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If you could have one specific question answered, what would that specific question be?

Your question needs to be very specific and detailed, the same way you would ask it to me if we were having a psychic chat with each other!

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Get a free psychic reading

Get a free psychic reading

Then I am going to choose 3 people and answer their question for them for free. Only specific questions will be considered.

If you are chosen, I will personally give you a mini psychic reading via email answering your question.

Please leave your specific question in the comments below and I will choose three people from the comments.


4 Responses

  1. Mark Christopher Rivera says:

    What is the full name of my soulmate in this lifetime, someone I am attracted to and compatible with and at the same time reciprocate the same feeling? What can I do to meet this person?

  2. Cassandra Ellis says:

    What natural psychic abilities should I develop in this lifetime? Do I need to know anything about my past lives to help this develop?

  3. Lansuz says:

    I am currently seeing a man that I feel really good about, but I have such high anxiety to due to previous men who I’ve dated in the past and end things with me out of the blue in the less than 2 months or maybe even in a few weeks. It’s been draining and I’ve been single for 9.5 years. What do you see for us and ease my anxiety when it comes to dating?

  4. Carolina says:

    Since my love life is not so lucky. Will my financial status change soon. Thank you.

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