Free Will – How To Use It To Manifest A Brighter Future – by Tana Hoy

Free will is a very important topic to understand. You might often hear others talk about free will, but it seems that many people are confused as to what exactly it really means.

Make sure to read this entire article, because the information I am going to share with you here, will change your life!

And when it comes to having a psychic reading, it is especially important to understand free will, along with the Law Of Cause And Affect.

Free will

A Simple Definition Of Free Will

Free will is “Having the ability to make a choice, take an action, speak words, or act towards others in any way that you choose to, or see fit!” In other words, you, and you alone, are the one who determines what choices, actions, or words you will make, act, or speak, towards others. This includes when you are alone by yourself.

Free will is God- given, and each person has it by divine right! Since you are the captain of your life, you are also the one who determines how you will use your free will.

It is important to remember that your actions, words, and deeds affect everything in your life.

How Your Actions Affect Your Past, Present, And Future

Your actions (words, thoughts, deeds) are based on the Law Of Cause And Affect. The Law Of Cause And Affect states that “for every action, there is a reaction.” Once you make a cause, it creates an instant affect, or reaction in your life. The affects you create can manifest now, in the future, or in one of your future lives.

Your current life condition, which includes your love life, your work life, your financial life, your health, and everything in-between, is a result of the Law Of Cause And Affect at work in your life. In other words, your life right now, is the manifestation of the free will choices you made at some point in the past. Your actions, words, or deeds in this lifetime, or a past lifetime created it!

You may ask yourself, “Why would I create this for myself?” Or you might say “Yeah! What a wonderful life I have created for me!” Either way, this present moment is a result of your free will. Your current life circumstances are the reactions to your past actions! In other words, your life right now, is the manifestation of the Law Of Cause And Affect at work in your life.

This Is All Good News!

Depending on how you view your life at this moment will color how you feel about knowing this. But Free willthis is good news, because if you like your life right now, you know to keep doing what you are doing. If you don’t like your life right now, you now know that you have the power to change your future outcomes into the ones you want them to be!

So how can you change your future into the one you want? By understand the Law Of Cause And Affect and by realizing that every action has an opposite reaction. Then by making new causes that will create positive reactions. You might wonder how you would know what actions will create positive reactions, but if you think about it, this is just good, common sense.

3 Things You Can Do To Manifest Positive Future Outcomes For Your Life

Here are a few ways to start creating positive future outcomes, but with a little thought, you will be able to come up with more.

1. Release Greed And Fear About Money

If you are having money problems, don’t be greedy, or fearful about money! This is a time to give money to others, but with compassion.

Give a dollar to a homeless person in need.
Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
Buy someone on the street a meal.

2. Release Fear Of Trusting Others

If love is a struggle, it’s time to release fear of trusting and loving someone. This is the time to show love, and give it freely.

Make a point to tell others how much you love them and appreciate them. Be sincere!
Share your true feelings with a trusted friend, and acknowledge out loud your need to love and to be loved.
Show love and compassion to others less fortunate.
Learn patience with others.

3. Release Arrogance And Intimidating Behaviors

If you find others seem to not like you, it’s time to release your arrogance and intimidation behaviors. People cannot be controlled by intimidation, and arrogance creates a lonely castle around the bearer of this emotion.

Be more open to the opinions of others
Open acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers
Accept that you may be intelligent, but that others are intelligent too
Smile more. It will light up your face and invite others nearer

These are just a few examples of what you can do to create a more positive future, and I encourage you to think of more. Please share them in the comment section below!

How Your Free Will Can Affect The Outcome Of Your Psychic Reading

Now that you understand free will, and the Law Of Cause And Affect, it will help you understand why Free will sometimes after psychic reading, some things may not come true.

The reason is because you are a living, spiritual being, and you are making new free will choices everyday! Therefore creating a multitude or reactions in your life, as you can now see, your free will choices affect the outcomes of your future. This is why it is seemingly impossible for a psychic to predict your future years in advance, because your life changes according to your free will.

I have found that the reactions to your actions manifest in about a 3 month cycle, so this is why I ALWAYS recommend a reading about every three months.

If you say to a psychic, “Things you told me in our last reading didn’t come true, (and assuming they are an excellent psychic) their first question to you should be “What has changed in your life since our last reading?” and “When was your last reading with me?”

A psychic reading will let you know what kind of future you are creating for yourself! Click here to take control of your future and create the future you want!

How Your Life Can Change And You Don’t Know It

People often don’t realize their life has changed, because unlike a psychic, they can’t see the inner workings of the universe, and the affects their actions have created, causing them to manifest exactly the opposite of what they wanted!

The good news is, when this happens, during our reading, I can see exactly what the person has done to change their desired future, and tell them exactly what to do to counter balance it, and change it back into the outcome they want!

So as you can see, free will is extremely important to understand. With free will and the Law Of Cause And affect working hand-in-hand, you can use this knowledge to gain unlimited manifestation power, and use it to manifest ANY future you desire!

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  1. Angie says:

    Truly amazing like alway My Friend I love it Tana is just amazing. Last time we talk u had mention something to me in a way it was good but I keep hopping for something else so by me wishing and hopping. U told me that my free will change in my favor I’m truly excited :0)

  2. Anica says:

    100% true! I always try and make everyday a positive day and I start by giving everyone I pass by, meet, and, socialize with, a smile and a hello! Everywhere I go, especially when I’m with a friend or my children, they always say to me…Is the people on this planet you don’t know?” The truth is, I don’t know half the people I speak to (and with) and some of them I will probably never see again! Positivism IS a magnet and draws people in my surroundings and my life! My friends often say…”You can talk to anyone! How do you do that?” I tell them, like attracts like! It’s as simple as that! I wish I had discovered your site years ago Tana! Thank you for posting such wonderful blogs!

  3. Char says:

    So True Tana,
    I love to read your article and thank you so much for sharing this. God bless you and your family. Thanks again!!!

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