Spirit Guides: How Gatekeeper Guides Can Protect You From Danger


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A gatekeeper guide is like your personal body guard.

When things go bump in the dark, your Gatekeeper Guide bumps right back.

A Gatekeeper Guide is an important Spirit Guide. Having been reincarnated many times, Spirit Guides are human souls who have learned all their earthly lessons and now devote themselves to guiding us and helping people on earth to grow spiritually on their earth journey.

All Spirit Guides have a specific skill for helping us in achieving our purpose in life. Your Gatekeeper Guide is like a personal bodyguard, manager, and agent – all rolled into one.

People who have developed deep connections with their Gatekeeper Guides will often describe them as big, burly, and intimidating, but these guides are gentle giants when it comes to the requests of their human companion.

In a few moments, secrets about the tasks of your Gatekeeper Guide and how to ask for your Gatekeeper Guide’s protection will be revealed to you.


Why Do You Need A Gatekeeper Guide?


Your Gatekeeper Guide has been with from the moment of your birth.

It’s your Gatekeeper Guide’s job to keep you safe from all physical and spiritual threats and providing you with the ultimate protection.

While it’s your Gatekeeper Guide’s job to protect you, this guide will not interfere with your life lessons or any hardships included in your learning.

A Gatekeeper Guide cannot protect you from the Law of Karma, which is simply the law that states “What you reap is what you sow.” Whatever you send out, be it good or bad, your Gatekeeper Guide cannot block the effects of its karma from reaching back to you.

For example, you unknowingly caused an accident to happen to another person in a previous life. The Law of Karma dictates that you pay for this wrongdoing by having an accident in this life. Your Gatekeeper Guide will have to allow this to happen so that you can pay off your bad Karma.


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Gatekeeper guides protect you from all kinds of physical and spiritual threats.


Here are other specific tasks your Gatekeeper Guide does for you:

  1. Your Gatekeeper Guide can step forward when you feel like there are too many spirits around and bar them from entering your space.
  2. Your Gatekeeper Guide is like a professional bodyguard and can make unwanted spirits leave your space.
  3. Your Gatekeeper Guide is like an agent and can decide which spirit energies can connect with you and when.
  4. Your Gatekeeper Guide can decide which persons or spirits are the best ones to connect with
  5. Your Gatekeeper Guide can also impede communication with a certain spirit if that spirit will distract you from your goal.
  6. Your Gatekeeper Guide can work with other entities who can help you and manage your other guides who are already with you.


Most people live their entire lives never knowing about their Gatekeeper Guide, but once you know you have one and you experience their protection, you’ll wonder how you ever made it through life without asking for this guide’s help!


How A Gatekeeper Guide Warded Off A Dark Entity


Here’s one of my favorite stories about how a Gatekeeper Guide revealed itself to a young woman being plagued by a dark entity.

This is the story of a woman I met on a plane once. Her name is Susan Carlstonione, and she held a very prestigious position at an investment firm. We were talking about Spirit Guides, and she shared this story with me.

I wasn’t the type who believed in Spirit Guides, but there was this incident a couple of years ago that completely changed my mind.

My apartment at that time was just a few blocks from the office, so I’d walk to and from work every day to squeeze a few minutes of exercise into my very busy schedule.

One day, we had a brainstorming session in the office and by the time we were finished, it was already late at night. A co-worker offered to drive me home but I wanted to walk so I could stretch out my legs and enjoy some fresh air.

Everything was fine at first, nothing out of the ordinary.

I was about to begin walking home when I decided to first get a cup of coffee from a nearby cafe.

I usually wouldn’t think twice about getting a cup of coffee, but suddenly, going to that cafe didn’t feel right.

If felt like something was trying to stop me from going there.

My mistake was I didn’t listen and I went to the cafe anyway, bought my coffee, and started walking home.

After a minute or two of walking, I felt like someone was following me. So I turned around to look behind me, and sure enough, there was a man walking just a few feet behind.

I was starting to feel nervous, and it felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest. I told myself it was just another person walking home, but after walking a few more blocks, he was still behind. It also seemed like he was walking faster.

I was trying not to be paranoid, but in my mind, I was praying for someone to help me.

As I walked around the next corner leading to my street, I braced in case I needed to run.

I was fiddling with the keys in my pocket and was about to start running, when all the sudden, the lights in my neighbor’s front lawn came on, and his dog started barking loudly. Right then, the front door opened, and my neighbor, Pete, came outside with his dog.

Pete called out to me, “Are you alright?”, while at the same time, quickly walking towards me.

As I turned around to point at the man who was following me, I could see a look of surprise on the man’s face. Then he suddenly turned around and ran away!

Know your gatekeeper guides and ask their protection and they will surely protect you from impending dangers.

Pete quickly ushered me inside his house and called the police. While we were waiting for the police to arrive, Pete asked me “Where’s your friend?”

I was confused by this, so I asked him, “What friend?”

Pete looked at me strangely for a few seconds, and explained to me how his dog was standing in front of the door whining.

