Frankenstorm – A Psychic Prediction That Is Sadly Coming True

On May 25th of this year, I wrote an article about a special meeting I was invited to:

“I was invited to this meeting as a “voice for humans” to try and help to deescalate the anger they have been feeling towards the human race. Neptune wants to start “wiping out all the factories on the shorelines around the world that are dumping poison into the oceans”.”

“Neptune was very vocal about wanting to “Destroy these offenders by washing them away with major tidal waves and hurricanes!” There were loud cheers from the Merpeople!”

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I’m sure you have heard about the Frnakenstorm that is headed for the East Coast! Well, Neptune and the Merpeople have started their to enact their plan.

Possible Places That WIll Be Hit

Massachusetts, New York City, and even Nassau, Bahamas, should all be bracing themselves for this Frankenstorm! This hurricane will be directed towards any cities along the East Coast – anywhere from North Caroline to New England! Any city along the entire East Coast is under threat if they have a factories there that is dumping into the ocean!!

A Was Invited To Another Meeting

I came to Aguascalientes, Mexico the other day, because I was told my my angles that Aguascalientes has the most angels living there than any other place on earth. So I came here to investigate this. I will talk more about this later on.

So just tow days ago, I was invited by the Merpeople to go to Puerta Vallarta for another meeting. We drove over 7 hours to get there, but I did get there in time for the meeting.

It was held late at night, in a very private area of the beach. Neptune announced that he had the blessings of all the Merpeople, and they decided to start their first phase of wiping out the coastline factories that are polluting the oceans of the world.

What Was Discussed At This Meeting

They told me that this is their “first attempt” and once they see how it goes, they will fine tune their strategy, and increase the power of the tidal waves accordingly.

They said they only want to destroy the factories, not humans! So they may need to adjust the power of  future tidal waves, once they see how this first one works. I got the idea this first attempt was like an experiment – not the only major one to come!

These tidal waves will be an organized effort that will be assited by Mermaids, Mermen, and all other Elemental Beings that inhabit the ocean.

So it seems that my prediction I posted about back in May is coming true, and if you live in one of these cities where there are one of these polluting factories, I highly suggest you get the heck out of that area – ASAP!

This isn’t going to be pretty!


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  1. Liz says:

    Hi, Tana!
    I’m curious…don’t they know the factories will just be rebuilt? Do they have other ways of getting their message across? Because I feel like people who don’t care about the environment would just chalk it up to bad weather/luck rather than realize it was a result if their of their own poor choices. What do you think?

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Thanks a bunch, Tana for the warning, my family could have been in a warground!!

  3. paris says:

    I hope that the workers have enough time to leave. This polluting into the innocent ocean need to stop. There are millions of animals that die every day because of this. And it needs to stop.

  4. Wow! This makes so much sense! Of course the angels and elementals are tired of humans polluting the oceans, land and air on Earth …. imagine how it feels to breathe 2nd hand smoke when you don’t want to! They must feel 1,000,000 times worse!! Thanks for the post, Tana

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