How Free Will Affects Your Life (Important to read!)

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I talked about the escaping of the Light Suckers in my last email, My head is still spinning form the experience I had with one of them. Just before he attacked me, Macar came to my rescue, I was one of the lucky ones!

Thank God I have over 250 Guides, Angels, and Ascended Master surrounding me!

Light Suckers remind me of the zombie movies I’ve seen on TV. The Light Sucker I saw that night looked lifeless, in a daze, and seemed to be focused on only one thing – sucking the light out of me!

Two of my other friends were just attacked a few nights ago, and both of them told me they have never felt so out of sorts in all their life. One friends wife, out of the blue, went and asked for a divorce the next day – for no apparent reason. Best we could figure out was she was attacked too, and under the mind control of one of these dark energy Beings.

Seems like  after attacking a person, they influence that person to think in negative ways too! Kind of like a type of demon mind control! So I did a Reversed Exorcism Shielded on him and his wife, and things are instantly back to normal now. If you missed reading my email about these Light Sucker Energy Demons, you can also read in that email about my neighbor who was attacked, and also read my Monthly Horoscope for April by clicking here!

Understanding Free Will

I haven’t spoken about free will for a long time. Free will is important to understand, because it affects all areas of your life.

Free will simply means you have the free will to take any action, change any thought, make any decision, go anywhere, or do anything, you see fit to do! In other words. you have the free will to take, think, believe, act, feel, or do, whatever you desire….

Also, all actions, thoughts, and deeds, have consequences – positive or negative.

For example, if you give food to a starving person, the positive consequences are the person gets to eat and nourish their starving body, and you accumulate positive karma for helping another human being.

If you hit a person in the face must because you don’t like them, the negative consequence is the other person is going to attack you back. You end up getting physically hurt too, and you accumulate negative karma for trying to harm another person.

You performed both deeds above based on your own free will. No one forced you to feed the starving person, and no one forced you to hit the person you didn’t like in the face.  You chose both actions yourself. So you have total responsibility for your actions.

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The Free Will Of Others

Other people in your life have free will too. And you cannot control the free will of another person.

For example, you are dating someone who you care about very deeply, and out of the blue, the person calls you and ends the relationship. Later you find out another person was involved,and they are together now!

This happened because the other person chose, using their own free will, to end the relationship, and get involved with the other person.

When the above example happens, you cannot control the free will (actions) of the other person. If you could, you would have stopped it. So all you can do is deal with the consequences (the pain, hurt, feelings of betrayal, etc) of the other person’s free will.

Free Will And Psychic Readings

This explains why a person can have a psychic reading, and be told something is going to happen, and then the exact opposite happens. It is because free will, (yours, or the other persons) changed the predicted outcome. And you have no way of knowing how another person uses their free will.

When you have a psychic reading, it is based on your life as it is at that very moment, But the minute free will gets involved, it can change the outcome.

I have discovered that a reading is pretty accurate for about a 3 or 4 month period, and after that, the accuracy becomes less. The reason is because we are all living, growing, changing beings, and we change the directions of our lives, with every new idea, action, or thought.

Now, there are exceptions, a person can have a reading today, and 3 days later, the exact opposite happens. This is rare, but sometimes, due to the free will of the person who had the reading, or the free will of another person involved, or someone or something in their life has caused this change in those 3 days, changing the outcome that was predicted.

You may or may not be able to see the changes when they happened!

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An Impossible Truth

Any psychic who tells you they see things happening a year from now, or longer, is not telling the truth.

Think about this! It has been scientifically proven that the average person thinks 50,000, you read that right, 50,0000, different thoughts a day!

And did you know the average person makes around 35,000 conscious and remotely conscious decisions in one day? 35,000!

So in 3 months, you have had 4,500,000 thoughts, and made 3,150,000 conscious and remotely conscious decisions. And I didn’t even calculate this for a year!

So as you can see, you have free will thoughts (50,000 a day) and make free will decisions (35,000 a day) on a daily basis. So 1 year from now is almost impossible for a psychic to predict. I have heard stories about things a psychic told a person years ago, that came true years later. This does happen. But I am only saying the odds are as rare a winning a lottery ticket!

A psychic can predict what they see, according to the path you are currently on in your life at the time of your reading, but remember, you are having 50,000 different thoughts a day, and making 35,000 conscious and remotely conscious decisions a day too!

But fortunately, for reasons I cannot explain, most people’s lives only change course about every 3 or 4 months. So this is why I recommend to my clients, to have a reading every 3 to 4 months. w this way, when major changes do occur, we can see them ahead of time.

By seeing the changes ahead of time allows me to guide my client back onto the track they want to be on. Therefore, they don’t experience the changes that would have otherwise happened, if I hadn’t  seen them ahead of time before they actually happened.

The Science Of Your Mind

This also explains why in the example above, the person unexpectedly ended their relationship. That person didn’t unexpectedly end it, he or she thought about it probably over 20,000 times in the day or two leading up to it, but just never told the person they were breaking up with, about these thoughts, until the day they ended it!

I always chuckle to myself when a person says to me, “Tana, nothing much has changed since we last talked 3 months ago,”  because this is scientifically impossible. Then as the reading goes on, many things pop up. And when the reading is over, they always say to me “I’m so glad we had this reading today, because more things happened than I remembered!”

I really enjoyed writing this for you, and I hope you found it interesting to read also! I wanted to explain free will, and how it works, to help you understand why things happen, and how a reading can be a good tool for avoiding things you don’t want to happen in your life!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Teresa says:

    Good Morning Tana, I love this article u wrote.

    IM so looking fwd to our reading in May, it seems like it can’t get here any faster. But Im in a situation ( i hope we can explore that in our reading) where my ex left out of the blue . Free will indeed,but there was also a lot of anger . It was a combination of “life suckers” and the wanting to escape , believing that the grass on the other side would be greener.

    But what I saw was someone so angry beyond anything i have ever seen. We lived together for 9 years together like a married couple, and never never never i have seen these sorts of behaviors. There was also a job transition to another country where things didn’t turn out the way he expected, I saw some Bipolarity surfacing like i have never seen before. I keep telling my mom that I swear I have seen the Devil. But in the mean time, this Devil gave him the free will to abandon me ( never broke up. He simply vanished) . He stopped communication with everyone, not just me.

    Is this what a life sucker does to a person??

    Thanks for all your beautiful messages and articles. I love reading them.

    Hugs and kisses from your italian lady. xxx

  2. malena says:

    hi are you saying a life sucker can change a persons will. as if suddenly they walk away with out a reason when you thought you were in love. this person acted completly different for no reason thanks

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