How To Hear Your Guardian Angels Speak! – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Have you ever wondered what language guardian angels speak? Do they have a special language that humans can’t understand? If so, how can they communicate with us?

guardian angels

Guardian Angels

The Enochian Language and Enochian Alphabet

In the 16th century, a magical investigator named John Dee wrote in his journals about a language that was revealed to him by angels. The language was called Enochian and the angelic writing was dubbed as the Enochian alphabet.

While skeptics may refute the authenticity of what he wrote in his journals, angels more than likely actually revealed those insights to Dee.

After all, for millennia, angels have been communicating with humans to give revelations, messages, warnings, and the like, and they have done so in many different ways. So why would it be so surprising that they had revealed a special form of language or writing to Dee?

Regardless, there is no one “official” angelic language, at least not one that is equivalent to any human tongue.

The Angelic Language

Angels are spiritual beings, and they get in touch with people primarily through energy vibrations. Humans can understand this “language”, but only on the spiritual level.

So, when you receive a spiritual message, your angel usually radiates energy vibrations instead of using sounds or words. Your mind subconsciously interprets these energy vibrations, and they take on a form that is more comprehensible or understandable in the physical level. For example, these vibrations may then be heard as an audible voice inside your head, or you “hear” them and then be able to do writing automatically.

Because angels use a higher level of communication, an angel can speak to a roomful of people from different countries, and each listener will be able to understand what the angel says
Technically, you don’t have to learn it, not in the same way that you learn Spanish, French, or another foreign language. What you do need to learn is to tap into your inner self, which is where and how angels communicate with you.

Remember, angels are not physical beings who need to use physical sounds or writing. So, when your angels speak to you, they will normally reach out, not to your physical senses, but to your spirit.

Learning To Hear Your Angels Speak

Here are a couple of tips I can share with you to start tuning into their messages:

• Developing your psychic senses is an excellent start in being able to learn the language guardian angels speak. By being more sensitive psychically, you will be able to better sense your angels’ energy, and “listen” to what they are telling you. Developing your psychic abilities will also keep you from getting too overwhelmed by the higher vibrational energy that angels radiate.

To start developing your psychic senses, you first need to get into the habit of meditation. You need to be able to relax your body, clear your mind, and get rid of the negative energies that you may be harbouring, such as stress, impatience, anger, and the like.

• You also need to develop a higher sense of awareness. Constantly being conscious of what you think about and feel, as well as being observant of your intentions, actions, and reactions, will allow you to be more sensitive to – and be familiar with – the energy vibrations within yourself, and in your surroundings.

It is in this sensitivity that you will sense the presence of angels. The calmness and awareness that you develop will also allow you to raise your own energy vibrations, so you can speak to your angels “in their own language.”

So, going back to the original question: what language do guardian angels speak? It is the language of the spirit that goes beyond human words!

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