Fortune Telling vs Psychic Reading: Are They the Same? fortune_telling

Fortune telling and psychic reading have different approach in giving you information about the future.

Most people think that fortune telling and psychic reading are basically the same thing. But it isn’t the case. Both a fortune teller and a psychic reader can give you a peek into the future, but their approaches differ.

I am going to explain the key differences between the two and which one is likely to benefit you more.


Fortune Telling Vs Psychic Reading


People would often go to a fortune teller or a psychic reader to find out about their future.

A fortune teller usually tells what will be your fortune in the future. They use sacred or everyday objects to tell things about yourself.

They have the ability to read the seemingly random patterns, which appear in whichever sacred or everyday object he or she chooses to use, such as a crystal ball or tarot cards.

Fortune tellers can foresee future events but they are not able to provide you the information about the causes behind those events.

A psychic reader does not only focus on telling the future. They have the ability to give you information on why things could unfold this or that way.

They provide you answers that best support you in your life and have the innate ability to read a person’s energy, using this information to map out what a person’s future could be.

Some psychics also have mediumship ability. A psychic who is a also a medium can use spirit contact to gain a deeper understanding of the future.


Difference Between a Fortune Teller and a Psychic Reader psychic

A psychic reader can see the spiritual aspects of situation.

The 3 key differences between the two types exist in relation to these topics:

  1. Ways of receiving information

Fortune tellers usually interpret events from divination objects while psychics receive information directly from using their psychic abilities. This is why psychics do not use objects very often in their readings. If they do use objects, they are a fortuneteller.

  1. The ability to see spiritual and emotional aspects of situations

This is the major difference between fortune tellers and psychics.

A fortune teller can tell you facts about events and situations but is unable to get information about the spiritual and emotional aspect of situations. This is why they cannot explain the reason that things will happen.

Psychics, on the other hand, have the ability to use their psychic powers to give you a fuller explanation and a clearer picture of the cause and effect of the events that could unfold in your future. They can see your aura and receive messages about your state of mind and physical health.

  1. Belief in Fate

A fortune teller lays out a life path for you and is most likely to tell you that is your only path. The only thing you can do is accept this path and continue walking.

A psychic believes that you have the ability to alter the outcome of events if you are given the right information. They see your current life path as only one of the many options.

Since they are able to see your spiritual energies, they can also see if you are holding onto hurt from your past. They know that if you deal with these problems now, your life path can change.


How To Know If Your Situation Needs A Fortune Teller or A Psychic


If you are someone who just wants to have a basic glimpse of your future, a fortune teller can provide you that. You can get an idea of what tomorrow might be like and prepare yourself for the things that might happen.

However, if you would like more detailed information and a range of options to change the outcome of your situation, then you should seek the help of a psychic.

A psychic can help you see all sides of the situation and give guidance on what you can do to help yourself or the situation.


How To Avoid Being Conned psychic_reader

A genuine psychic reader uses their gifts to help other people and don’t deceive people in order to get money from them.

There are many psychic reading sites online, as well as fortune tellers offering their services. How do you know if one is genuine or just a con artist?

Someone who will tell you that you have some kind of curse, demons, or bad blood in your ancestry and that only they can clear it, is a definite indication of a con. They will also tell you that you are very sick and will soon die, unless you use their services.

These people are scammers and they just wanted to suck more money out of the clients. They are more concerned with how they can profit as opposed to how they can use their ability to assist people seeking help.

An authentic psychic will provide their clients with real answers to the best of their ability for a price that has been determined before the session. They use their special gifts to help others and will never use their client’s personal information against them. They do not use deceptive means to try and get money from them.

If you want a reading, opt for a true psychic and not a fad fortune teller. Find someone who has a reputation to back up they are the real deal. A referral from a friend, family member. or colleague, is usually a sign that you are dealing with a reputable reader.

Any psychic who has been on the radio many times, TV shows, been written about in newspapers and magazines, or been on TV talk shows, is always going to be the real thing.

Con artist psychics avoid these things because they fear being exposed!

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