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Gemstones and crystals can help anyone who wants to be lucky and healthy! Gemstones and crystals are precious stones with mystical qualities that can bring you luck and health this year, and in the years to come.

Various gemstones

Various gemstones

The Power Of Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones and crystals, which belong to the mineral kingdom, are one and the same thing. What is important to know is that gemstones and crystals each have own special energy vibrations.

Crystals are as old as our planet. They have been around since the beginning of time, so they have recorded in them, all of mankind’s history. They have captured within them, the struggles, failings, and triumphs of humanity, and that is the source of the strong energy that they radiate.

Gemstones, on the other hand, have also been around from the very start. Their vibrations are a product of the walls of the earth in which they can generally be found. Gemstones have meanings that are based on your month of birth, and each of the twelve months are associated with a lucky gemstone.

Their natural beauty is the reason that both gemstones and crystals have been used as decorative pieces, and fashion accessories, over the years. But there is more to them than simply being pretty to look at.

The Mystical Properties Of Crystals

A crystal is known to heal troubled spiritual and emotional conditions. That is why the crystals that you own don’t look the same forever. Crystals change, according to the moods being experienced by their owners. If you are sad or tired when you hold your crystal, your heavy energy will be reflected by the crystal, turning it grayish.

You and your crystal have a very personal connection, so keep in mind that however you came to own your crystal, there was nothing random about your crystal becoming a part of your life.

You and your crystal have a special relationship. Your crystal can help you stay healthy, because it can aid you in regulating your emotions. Your crystal can also soothe certain physical symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Different Ways You Can Work With The Energy Of Crystals

If you experience being impatient and angry over matters big and small, holding an amethyst can help you. At the moment that you

gemstones and crystals


feel upset, hold and rub your crystal gently, as you focus your thinking on the stone. You will find that the more that you rub your crystal and focus on it, your negative feelings slowly fade away.

If you feel bothered for no clear reason, or you are unable to sleep, get an emerald and rub it while resting. You will experience a warm feeling of relaxation gradually settling over your body. That’s your crystal helping you along.

If you are nervous or tense, a sapphire crystal will be able to help you. Sapphire crystals can give you a sense of balance.

To keep the energies of your crystals strong, let moonlight shine upon them at least twice a month. This will re-energize your crystals, and extend their usefulness to you.

The Mystical Properties of Gemstones

Also known as birthstones, your gemstones are in step with your personality and vibrations. Identifying which gemstone you should be carrying around for luck is easy, because your birth month determines your gemstone.

Find your birthstone from the list below:

• January – Garnet
• February – Amethyst
• March – Aquamarine
• April – Diamond
• May – Emerald
• June – Pearl
• July – Ruby
• August –Peridot
• September – Sapphire
• October – Opal
• November – Topaz
• December – Turquoise

By working with different gemstones and crystals, wearing or carrying the stone associated with your month will help increase your positive energy, offer you deep protection, and help attract abundance into your life! Gemstones and crystals are gifts that have been given to use by mother earth – so respect them, and they will always help you!

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    Fascinating article! I use crystals all the time. They make me feel safe and protected! Thanks for another great article!

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    Tana, I love this article! Gemstones and crystals are one of my favorite topics! Thanks so much for writing this.

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    Thanks for telling us how to use crystals to relieve stress and worry! I’m going to try that!

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    Does size matter when it comes to ‘how effective’ a gem/crystal can be?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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    We were hiking in Sedona on a trail that was pretty far from the main road when we met an older couple heading up also. My husband an I had been there 8 years earlier when we had gotten married, so we knew to 4wheel it up a long portion of the road. When we were on the way down the couple was in distress and was super excited to hear that we were parked just a short distance and had drinks in our car. After they cooled down and made it to their car, they were so grateful and so happy. Much later, I was in the back seat and found a beautiful quartz that they had dropped. I try to always carry it with me. I feel the joy and love of that day when I hold it. It’s sitting outside in the full moon rays now. Thanks Tana, I need some opal now!

  7. Gale levy says:

    I absolutely loved this gemstone and Crystal article. Tks Tana! My son whose 8 gets completely lost in a gemstone/Chrystal shop. I can get him out! He’s obsessed!!! He can’t stop buying and collecting then and keeps them all around the house. The lady that works there says he’s a Crystal child. Can you explain what that is?

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