Are you feeling anxious, worried, or restless lately? Here’s why!

There are going to be many major changes throughout the rest of 2015 that are going to affect everyone! No one will be unaffected!

I was channeling two days ago (channeling is when a psychic has the ability to energetically connect with Ascended Masters, and the psychic allows the higher being to use their voice to speak through) and when I returned (I do not remember anything when I channel. It feels like I fall asleep and have a beautiful dream – yet I am still conscious) I had typed over six pages of predictions. Well, actually Macar used my body to type all of those predictions.

What Macar Typed During My Automatic Writing Session

In a nutshell, what he typed was that 2015 is going to be a year of major transitional change which will involve the energetic rebalancing of the blue and violet light rays.

This is going to cause a major shift in consciousness all over the entire planet! In other words, there is going to be a major planetary house cleaning! This is a good time to place quartz crystals around your home, office, and in your bedroom.

Small pieces, about one inch in length, with a perfect point at one end. Place these in all four corners of your rooms, with the points facing towards the room, not away from it.

This will not fully prevent the affects, but it will at least protect the energy of that room!

Relationships are going to be tested during this time, and if you do not have a solid foundation in your relationships, this includes love, work, friendships, and professional – they will break.

And believe me when I tell you that MANY people are going to be seriously affected by this planetary house cleaning!

Psychic preparation is the key to avoiding this!

So get psychically prepared, and be ready. If you have not had a reading yet, or if it has been awhile, NOW is the time to do it, because it will shine a light on any road bumps you will want to avoid!

You can schedule a reading by visiting here.

I Am Doing Free third Eye Alignments During Your Next Reading

I have also decided that during this time period, I am going to start doing a FREE Third Eye Alignments (TLA) over the next two months (until June 15th) during your psychic reading.

So during your next psychic reading, I am also going to realign your Third eye Chakra (at no additional charge – a $150 savings), so that you will be able to easily connect with the blue and violet light ray energy.

This will help to keep you grounded during this transitional period, and it will PREVENT you from being affect by this transition! This special realignment is my way of saying “thank you. And if you don’t have a reading scheduled, this offer will be extended to you when you schedule a reading. My readings that include the Third Eye Alignment will be the same price as a regular reading.

If you do not have a reading scheduled, and want to take advantage of getting a FREE Third Eye Alignment (which I usually charge $150 for), you will want to click here and schedule it right away! Because after June 15th, this will no longer be offered. And since I am pretty booked up already, if you wait, you will miss out on this. (Just letting you know ahead of time, so you don’t get upset with me if you procrastinate and miss out)

This planetary house cleaning is going to start happening on September 11th, so those of you who are not prepared can expect to start feeling it’s affects starting that day. These affects will last until March 13th of 2016 unless you have had your Third Eye Alignment!

Think of this alignment like a “psychic vaccination” against this upcoming change! So make sure you get psychically vaccinated!

Thanks for reading my email today, and I hope this was helpful for you.

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. The tossing and turning at night you may have experienced a few nights over the past month is due to your body already beginning to sense these changes that are coming. Restless sleep will increase during the above time period due to a misaligned Third Eye.

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