Full Moon Effects: Why People Act Strange During A Full Moon – Tana Hoy

You’ve probably noticed how people’s behaviors seem to change during the full moon. You, too, may have experienced feeling it affects, or noticed it in your friends or coworkers.

Full moon effects

Full Moon Effects

There have been several studies linking odd behavior to the full moon (including increased accidents, rise in crime, etc.). Explanations for this ranges from increased positive ions in the atmosphere, to the gravitational pull of the moon.

But the one thing scientists haven’t realized is that while there are observable manifestations of this phenomenon, the effects from a full moon actually happen on a psychic level.

Full Moon Effects On Human Behavior

The moon is the closest heavenly body to earth, and it’s energy has a very strong psychic impact on humans. The “veil” between the physical and spiritual realms becomes thinner during a full moon phase, causing there soul energy to become more out of tune. This causes people to not act and feel like their normal selves without them even realizing they are acting differently!

How To Prepare For A Full Moon

In order to be ready for this monthly occurance, you need to be mark your calendar for when the next full moon is going to happen. This way, you will know precisely when to expect changes in the behavior of the people around you, and even your own.

Remember, lunar effects are usually felt about three days before a full moon, and they will last about three days after. Once you know the lunar schedule, you can plan ahead.

Things You Can Do:

1. Try to make decisions prior to the onset of the full moon phase.

2. If you can, set an important meeting for another day to avoid clashes and short tempers.

3. If you intend to go out, opt for places where people don’t get rowdy – for example, choose an intimate restaurant instead of a bar.

4. During this time, watch movies that are relaxed and fun, and avoind action/adventure types.

5. Clear your mind through meditation, so you can be more in control if you sense the affects of the full moon manifesting in your behavior.

How To Protect Yourself During A Full Moon

During a full moon there is more negative energy affecting the planet. Th is is why there are more brawls in bars, or why people experience heightened euphoria, greater depression, short tempers, or changes in mood. Also, psychic vampires may also take advantage of the opportunity to suck in energy at this time.

Furthermore, many psychics will tell you that there is an increase in paranormal activities during the full moon phase, and a lot of negative forces or spirits can manifest themselves during this time.

Therefore, you need reinforce your psychic protection during the full moon by meditating. You should also place yourself in a psychic shield that will protect you from negative forces. You can do this by using your thoughts to place a powerful force field of positive energy around you. You can also strengthen it by wearing crystals that block negative energies, such as carnelian, jasper, labradorite, black onyx, or smoky quartz.

The important thing to know is that the full moon affects people psychically, which manifests on the emotional, mental, and physical level of people’s beings. But if you protect yourself, you will be able to better enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the next full moon!

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