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Have you ever noticed that when you meet a person for the first time, you tend to immediately form an initial first impression of that person? Sometimes, you just “click” for no apparent reason, while other times you feel a strong sense of dislike for them. These feelings are not based on any logical explanation.

First Impressions

Your Aura Decides How Others Feel About You!

Your first impression about someone has nothing to do physical attributes, so what causes you to feel this way? It has everything to do with the other person’s aura.

What Is An Aura?

The human aura is the energy that a person gives out. It is an egg-shaped atmosphere that surrounds them, and it radiates beyond the physical body. It projects the true nature of a person, and it emits what a person is inside, regardless of what he or she is wearing, or what kind of “image” that person tries to project.

This energy field is invisible to most people, except for those who can see auras. But even if you can’t see an aura, everyone has the ability to feel it. It is the energy of another person’s aura that causes you to form your first impressions of people that you meet.

The Aura And It’s Three Layers

The human aura has several layers. A physical, emotional, and spiritual layer. These layers reflect a the different aspects of a person’s life. The more positive a person is, the stronger, bigger, and more vibrant are their energy fields.

W hen you develop a first impression of a person, it is because of what you sense in the emotional layer of their aura.
This layer reflects a person’s emotions and feelings, his or her self-confidence, desires for power, dominance, competition, hostility, and hatred, as well as love, emotional comfort, patience, and more. This layer radiates strongly out of a person, and it is usually the one that moves us to either feel attracted or repelled towards a person.

The Role Of Emotional Layer Of The Aura

The emotional auric layer also sends out a strong signal of how a person is. His or her past experiences such a trauma, fear, humiliation, etc., as well as his current physical, mental, and spiritual health, are found in the emotional layer of a person’s aura.

Expressions such as bursting with happiness, red with anger, green with envy, pale with fear, or a blue mood, tell how someone’s aura reflects their emotions. People tend to stay away from someone who’s emitting an aura of hostility, but feel drawn to someone who’s sending out a welcoming energy.

How A First Impression Is Psychically Formed

We form our first impressions of another person based on our reaction to his or her emotional aura. Just like a magnet, their aura may attract or repel us. It is important to know that your aura is also how other people form their impression of you.

If the energy vibration that his or her aura emits is in the same energy frequency as yours, you tend to have a mutual sense of attraction. But if not, there is repulsion that takes place, as your auras tend to “push” each other’s away.

Your Aura Decides The Friends You Make

And just as the aura plays a vital role in how you form your first impression of a person, it also influences the types of friends you tend to attract or repel.

For instance, if you are inclined to be on the intellectual or spiritual side, you will be drawn to like-minded individuals, and repel those who are more inclined to the material aspects of life, and vice versa. This is why when you see a group of friends, you will notice that they exude a kind of “sameness” energy among them.

It is normal to form first impressions. Some people simply “appeal” to you more than others, because their auras are somehow in harmony with yours. And even without seeing another person’s aura, some people simply radiate positive energies that you cannot help but be drawn to.

The Importance Of Auras You Resonate With

You may notice how uncomfortable you feel when you are around a person whose aura does not attract you. Being around someone whose aura repels yours can form “dents” in your own aura, and make you feel as though you are emotionally bruised.

This is why it is always advisable to seek out the company of people whose auras are in harmony with yours.
A final word of caution, though. If you notice that you are drawn to people who are angry, violent, depressed, or are constantly emitting negative energies, then it may be time to check your own aura.

As mentioned earlier, auras constantly change depending on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health; and you can take measures to improve your aura so that you will be more attracted to people who emit more positive energies.

If you’d like to to know more about your aura, and what you impression are sending out to others, a psychic reading will show you what you are sending out, and how to send out more positive vibrations to attract more love, wealth, a better career, and more friendships into your life!

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  1. Paul says:

    I’d like to know my aura and to learn how to make it more attractive / magnetic

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    Thanks as I could understand about the push I could feel a few months ago when I came across someone

  3. Cheryl says:

    I understand things now. There’s a woman at work who no one likes. I always try to give the time of day to her but she isn’t responsive to anything I say or do. I do have a big personality as in most people like me, but this lady sided away,it is kind of stomping ground life isn’t it? And this lady says she’s bullied but actually bullies the young carers.. I let you decide cos I’m dumbfounded

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