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If you’ve missed out on your chance of meeting your soulmate today, don’t be discouraged. Always have faith that someday you’ll meet your destined love.

A soulmate relationship is the pinnacle of love and passion. It is the realization of all of your dreams and fantasies about love; the epitome and manifestation of love and happiness themselves.

This euphoric feeling has been so desired by many, so much so that it sometimes becomes a lifelong quest and journey – finding true love. To most people, seeking their soulmate has been their driving motivation in life. It’s like finding a pearl in the depths of abyss; an endearing feat of the brave and bold.

But is a soulmate relationship that rare? Is it something as extraordinary as a shooting star?

Well, in all actuality, soulmate relationships aren’t that uncommon! You just have to learn how to properly “find” one.


Here Are The Ways to Find Your Soulmate:


  1. Be Emotionally ‘Whole’


Being happily single may sound counterintuitive, but the truth is, you have to be content with yourself first, before you can share your happiness with someone else.

Part of being emotionally whole is letting go of bad experiences you’ve had in the past. It’s highly important that you make peace with your past and all the mistakes you’ve made, in order for you to continue moving forward.

Soulmates are more attracted to each other if they’re emotionally whole. The reason for this is simply because you can’t settle for someone that’s emotionally unsettled. Forging a lasting relationship involves the two of you being whole as a people before sharing a part of yourselves with each another.


  1. Learn To Prioritize Yourself


One of the main reasons why people miss out on their chances of getting into a soulmate relationship is because they choose to settle with someone who is not their true soulamte.

It’s fairly common to for people to fear getting older without having somebody to be with. But before you commit into any kind of relationship, always keep this thought in mind: “never settle for less.”

Learn to prioritize and love yourself first. In this way, you’ll know your self-worth and appreciate your whole being. As you learn to love yourself more, you will start to attract even more soulmate potentials. But always keep in mind that prioritizing one’s self is far more different from being conceited and self centered, as the latter involves pride and greed.

Lastly, we’re all born into this world with a chance at a soulmate relationship. So my advice for you is, never rush your love life! Your soulmate might be just around the corner! love-3

If we keep on having positive thoughts in mind, we’ll manifest and attract positive results into our life.

  1. Have A Positive Outlook On Life


One of the best ways to find your soulmate is to ‘attract’ them. Having a positive outlook on life is very important as it creates a positive vibration that attracts your potential soulmates into your life.

Being optimistic creates a vibrant feel around you, which makes you even more appealing to others. It’s like creating bridges for your soulmates to walk through. Aspire positivity into your life and you’ll attract your soulmate in no time!

This ‘positive mentality’ is part of the Law of Attraction, which states that whatever we conceive in our thoughts, will manifest into being. Basically, if we keep on having positive thoughts in mind, we’ll manifest and attract positive results into our life.


  1. Be Specific On The Traits You’re Looking For


Knowing the qualities you’re looking for in a partner is as important as being in a relationship itself. You should first ask yourself: “What are the qualities I’m looking for in a partner?” This will be your basis for finding your ideal soulmate in life.

Without this idea in mind, you may go wandering around with no direction at all. So be specific on what you’re looking.


  1. Identify Your Core Values


After specifying the specific traits you’re looking for in a partner, the next step is to start identifying your core values. It is important to note that when both you and your soulmate’s core values aren’t aligned with each other, conflicts are bound to happen.

During the early stages of courtship, it’s important for you to decide whether his or her values are compatible with yours. Otherwise, it’s better to look for another person. After all, it’s not a soulmate relationship if your core values do not match with each other.


  1. Be Sensitive To Your Intuition


One thing to note about intuition is it’s part of your sixth sense, which lies deep within your subconscious mind. Intuition is part of your psychic ability and it gives you information beyond the normal five senses. It is also important to know that your intuition will pick up signs given to you by your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Meeting somebody, and having some intuitive knowledge about his or her personality, can be a sign that your angels and spirit guides are at work. It is up to you to then trust your intuition as to whether you should trust someone or not. Learn to pay attention to your intuition you’ll know if someone is a ‘red’ or ‘green’ flag for you.


  1. Hangout With Your Friends and Family


I’ve talked explaining about soulmate encounter several times in my blog, and how they’re often something that happens in an unplanned way. This is definitely true, but finding your soulmate also takes effort and time. You can’t just sit around in your room and hope that your soulmate will magically find your address.

One of the best ways to ‘find without looking’ is by going out with your family and friends. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your friends and other loved ones, you’ll also be able to meet unexpected new acquaintances along the way. Try to spend more time with your friends and loved ones and maybe you’ll be surprised that one of these days, you and your soulmate will bump into each other! love-6

We’re all born into this world with a chance to have a soulmate relationship.

  1. Have Faith In Tomorrow


If you’ve missed out on your chance of meeting your soulmate today, don’t be discouraged. Always have faith that someday you’ll meet your destined love.

Remember that we’re all born into this world with a chance to have a soulmate relationship.

Always aspire for positivity and something good will eventually come into your life! Believe in yourself and have faith that your spirit guides and guardian angels will help you in guiding you on the right path to your soulmate!

I hope you found this article about How To Find Your Soulmate helpful, and if you’d like a soulmate reading, where I can help you even more with this, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to schedule a Soulmate Reading.


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  1. Sam says:

    I’m happy being single or in a relationship, depending on how well it goes.

    For the second one, I have many problems with self worth which I am trying to deal with. It’s like I’m in a constant battle with my own ego and anti ego.

    The anti ego is your ego like minus or negative numbers are still numbers, however your anti ego comes into play when your ego attempts to compensate when it “lacks sustenance” so to speak. A common form of this being victimhood. The “I’m not worthy or important” etc mentality which is generally used to try to make others around them provide a sense of validation of their existence and such. This is one of the core problems psychic vampires suffer from (believe it or not, they do suffer), but victimhood is not the only way the anti ego uses to sustain the ego.

    This is something I have problems with in regards to self worth. I also have a druid friend who unfortunately suffers as a result of the anti ego. He sees everyone as important but himself. it kinda borders between altruism and victimhood. He feels others are more important than he is because he is not important. To make others happy at the expense of his own.

    If you’re one of those people who lacks self worth, try not to seek validation or have a mentality of victimhood, as hard as it may be, I know from experience it will only cause more problems. This conveniently leads on to Tana’s third reason. Optimism and the Law of Attraction.

    I wasn’t intending to do a step by step breakdown. I’m halfway there though so might as well.

    If you’re stuck on the fourth one. Looking for qualities within yourself first might be a good place to start. This kinda relates to the fifth one as well.

    6 and 7 don’t need to be explained.

    8 is the same as 3. Optimism, pretty much. Focusing on the positive.

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