Fortune DIY: 3 Powerful Good Luck Charms You Can Make good_luck

Lucky charms are used to attract wealth or success in your life. You can even make your DIY lucky charms at home.

What do Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, and Serena Williams have in common?

Well, aside from being icons of greatness in their fields, they all believed in having a powerful good luck charm.

Audrey Hepburn had a rabbit figurine, Madonna has a red string bracelet, and Serena Williams has a pair of lucky socks – well, there’s no doubt these good luck charms worked!

Now, before you start looking for a magical rabbit figurine, it would be best to know how these charms actually work and where their luck comes from.

People have been using good luck charms for thousands of years. It can be an amulet, bracelet, or a statue. Basically, anything can be a charm, but not all can be lucky.


The Power Of Intention


As it turns out, there are certain items which have hidden magical qualities, which make them the best good luck charms. At the same time, there are also some objects, which can become magnets for luck due to the intention of the person using them.

So what do I mean by intention?

Intention is the purpose for having a good luck charm – it determines what you want to bring into your life through the use of the charm.

The strong intent to attract luck, or whatever you want in life, stimulates the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful energies at work in the Universe, and if you are able to use it effectively, you can have everything you want and more!

The simplest way to stimulate the Law of Attraction through your lucky charm is to have a focused intention and to believe in the power of your lucky charm.

If you believe that what you want is already on its way to you, or is already happening, then the Law of Attraction will work with you to reach the same goal!


Three Easy-To-Make Good Luck Charms


Now that you know the secret behind charms that bring good luck, it’s time you have one of your own. I’m going to share with you some good luck charms you can easily make at home.

Four-Leaf Clover Charm

The person who can find a four-leaf clover is really lucky, as it’s very rare and only 1 in 10,000 plants has the lucky leaves. Not all clover plants can produce a four-leaf clover and the lucky ones only come from the white clover plant, Trifolium repens.

Each leaf of the four-leaf clover has a meaning. The first three leaves are for faith, hope, and love, while the elusive fourth leaf is for luck.

However, even if you found a four-leaf clover, some experts say that only those with one leaflet smaller than the other three can truly bring you luck – you’d have one of the most priceless good luck charms for wealth if you find this. four_leaf_clover_leaf

A four-leaf clover is one of the most common known good luck charms. It is very rare and whoever finds it will have good fortune and luck.

How to make a DIY Four Leaf Clover:

You don’t have to spend hours – or more likely, years – looking for a four-leaf clover. There’s another way to tap into a four-leaf clover’s power –you can simply make your own!

  1. You can make a four-leaf clover using green-colored paper, or even felt fabric. Just draw it and then cut it out.
  2. You can also print a four-leaf clover on paper and cut it out
  3. If you want your DIY four-leaf clover to last longer, you can have it laminated.
  4. Once you’ve created the charm, hold it in between your hands.
  5. Visualize the different aspects of your life (love, wealth, career) you want to be lucky in and believe you will get what you wish for.
  6. Feel the warmth of your hands, and imagine this warmth flowing into the four-leaf clover.
  7. Keep the four-leaf clover inside your wallet or your bag.


Horseshoe Bracelet

Another potent and iconic symbol of good luck is the horseshoe.

Traditionally, horseshoes were made of iron and were said to repel bad luck and fairy mischief. Fairies cannot stand iron, so this prevented them from doing mischievous things to the houses adorned with horseshoes.

A popular story of how a horseshoe brings good luck and wards off evil is the story of Saint Dustan and the Devil.  Saint Dunstan started off as a blacksmith who was commanded by the Devil to shoe his horse.

Instead, Saint Dunstan nailed the horseshoe to the devil’s foot, causing great pain to the Devil. He only removed it when the Devil guaranteed that the devil will stay away from any house with a horseshoe on it.

How To Make A Horseshoe Charm: 

  1. You can make a horseshoe charm using a copper wire. Copper is also known as a lucky metal, making a copper horseshoe charm doubly lucky!
  2. Simply shape the copper wire into the U-shape of a horseshoe, and place 2 small loops at both ends.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the shape of your horseshoe, you can attach the copper wire horseshoe to a bracelet or necklace, using the small loops.
  4. There are also plenty of Horseshoe Charms you can buy at craft shops and online stores. You can simply attach this charm to your bracelet, or place it on your necklace as a pendant.
  5. Before using the charm, hold it between your hands.
  6. Imagine positive energy flowing from your hands into the horseshoe charm.
  7. Visualize what you want to draw into your life, such as wealth, success, or love.
  8. Feel your horseshoe charm being warmed by your positive energy.
  9. Then wear it.


Other Potent Charms You May Already Have In The House

Sometimes what you need is right under your nose because you might have some good luck charms for success tucked away somewhere in your home. three_keys

A simple thing in the house such as three keys can also be used as a good luck charm.


Here are a few examples of everyday things in the house you can use to make powerful good luck charms:

  • Lentils – Lentils are celebrated around the world as a bringer of good fortune because of their money-green color and coin-shaped appearance.
  • Cinnamon sticks – These sweet-smelling sticks are usually placed in your purse or wallet to bring a steady income or a continuous flow of money.
  • Acorns – Use these natural charms as décor. Not only to bring in prosperity but to also give you luck when it comes to love.
  • Three Keys – Having three keys with you is considered by most to be for good luck, as they are said to unlock the door to wealth, love, and health.


How To Choose The Right Charm For You


  1. Choose a charm that appeals to you. Some people feel an unexplainable connection to certain good luck charms or symbols. If you feel drawn to a certain good luck charm, then the Law of Attraction might be at work!
  1. Choose a charm with a personal meaning. Look for things that have meaning, such as objects that have a personal value or connection to your own history. Some people have family heirlooms which can be used as good luck charms, or you might have received a gift from a loved one that you can incorporate into your charm.
  1. Choose a charm which presents itself to you. Sometimes a lucky charm finds you, so be alert when you are out. Some natural lucky charms may suddenly present themselves to you. Such as plants, shells, or pieces of uniquely-shaped wood. There are also other lucky charms, such as pennies or small trinkets, which you might suddenly find along your path.
  1. Choose a powerful charm with the help of a psychic. Ask a psychic if there are specific items or charms that would be most suitable for you.


Whenever I help a client find a powerful good luck charm that’s right for them, I usually check their energy first, to see if it is generating positive energy for them.

Positive energy increases the power of a person’s intention and also stimulates the Law of Attraction as well. I also find it important to check to see if there are negative energies blocking the flow of luck in my clients’ lives, as well.

Once I’ve checked your energy, I can help you find which lucky items will resonate best with you.

To know more about the secrets of lucky charms and how to stimulate the Law of Attraction, you can contact my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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