Free Will – How It Can Affect A Psychic Reading


The Cambridge dictionary defines “destiny” as “the things that will happen in the future” and “the force that controls what happens in the future, and is outside human control”. On the other hand, the same reference defines “free will” as “the ability to decide what to do independently of any outside influence”

People are often confused about what determines your future — destiny or free will. For Merida, the lead character in Disney’s “Brave” movie, both concepts are clear: “You control your destiny. You don’t need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems.” From the point-of-view of a psychic, myself included, Merida is correct. 

Your Free Will And Your Psychic Reading free will 1

Free will is the power to do whatever you want in your life.


In my article, “How Free Will Affects Your Life” , I define free will in this manner: “Free will simply means you have the free will to take any action, change any thought, make any decision, go anywhere, or do anything, you see fit to do!

In other words, “You have the free will to take, think, believe, act, feel, or do, whatever you desire.”

Free will and destiny cannot be separated from each other. A psychic reading reveals information about the interplay between these two concepts: how free will has impacted your past, how it has taken you where you are today, and what it can allow you to reach or obtain in the future if you continue on the same path where you are.

How Free Will Changes Your Destiny


In real life, however, there are crossroads. Even when you’ve set your mind on which course to take, in a year’s time or so, you might change your mind, changing the direction you’ll take. free will 2

Your free will can change your destiny. Whatever decisions and choices you make now will affect your future.

Crossroads cause a change in direction. A crossroad is where you steer left, steer right, move back, or charge ahead. YOU are making these choices. That is free will.

Those decisions that you make, both the minor ones and the life-changing ones, affects your future.

To a psychic, your future is certain when you continue on the same path you are on right now. A psychic can tell you if that path leads to a greener pasture, or if it will eventually lead to your demise.

A good intuitive psychic, however, will also be able to sense the bigger picture. You can think of this bigger picture as a road map that shows alternate routes to the destination you want to reach.

As a psychic, I provide my clients with guidance on what obstacles may lie ahead, and how they can overcome these roadblocks so they can gain a higher likelihood of reaching their desired destination in the future.

The Accuracy Of A Psychic Reading free will 3

A psychic reading can give you guidance and help you overcome the challenges in your life. Free will can change the direction where your current life path is going to.

A psychic reading can be a powerful tool for you to successfully obtain your heart’s desires, whether that be true love, career fulfillment, personal satisfaction, or financial abundance.

Among the many obvious benefits that you can derive from a psychic reading, here are some more:


  • A better understanding of yourself, your ambitions, and the past life karmic consequences of the life that you are leading right now.
  • It can provide you with an opportunity to influence your future through your free will.
  • Help you understand the signs in your life.
  • Help you to better manage your relationships by giving you insights into why people around you respond to you the way they do.
  • Help you enhance your health, well-being, character, and personality.

There is a lot of much information I can tell you about your past, present, and future. But a psychic reading has its limits too.

These limitations are bound by the universal law and include the following:

  • Your free will

You have the freedom to choose and to create your future. A psychic cannot command you on how to choose, or what to choose. But I can tell you about the possible consequences for the actions you are about to make.

  • Other people’s free will

This specifically involves your loved ones, people you interact with, and those whom you are bound to meet

  • Ethics

Reputable psychics will NEVER tell you anything that will be counterproductive to your well-being. For example: the time, place, or date of your death, unless this information can help you in some positive way, such as saving you from an avoidable car accident, etc.

When you will die is between you and whoever you believe your creator to be. This information is not the business of a psychic. Any psychic, who predicts you death, other than in a way that can help you avoid death, is doing so from a place of ego and power. Avoid this type of psychic like the plague!!

Your free will, intertwined with your destiny, has the power to make or break the future you want for yourself. So your free will, or the free will of others, is often the reason a prediction made during your psychic reading may sometimes not come true.

Free will can and does change things, and does not mean that you received a bad reading or consulted with a fake psychic. Especially if it has been more than 3 months since your last reading.

Free Will And Your Future


Former US President Harry Truman explained how these two concepts must be taken together: “Actions are the seed of fate, deeds grow into destiny”.

This quote, in a single sentence, explains what is meant by “we reap what we sow”. This same concept can also be found at the very heart of the concept of karma. Which is, every action creates a reaction.

Throughout your life, you are — and will continue to be — met by challenges that you strive to overcome using various means. With each challenge, you are required to make a choice.

Do you continue to be patient and put up with your spouse? Or, is it time for you to let go? The outcome is determined entirely by your free will and the free will of your spouse. Because the free will of your spouse also affects your marriage: “Will you stay together or get a divorce?”

Although there are many things in this life that are bigger than you and I, in the end, it is still up to each of us to decide whether to climb up that rocky mountain, or settle comfortably on the plain.

The future can become exactly how you want it to be, but there is no such thing as a free ticket to a bright future. Because YOU choose to work hard for a promotion; YOU choose to be patient with a loved one; YOU choose to live a healthier life to increase your chances of living through old age.

Choices. You will always have to make them and you will never run out of them.  But a psychic reading can help you make better choices by letting you know beforehand, what lies ahead.

Conclusion: You Make Your Own Future


Life would have no meaning if we were only born to live out a story that has already been foretold.

There is a destination (a destiny, if you will) that life has set out for us, mostly to learn very specific life lessons.

There are many ways to sail out there, and how you reach that place is entirely your decision, along with the options your decisions create along the way. Life has given you the free will to choose your destiny, so use it positively, wisely, and with love.

If you would like to know your current life path and design your future the way you wanted it to be, schedule a psychic reading with me now, click here.

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