Ghosts: What To Do If Your House Is Haunted – by Tana Hoy

Your home is your sanctuary, and it’s where you feel most safe and secure. But if you think there are ghosts in your house, it can be a different case altogether. You can lose sleep for being so scared all the time, or at the very least, you may feel distracted by the presence of the unknown.


Photo Of A Ghost

Some seemingly eerie events in your home can be explained by natural occurrences. For example, nighttime scratching could be mice in the walls, or the cold spot in your room may be because of a gap in the windowsill.

So, how can you tell if there is an actual ghost in your home? Even when you haven’t seen any actual ghost sightings.

What Is A Ghost?

A ghost is the spirit of a person who has passed away. For one reason or another, the spirit of this deceased individual was not able to “crossover,” and it continues to dwell in the physical realm. It may be attached to a particular place here on earth, such as the home it loved while it was still alive, or the location where it died. So, if a ghost is attached to your home, then your house will be haunted.

Signs That Your House Is Haunted

If a ghost is in your house, then you will experience several signs, such as:

Ghost Sounds

You may notice sounds without physical sources, such as talking or whispering, sobbing, singing, footsteps, clanging of kitchen items, playing of musical instruments, and the like.

Ghost Smells

There may be sudden wafts of scents in the house, such as flowers, perfume, cigar smoke, bread, or candles, that have no known source of where they came from.

Ghost Feelings

Physically, you may notice a sudden cold sensation, or you may have a feeling of being touched. Inside, you may have a sudden “eerie” sensation, feeling a strange notion that you’re not alone, or that you’re being watched.

Ghost sightings

You may see apparitions, catch movements and shadows out of the corner of your eye, or notice orbs of light moving about.
There are other signs too, such as toddlers or animals “playing” with the unseen, lights turning on or off, doors opening and closing, objects moving, and items going missing and then reappearing.

There may also be messages on fogged-up mirrors, writing on walls, or strange footprints and handprints appearing on sheets or mattresses.

If you notice some of the above happening around you, they don’t necessarily mean that a ghost is in your home. These phenomena may also have been caused by energies that were embedded in the house. This can be compared to something like a recording that keeps on replaying over and over again.

It’s called residual haunting and this type of paranormal occurrence does not really involve the spirit of a deceased person, but merely an energetic memory of a past event that is embedded in the environment of your home.

What To Do If You Think There’s A Ghost In Your House

If there are unexplained phenomena happening in your home, and you have a suspicion that you’re sharing it with a ghost, then here’s what you can do:

• Make sure there are no other explanations for the strange occurrences. For example, flickering lights could be due to faulty electrical wiring.

• Ask other people in the home if they notice the same strange episodes. There is a sense of validation if more than one person observes the paranormal signs.

• Take note of the time and events. You should keep a journal on when and how the unexplained phenomena occur, as some hauntings happen at the same time each day.

• Ask a psychic medium for help.

Why Ask A Psychic Medium For Assistance?

Mediums are the most qualified people to know if your house is actually haunted. They are psychics who have the ability to determine if there’s a ghost in your home. A Psychic Medium can tell you if the paranormal events are simply due to residual energies, or if the occurrences are due to natural causes instead of metaphysical ones.

Through mediumship, psychic mediums can communicate with spirits, so if there is, indeed, a ghost in your home, then they can find out why it’s there. Furthermore, mediums can assist the spirit to go into the light and “move on.” Usually, this guidance is all that a spirit needs in order to crossover, and leave your home altogether.

Ghosts very rarely cause harm. They usually don’t realize that they need to move on, so they simply continue to exist in this world. In fact, many people live in haunted houses without any real issues.

However, in order to free yourself from worry, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional medium if you suspect that your house is haunted.

If you think your home is haunted, you can contact me by visiting here to schedule a psychic consultation.

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    I have talked to many recently and this is common
    People go to bed at night and laying there hear voices
    or music but cannot tell what the voices are saying.
    Is there a way to decipher or hear what is being said
    by spirits?
    Thank you

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