How To Photograph Guardian Angel Faces In Fire – by Tana Hoy

Did you know that you can see angels’ faces in the most unexpected places? You need not be a psychic medium to catch a glimpse of how your guardian angel looks. All you really need is that sense of trust that they’re there with you, just waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves.

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Angel Image In Flames

Unlike humans that dwell in a physical body, angels, along with spirit guides and animal spirit guides, are made of energy. They are, for the most part, invisible to the naked eye, but if they choose to show themselves, they can certainly makes themselves visible.

Angels can show themselves in different ways, such as appearing in a physical form, as an apparition, or in your dreams. They can also reveal themselves by appearing as distinct shapes in clouds. And because their energy is extremely bright, they can also be seen in the flames of a fire.

How To See Angels Face In Flames

Angels usually appear when and where you least expect it. But if you ask them to show themselves, they will oblige on occasion, and they may even allow you to take pictures of them. This really works, so make sure to try it!

Here’s one of the ways that you can take photos of see your angels using fire flames:

• Light a fire. Your fireplace or a bonfire outdoors is best, because the flame doesn’t remain as steady as a candle light.

• Meditate. Sit in front of the fire, and close your eyes. Relax your muscles, your mind, and your emotions.

• Ask. In your mind, ask your angels to show themselves to you within the blaze.

• Stare in the flame. After you’ve made your request, open your eyes and stare in the fire.

• Take photos. As you look into the flames, ask your angels to allow you to take pictures of them. Rapid shots are the best, so you can have a better chance of capturing good photos.

If your angels agree to have their photos taken, you can expect pretty good images to come out. Don’t be disappointed, however, if no visible image appears in your photos, because there may be a reason for their refusal.

Other than your guardian angel, you can also ask your spirit guides and the Ascended Masters to reveal themselves to you also. There may even give you internal revelations and messages as you are taking these photos while staring into the flames.

Should you receive messages from your angels and guides, but need help in interpreting them, a phone psychic reading is an excellent way of getting accurate interpretations of their messages and what they mean. It is also a way to receive guidance and messages from the spiritual realm.

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