So he said he looked out the window to see what his dog was whining about when he saw a tall man standing beside me, waving urgently like he was trying to get Pete’s attention.

He then said that was the reason why he suddenly turned on the porch light and rushed out to me.

When the police arrived, I described the man who was following me, and they asked if they could show me a few photos.

They showed me a few photos, and one of them was the man who had been following me. When I positively identified him they told me the man was wanted for 3 other robberies, involving him following his victims while they were walking, and then robbing them.

After that incident, Pete would often tell people about the mysterious “tall guy” he saw with me that night. But now I know it was my Gatekeeper Guide protecting me.  

This is just one of the many stories people have shared with me about their Spirit Guides.


Do You Feel Spirits?


If you feel like you have had, or are having a similar experience, don’t hesitate to ask for help. I can help you connect with your Spirit Guides, especially your Gatekeeper Guide, so they can watch over you and protect you.

I can also teach you how to connect with you Spirit Guides through meditation and show you how to ask your Gatekeeper Guide to come forward. I will also be able to tell his or her name.

I will also show you how to set boundaries with other spirits and how to tell your Gatekeeper Guide your limitations.

To get more information about Spirit Guide Reading sessions, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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7 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I feel that I’ve been quite connected for some time. However for the past two years I’ve had an interesting visitor, from time to time. I believe it’s a cat walking on my bed towards my head, as if to verify my breathing.
    As if instinct told me to buy selenite, it sits on my night stand allowing me to sleep peacefully so far. Should I allow the arrival, or protect the home with more selinite?
    I appreciate your response.

    Thank you, Steve

  2. cris says:

    hi tana hoy just read a story of urs related to my experience but its not really a natural cause but i think when. im in that state of mind that i think i opened something inside my body and activated it so now i can see them which i cannot see when im not taking it. i mean i talked to my gatekeeper and hus name is gabriel and had a sword with fire. and he was not alone. funny thing is i saw his figure vividly on a light curtain under the light and we haf conversation inside my mind. the only thing im confused of is that he sounded like a man but he looks so pretty with long hair. i hope i can explain more but im afraid that u might mis judge me. i can see invinsible souls that looks like us and i told someone about it and laughed at me. so thats all ….theres more too..im not afraid of the dark ones too.hope you reply back ..thanks and bye

  3. Annonymous says:

    So basically this explains why, after I saw a person, in my grandma’s room, pale skin, black clothes, hair, why I felt like someone was watching me. Keep in mind, my grandma is still alive, and this happened about 2 years ago. And I still don’t feel like looking in the mirror when I feel uncomfortable. I always feel like someone is watching me. Well, what to expect. Gatekeepers are mostly quiet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I have just recently been communicating with my spirit guides, and first met my gatekeeper guide Gertrude (Now how I found all this out was through the use of a pendulum). And they (Gertrude has no gender) had told me that they never was a human before and I was wondering if that’s plausible. I was also wondering if spirit guides (mainly gatekeepers) could posses people, because I had an incident today where i believe that happened. My friend was allowing a malevolent spirit to use his hand to write the message she wanted to give. He had been doing this all day, (whenever I was near him, the bad spirit would suddenly go away. Might I also add, my friend was also using a pendulum to communicate to this spirit)but when he did it when I wasnt around him, something happened. His friend he was currently sitting next to, blacked out suddenly, remembering nothing but waking up (and all of this was happening while my friend had this malevolent spirit use his hand to write). I also, around the same time felt a strange feeling I never did before for a little while, but went away, so I gave no mind to it because I didnt know what was going on else where. But when his friend blacked out, he told me that she flung her hand onto his and stopped him from writing. Afterwards the blackout went away. So I guess after this long story, my two questions are, can my gatekeeper guide not have been a human, and is it possible for one to posses other humans? Thank you and do please respond if you can.

  5. Debra Sergeev says:

    I also forgot to add that i know my spirit guide. I have seen her and can communicate with her. I was working with dream interpretation when i unfortunately attracted this earthbound ghost. For some time I thought the visions and audiovoyance i was receiving was from my spirit guide but it was from the evil ghost.
    I no longer do anything at all accept pray for help incase i am tricked by him. He is able to give me dreams. He is a bad sexual ghost and i go out of my way not to give him anything he may want. I am celebate.
    I would appreciate any help or advise you can give me.

  6. Teresa Speed says:

    I have a lady. She always with me. Sometimes it feels she healing me. I often see her and few more around my bed at night. I saw larger person, maybe this is my gate keeper. Before my dad died, he described seeing the same larger person. Its nice to know we are loved and protected

  7. Sandra McClure says:

    My family has been attacked for years by my atheist mom who is narcissistic and angry that we pay attention to our daughter’s needs – not attending to my mom. Attachments and psychic attacks are sent designed to badly harm and kill (we have been saved numerous times by a friend). Dark magic has been used for years by my mom’s big entities (one of which may not be a lost soul, but is a _____). What should I be asking my gatekeepers to do above and beyond? The friend that saves us can not give guidance because any friendship causes black magic harm of different forms all the way up to torture. This is not karmic debt. Thanks!

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