Ghost Facts: How To Help A Lost Soul Crossover – by Tana Hoy

Ghosts are the spirits of humans that have passed away, but haven’t move on to the white light. A ghost is an apparition of a human form, or an orb that is translucent in appearance.

ghost facts

The topic of ghosts is a global phenomenon. There have been countless ghost sightings in history, and there are thousands of ghost hunting groups around the world.

If seeing a ghost is a normal occurrence, then why have we been made to think we should be scared of ghosts?

Why There Are Ghosts And Why We See Them

Everyone loves a good ghost story, because they like a good scare, but is it really a ghost’s intention to scare you? The answer is no.

There are four main reasons why ghosts stay on the earth plane, and none of them are to frighten the living.

These four reasons are:

1. The ghost is not aware that they have passed on.
2. The ghost has unfinished business to take care of.
3. The ghost has to have closure with a loved one.
4. The ghost wants to help a loved one somehow.

Some Interesting Facts About Ghosts

Here are some interesting facts that most people don’t know about ghosts:

· Most ghosts have been reported to be friendly and kind, and actually protect people that they are in contact with.
· Ghosts generally want your attention for a reason and rarely cause harm to a living person.
· Ghosts do not have a sense of time.
· A room is colder when a ghost is in it.
· Ghosts are usually not seen by the naked eye, but will sometimes show up in photographs.
· Ghosts are able to move certain objects, and make low sounds.
· Ghosts tend to be more active at night when it is quiet.
· Ghosts can communicate with humans through dreams and subliminal thoughts.
· If you are experiencing negative behavior from what seems like a ghost, it is most likely not a ghost, and might be another, more mischievous creature.

How To Make Contact With A Ghost

If you think there is a ghost in your house, first check the entire building for other things that could be causing the disturbance.

For example, if you hear weird sounds, check your air ducts or pipes. If electrical things keep going out, it could just be an inconsistent electricity flow. If things are moving, it could simply be a strong wind that made things move.

If you’ve ruled out natural reasonings for the disturbance in your house, then here is the proper way to make contact with a ghost:

1. Go to the room that you think is inhabited by a ghost. Bring a digital recorder and keep the room as dim as possible.

2. Press record, and talk out loud as if a normal person is in the room with you. Be very polite and gentle with whatever you say.

Say the following phrases: “Hello, is anybody here? (pause) Please give me a sign. (pause) I believe you might be lost. Why are you here? (pause) What can I do to help you? (pause)”

3. Then, you can turn up the lights, and play back the recording to listen to see if there are any answers to your questions on the recording.

4. If a ghost really needs help from you, try to accommodate them. For example, if the ghost needs to give a message to a loved one, you can find the ghost’s loved one and relay the ghost’s message to them somehow.

How To Help A Ghost Crossover To The White Light

1. Get some incense and light it. Burn the incense in the area of the room where you feel the ghost, and imagine the room surrounded by a very white and positive light.

2. Say the following out loud: “Hello again dear ghost. You have passed on from your physical body, but you are still on the earth realm. You need to crossover, and go to the white light. I wish you the best on your new journey.”

Doing the above exercise will help the ghost realize what they need to do, and you will also feel better afterwards, knowing you helped a lost soul go towards the white light!

As humans, we are naturally scared of the unknown. It is good to know the real ghost facts so that if ever you do have a ghost sighting, instead of being frightened and running away, you might be able to help the ghost instead.

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  1. Connie Spears says:

    I hot two 2 inch porcelain dolls that when I see them it’s like a heat wave trim in Black but they crawl on me like snakes and they squeeze my heart they bite me it feels like a small bee sting and other things say there going to kill me so I don’t know what to do because nobody wants to believe things like this can happen I can hear them and they know what I am thinking and saying .. Thank You

  2. Jeff says:

    I have had a paranormal team at my house tgat is haunted. There are several ghost there and I have communicated with them..I talked to them about crossing over to the light. They responded by saying. I am attached to you. What does that mean??? Has me a bit worried. Any suggestions???

  3. Terri L Campney says:

    My grandaughter who is three has made very specific and matter of fact statements that a lady talks to her at night. The women who owned our home passed away in the house. But my grandsughter wouldnt know that. Tonight my Grandaughter informed me that the lady says help me. In what I’m guessingbiscan old lady voice. I’m beginning to think that maybe I really do have a ghost

  4. kate says:

    i feel i have a ghost scared things keep moving beads on coffee table next morning all over the floor things been moving caint explain knocking on door i dont know how to help the ghost cross over i woke up to water all over my coffee table in the middle of the night things are happening i caint explain

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