The Difference Between Ghosts And Spirits – by Psychic Tana Hoy

In my many years as a psychic, I have observed that people often confuse the words “ghosts” and “spirits”. While in a way, the two terms are similar (that is, ghosts and spirits are beings that exist beyond the physical world), they are still very from each other.


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What Is The Difference Between A Ghost And A Spirit?

Spirits encompass a broad range of beings that dwell in the spiritual realm, including spirit guides, animal spirits, angels, nature spirits, etc. They coexist in the universe with us, and are “with us” at all times. They live in a different vibrational realm, which is why most people can’t see them or know that they’re there.

Spirits also include humans who have passed away and have “crossed over.” This means that after their physical bodies died, their souls moved on to the realm of spirits. They are no longer attached to the physical world, but they can still visit us through dreams, signs, or through a Psychic Medium where they will give you messages, or offer some guidance, etc.

Ghosts, on the other hand, are people who passed away, but whose souls did not or were not able to “crossover”. What this means is that they remain in limbo between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. In a sense, they continue to exist in the physical world, but they no longer have physical bodies to dwell in.

Is A Ghost Dangerous?

In the same way that not all people are bad and dangerous, so it is with the spirits of the departed – some may be nice, while others may not be as wonderful.

One thing to remember is, an individual’s personality is stored in his or her inner self (or soul), not in their physical body. Therefore, you can expect that when a person becomes a ghost, they will display much of their unique personal characteristics. For example, if a person was gentle and kind while alive, they will most likely be a kind and gentle ghost; but if they were violent while physically alive, they will more than likely be a violent ghost.

There are cases, however, that even a gentle person can become a dangerous ghost. For example, a quiet person who had been bullied all his life may have been harboring a deep-seated desire for revenge. This suppressed desire for vengeance may manifest when that person becomes a ghost.

Aside from personality, the ghost’s temperament may also be influenced by the reasons they became a ghost in the first place. Some of these reasons include:

They don’t realize they are dead

When a person dies suddenly, they may not realize they are already dead, and therefore, does not comprehend that it’s time for them to crossover. They continue to exist based on how they once lived, such going about their house, doing their regular routine, playing the piano every 8 p.m., or making ghost sounds that may resemble those they made while alive. They do these things because that’s what they always used to do. These ghosts do not consciously cause harm, because to them, they are just going about their normal life.

They have an attachment to a person, object, or place.

A person may have a such a strong attachment to an object, place, or even a person, that leaving it behind may seem unthinkable or unbearable. This attachment can come from happy memories the ghost associates with the object or place.

They have unfinished business

A person may refuse to crossover because they believe they have some unfinished business in this world, such as a goal that they have been so close to accomplishing, or a promise that they feel they have to keep.

They harbor feelings of guilt and regret

Regrets or feelings of guilt may keep a person from wanting to crossover. They may choose to stay on earth to make amends for the things they have done, to show how sorry they now feel. Because of personal frustration, a ghost carrying a sense regret may shift from violent to nice, and vice versa. They may even make ghost sounds that resemble crying or moaning.

They are angry

A feeling of retribution may also keep a person from wanting to crossover. They may want to get even with those who has wronged them or their or his loved ones, and may continue to find a way to seek revenge. This is a type of ghost who often exhibits violence.

Other ghosts may just feel trapped or lost, and only need instruction on how crossover. Children’s spirits may seek attention or guidance, and may be insistent.
Mostly, ghosts need to be told that they are already physically gone, and that they need to move on to the white light. So basically, the kind of haunting someone may experience highly depends on the deceased’s personality and the reasons that caused them to became a ghost.

What Is A Haunting?

A haunting is when ghostly or paranormal activities occur in a house, building, or certain location.
While hauntings may take place where tragic accidents or untimely deaths happened, it is not uncommon for other places to become haunted. For example, a deceased person may go back and stay in their favorite room or garden. Or their favorite fragrance may linger in the house at certain times of the day.

Clanging may be heard in the garage if the deceased spent a lot of time working there in the past, or wafts of baked bread may come from the kitchen if they liked to bake. Also, the residual energy of a person may be felt in or around their favorite objects, like a favorite armchair, car, etc.

The Different Kinds Of Hauntings

• A crisis apparition is a one-time event when a deceased shows himself to his loved ones as a means of saying goodbye. This usually happens at the time of death, and only very briefly.
• An intelligent haunting is when the ghost interacts with the living, and shows a kind of intelligence in the interaction.
• A residual ghost may repeat the final moments of their physical life over and over, like a continuous loop of the final scenes of a movie. There is usually no intelligence in this kind of haunting, and is merely an imprint of the ghost’s energy.
• Phantom vehicles, such as ghost ships, trains, carts, etc., are usually the imprints of a vehicle that the person or people were riding during their deaths. The collective energy of the people riding in it may be the reason why it manifests.
• Infestation is when a place is being haunted by more than one ghost, spirit, and/or demon. There is intense paranormal activity in these areas.

Some ghostly encounters may involve full apparitions (when you will see the whole image of the ghost); while other encounters may involve scents, a cold gust of wind, ghost sounds, or a strong psychic sensation.

What To Do When You See A Ghost?

Each ghostly encounter is unique, in the same way that your encounter with each person is unique. You may come across a ghost ship, see an apparition out of the corner of your eye, hear a door open and close when no one is around, etc. Regardless of the situation, it is important to remember one thing when you encounter a ghost – don’t panic!

Here are some things you can do:

• Stay calm, and keep a level head.
• Talk to the ghost as you normally talk to a living person. You may ask its name and what it’s doing.
• If it’s an intelligent haunting, you may receive a form of response – it may turn towards you, or answer your question.
• If you can calmly call other people to join you, do so.
• If you can, document the event by taking pictures, a video, or an audio recording.
• The apparition will usually disappear on its own in a few seconds or minutes.

When ghosts and spirits are concerned, it is always best to contact a psychic medium. A medium can tell whether a ghost is friendly or mischievous, and he or she has the psychic ability to communicate with spirits. He or she may will also be able to share its messages, and also assist in helping the ghost crossover to the white light.

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