we only know what he’s like as a person, not as a president. The same applies to anyone else. You have your personal self and your professional self. This doesn’t detract his questionability in leadership but I think it’s basically like when a child or teenager becomes employed for the first time. He will see the true hard reality of life in the position.

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