Ghost Sightings: How Ghosts Can Pass Through Mirrors! – by Tana Hoy

Ghost sightings have become so common these days, even people who are not psychics can often feel their presence. The sudden influx of spirit sightings and spirit contacts is something that has interested me greatly.

ghost sightings

A Ghost In A Hallway

According to my psychic mentor, who introduced me to the spiritual world back when I was a child, spirits become more active and involved with the physical world when something significant is going to happen.

This is often reflected in noticeable changes in the energy flows of the planet, and may involve massive changes in the spiritual state of people. It can as be a reflection of changes in the planet’s energy make-up. This explains the increase in the number of ghost contacts people are experiencing.

Ghost sightings can happen at any place, at any time. Sometimes, you can find ghosts and spirits passing through the mirror in your bedroom, or even the mirror in your bathroom.

What Are Ghosts & Spirits?

Ghosts are fragments of a person’s soul. They are beings that represent the embodiment of a soul at the moment of their physical death. Technically, your soul is supposed to ascend and unite with the universe after you die. However, if you die without achieving true spiritual awareness, then your soul will stay on Earth, having been weighed down by energy you left behind in your physical life.

Spirits, on the other hand, are actual beings that were created since he beginning of time. They exist in the spiritual world, much like people in the physical world.

Unlike ghosts, which used to embody a physical body, spirits have always lived in a spirit form. Therefore, their spiritual body is the one that ages, and the one that will eventually die.

Why Can Ghosts & Spirits Pass Through Mirrors?

Mirrors have a unique energy makeup that makes them ideal for ghosts and spirits to use as gateways to enter into the physical world. Natural gateways are abundant around the planet, but ghosts and spirits use mirrors as the vehicle to visit our world.

Since mirrors do not take in energy, their energy only flows outward. So a ghost or a spirit who wishes to visit the physical world only needs to locate a mirror to enter our world, and they can use it’s energy without any strain or effort at all.

What You Can Do To Prevent Ghosts & Spirits From Passing Through Mirrors?

Ghost sightings can be pretty jarring experiences. So here’s what can you do to prevent them from crossing into our world:

  • Put a solid black cloth over the mirrors in your house at night. The color black has a natural property that repels spirit energy, making it effective when it comes to keeping ghosts or spirits at bay.
  • Place a piece of black yarn in an x pattern from corner to corner across the mirror. This works like the previous example, and is almost as effective.
  • Seeking the help of a psychic is the most effective option to prevent ghosts and spirits from passing through your mirrors. An experienced psychic will be able to speak with ghosts and spirits, and dissuade them from using your mirrors as a gateway.

By using these techniques, you are assured that the innocent-looking mirror in your room does not suddenly transform into a portal of energy that welcomes ghosts and spirits into your house.

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    How do you know demons aren’t the ones talking to you, instead of angels? How can you be sure they’re not demons coming across as dead people?

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