Get Rid Of Love Problems Through An Akashic Records Reading

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Awareness of past lives and reincarnation play a big role in understanding the Akashic Records, which is a record of all that is You: information about all of your past lives, along with your present one. This information includes details about your attitudes and experiences regarding love, in all the lives that you have lived through before, as well as your life now.

Being in love, along with being in a relationship that helps you to grow (such as when you are in a relationship with your soulmate), are situations that many people desire to have in their lives. Sadly, however, only a rare few manage to make their relationships work without too much effort.

There are also times when love can be fiery hot, but then, love problems slowly rear their ugly heads and get in the way. Soon, what used to be a priceless relationship ends up crumbled in the dust.

It’s hard to keep the flames of love going when relationship problems keep on disrupting the love between the two of you.

So, let’s look at 5 typical love problems that many people experience, and find out how to get rid of them. You’ll find that an Akashic Records reading will be very helpful in getting rid of these love problems.

1. A Lack of Proper Communication


Before technology started to have a heavy presence in our lives, communication was something that was done easily. People simply approached each other and talked. They got into arguments sometimes, but the point is, they engaged in actual conversations.

Today, the convenience of having technology at our fingertips has effectively lessened the value of face-to-face communication. It’s funny, but some people who live in the same house sometimes don’t even make an effort to talk to each other. Instead, they send each other an SMS, or they chat online, even when they’re both at home.

Another communication problem has to do with the way we express ourselves as individuals. Can you talk to your loved one without raising your voice, even in the middle of a strong argument? Can your loved one be patient enough to hear you out, instead of frequently cutting into your sentences? Do you actually listen to each other, or just make a show of doing so?

When you and your loved one can’t communicate properly, you have a big problem on your hands, and that problem could escalate into something much worse, such as ignoring each other, or even tearing into each other because you don’t know how to fix the situation.

2. Disagreements about Money


Money shouldn’t be an issue that comes between a couple in love, especially when they believe that they are soulmates.

Yet, soulmate or not, disagreements over money happen more frequently than you can imagine.

Maybe these situations are familiar to you:

  • Did you really have to buy that new phone? You know money is tight! (Even though the new phone is among the cheapest models available, and your partner’s phone is already old and defective, and is often the butt end of jokes among officemates.)
  • Why do you want to eat out, are you too lazy to cook? (It’s your anniversary and your partner wants to celebrate.)

Couples that have disagreements about money will often nitpick each other’s spending habits. When that happens, it’s a short step to becoming overly critical of your loved one.

You may start by dropping hints that you are displeased about the way your partner is handling his/her finances, and it gets even worse when joint finances are at stake.

Eventually, you progress to questioning your loved one’s values, and that’s when the relationship gets to be on shaky ground.

3. Using Sex as a Weapon


Even in this age of freer thought and more relaxed social values, intimacy can remain a highly delicate subject.

Sex is often used as a weapon instead of a way to show love. There are couples who withhold sex from one another as a punishment when things don’t go their own way. Others resort to teasing their partner, only to suddenly turn cold.

It’s even worse when your partner, who complains about your ineptness in bed, and then compares you to his/her exes, degrades your personal values. You’re not only being insulted, you are being immensely disrespected, and turned into a sexual object.

4. Time and Misplaced Priorities


Are you aware that if you don’t want to do something, you’ll always have a reason for not doing it… even if it hurts your loved one?

For example, your partner wants to spend the weekend over at his/her parents house, whom he/she has not seen for a long time. But you don’t like the idea, and would rather watch a movie at home. When your partner insists, you say that if you went with him/her, you’d have no time left to enjoy your weekend.

Think about that. You just told your loved one that your priorities go in a direction that’s distinctly opposite to his/her own.

Love is never selfish, love is giving. If either of you can’t or won’t make small adjustments in your schedules to make room for each other’s simple pleasures, a relationship disaster is likely on the way.

5. Flawed or Broken Trust


Nothing, I repeat, nothing, can get to be more spirit-crushing than to be at the receiving end of flawed or broken trust.

People who enter into a relationship imply that there’s a certain amount of trust already existing between them. This trust is meant to protect, honor, and support the loved one.

Perfect relationships where there are no arguments whatsoever, exist only in works of fiction, but many couples still strive to attain that impossible, elusive ideal.

Even soulmates may not have a perfect relationship together.

Yet, some people believe that since soulmate love is unending (it is, but not necessarily in a romantic sense all the time), it’s perfectly okay to test the limits of that love, especially if you believe that you are already in a relationship with your true soulmate.

In the process, those who chase this “perfect love” only magnify the “defects” of their partner. Do you count the lies, big or small, that your partner has told you? Do you avoid taking his/her call simply because you are angry, and end up making him/her suspect things about you?

Does he/she become insufferably jealous, trying to control nearly every aspect of your life? Do you or your partner expect each other to have all of your needs met by the other?

Do you snoop on each other’s things, and require that you know each other’s passwords?

There’s a big problem in your relationship when such things happen, and it would be in your best interest to take immediate action to change this, the moment you realize that you value your relationship and don’t want it torn apart.

That’s when you’ll need to have your Akashic Records read.  W

hen you have an Akashic Records reading, you will begin to understand that all your past lives have contributed to the current problems or situations that you are experiencing in your current life.

Knowing Your Akashic Records


One of the best ways to find out for sure what a soulmate means is by getting a psychic reading, especially one that can give you an accurate reading of your Akashic Records.

Many people who are in love want to believe that their relationship is the best, and also the last one that they will ever be in. They feel this way because they want to believe that they have already found their soulmate.

However, wanting to make something become something is amazing, is very different from dealing with what actually is.

Soulmates do exist, but you won’t have the certainty of knowing whether your partner is your soulmate or not, unless you have your Akashic Records studied during a psychic reading.

Questions of whether or not soulmates never die are also clearly revealed during an Akashic Records reading. What’s more, during the reading you will understand why you experience love problems in your relationship, as well as how you can get rid of them. That’s because you will be able to analyze and understand your past life experiences, and in the process, learn how to manage well the Karma that you have incurred.

Now, I’m curious. Did any of the typical love problems discussed apply to you? What are your thoughts about soulmates? Do you think it’s possible to find a perfect romantic love?

If you’d like to find out more about your Akashic Records and why it’s important to have them read so that you could improve your love life, schedule a psychic reading now!

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