Fortune Teller Or Psychic – Is There A Difference?

The term “fortune teller” is a term sometimes mistakingly used when you hear someone talking about a psychic. The word fortune teller was a more commonly used word back in the 1960’s and 1970’s to refer to someone who was a psychic.

But unlike in the 60’s and 70’s, nowadays this word  has a negative connotation when using it to refer to someone who is  an authentic psychic. It refers to a gypsy, which is a very different, and dangerous type of person! I am going to talk about how to avoid these dangerous and deceptive types of con artists, so that you don’t get caught up in one of their gypsy scams.

psychic gypsy

Fortune Teller Gypsy

The difference Between These Two Words?

The term fortuneteller has a negative connotation today, and should never be used when referring to a reputable psychic who gives authentic psychic readings.

These tellers of fortune often have neon signs out front of their offices advertising their supposed abilities to be able look into your future.

They often offer very low prices for their “readings” (around $25 to $40 dollars) in order to lure you into their office of deception. These are people with true psychic gifts – but they have been pulled to the dark side by greed, discovering they can make lots of money when using their abilities for evil.

Once you have been lured in by their cheap prices, they use their psychic ability to con you out of large sums of money. They tell you a family curse is the cause of all your woes, and then tell that if you pay them, they can remove the evil curse that is causing all of your heartache.

Cons Used By Psychics Who Went To The Dark Side

This is the con that they all use. It usually involves removing a family curse, or some kind of cleansing that you need – and you always have to pay them to remove it!

What turned out to be a cheap reading, ends up costing you thousands of dollars when it is all said and done. These criminals bleed their clients bank accounts dry until their victims have no more money left to give them. At that point, they move onto their next victim!

No matter how smart, intelligent, or educated you are, these predators are good at what they do, and they know how to bleed money out of anyone who walks into their office! They are experts and pros at this con game! No one is safe from them!

The best way to avoid this scam is to understand, that without exception, that these con artist psychics live in every city in America, large and small!! No matter where you live in the USA, there are several in your city already!

Here are 4 warning signs that will tell you if the psychic reader is con artist:

– Professional psychics DO NOT have neon signs, or large signs of any kind in front of their offices!
– They do not use Madame, Ms., Mrs. in front of their names.
– They do not tell you a curse is the cause of your problems to scare you into spending hundreds of dollars to have it removed. (Even if you did have a curse on you, removing it would be included in the cost of your reading, and it would be removed as part of your session. I remove them all the time, and there is no extra charge, because they are usually very easy to remove!
– They do not keep calling you on the phone after your reading, or texting you, asking for gifts, such as cash, gift certificates, etc.

How To Find A Psychic You Can Trust

A professional psychic is someone who you find by word of mouth, hear on the radio, read about in a magazine, find on Youtube, see on a TV show, talk show, news interview, or works in a new age bookstore or at a psychic fair.

Legitimate psychics do not use deceptive means to try and get money from you. When you have a reading from a professional psychic, there is no extra money involved to remove a family curse.

Many professional psychics teach classes, workshops, do healing work, sell their books, gemstones, or other psychic products!

So they may recommend attending one their classes or workshops, or having some type of healing work performed, but it will not involve removing curses, nor will it involve them trying to bleed you of your total savings account!

Here Are 6 Signs Of A Legitimate Psychic
– They give you a psychic reading that may include solutions, insights, and guidance
– They may suggest attending certain classes they believe will help you
– They may recommend certain gemstones you should work with
– They may suggest other healing work, such as an aura cleanings, a chakra balancing, Reiki, etc. Usually, a good psychic is already trained in performing these healing sessions.
– They will usually suggest a return visit every 3 months
– They will NEVER tell you that you have a family curse that needs removed – but it will cost you a few hundred dollars extra to remove it!

You Need To Use Common Sense 

Common sense will tell you the difference between when you are being conned, or being helped. You can be almost 100% guaranteed that if you avoid the “psychics” that show any of the warning signs I told you about, you probably never being conned by one of these charlatans!

Fortune tellers are very different than psychics. Fortune tellers know how to con you into giving them the fortunes you have saved or acquired up to that point in your life! An authentic psychic will not only offer you priceless information that will help you, but a real reading will change your life for the better!

4 Responses

  1. Angie says:

    Dear Tana,
    amazing article like always love reading all of your stuff.
    Unfortunately Tana I came across with a couple cons my self ;( and yes it was really costly. The first time was several years ago and they told me my family had a curse and if he didn’t remove this curse that we were all going to died in a terrible car crash… I also had to buy all this stuff that they sold. It was crazy
    I wish I would have known. Thank you Tana

    • Lullia says:

      I am someone who was born of a gift and it has past down through our family. I do not charge people to warn them. I feel it is wrong to get corrupted by greed.

      Do not slander gypsies. The ones with the gift. People often do not realize they are the ones being mean-spirited and it will come back to them.

      2nd. Those who are naturally gifted and have learned to use it to heal and grow can help you. Will not charge you or if you do tip will not make you pay alot… but do something nice in return.

      Often times, people who are born of this gift are lured into witch craft by being told they are natural witches. There is no such thing as a natural witch. You must study witch craft and it is of your consent. God did not create you to be a witch. Do not bash those who are naturally gifted and automatically assume they are witches. It is insulting.

  2. Sharon S. says:

    Tana, I had a bad experience like that too! I wish I had of known. I ended up spending over $22,000 on that con woman, and she didn’t do anything except take my money!
    After my first reading with you, I knew I had finally found the real deal. We have had several readings now, and you have always been a big help to me! I recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks Tana and God bless you!

  3. Kathy L. says:


    thank you for the post! Wow! You were right on. One of these con psychics screwed my 80 year old mother out of $50,000 of her life savings! As a result of the money that con artist psychic swindled from her, she has had to move from her house due to bankruptcy, to a state run nursing home. I wish she had known about you Tana.Thanks for keeping us informed like you to! You’re an angel on earth

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