How To Make A Guardian Angel Prayer Amulet – Tana Hoy

One of the best ways to make contact with your Guardian Angels is by making a Guardian Angel Prayer Amulet. A Guardian Angel Prayer Amulet is a powerful, magical tool, that when worn or carried on your person, will draw angelic protection around you.

Guardian Angel Prayer

Since so many people often ask me how they can make contact with their Guardian Angels, I am going to teach you how to make this powerful Amulet.

You will need the following:

– A piece of leather cord (optional if you are not planning to wear it)
– Two 4 inch square pieces of violet or blue material
- Matching colored thread
– 2 teaspoons of Cardamom pods
– 1 inch piece of fresh cinnamon bark
– 4 whole peppercorns
– 1 dried baby rose bud
– 2 drops lavender oil
– 1 shiny new penny

Hand sew the two pieces of material together into a square shape, leaving one of the ends open.

Then add all the ingredients into the open end of the pouch. Once you have put everything inside, add two drops of lavender oil. Now sewn the opening shut.

If you plan on wearing it, you can hand sew a loop of thread through the pouch and around the piece of leather cord in order to attach the pouch to it. Otherwise, skip this step if you just want to carry it!

After you have completed everything above, hold the pouch between the palms of both hands and repeat the following guardian Angel Prayer:

“I call on all of my Guardian Angels,
To surround me and protect me,
Guide me and watch over me.

I call on you to empower this amulet,
With the white light of protection,
And to shine this light before me,
Wherever I may go.”

Then close your eyes for a few minutes, still holding the amulet between your palms. Imagine all of your angels surrounding you at this very moment!

Then open your eyes, and thank them for their protection!

You can now tie the cord around your neck and wear it, or you can carry the amulet in your purse or pocket!

Add a few drops of oil on the material every few days or so, as the scent starts to fade!

If you take the time to make this guardian angel prayer amulet, and use it as instructed, you will be amazed at the powerful results you will get! Your guardian angel prayer amulet will protect you, and also keep your guardian angels around you!

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  1. vanessa angel fiti says:

    wow…thank you for sharing this, im going to make one right now, in love and light to you tana. xxx

  2. Lynn D says:

    thanks Tana, I am going to make one. If I can find Cardamom Pods.

  3. Arcangel says:

    I too believe in our Guardian Angels !!
    I will be crocheting an amulet and follow your instructions. Thank you so much. ?❤️

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