Guardian Angels – Proof That You Have One

While there are days when we feel that the universe is against us, nobody is ever truly alone. When we are by ourselves, not only are your friends, family, and loved ones, a mere phone call away, but your guardian angels are right there, with you, always.

guardian angels

Yes, ever since you were born, you’ve had a guardian angel.

Guardian angels are heavenly spirits that have been assigned to assist every human being. Angels make your life run smoothly. They can also inspire thoughts that spur you into doing good deeds. So the next time you experience something lucky, coincidental, or even miraculous, it’s likely that your guardian angel made that experience possible.

But this doesn’t mean it’s your guardian angel’s job to make your life perfect. Again, your guardian angel’s only there to assist you.

How To Prove The Existence Of Your Guardian Angel

To find proof of your guardian angel’s existence, all you have to do is open your mind. Your guardian angels make their presence felt in various ways. Firsthand experiences include: ‘angelic sounds’; a feeling of sudden warmth or comfort; a sudden rush of air; and an invisible, but benevolent presence.

How To Contact Your Guardian Angel

There are several ways to contact your guardian angel by yourself. Calling them mentally, and speaking to them aloud, are two such ways.

Those who have been able to contact their guardian angels say that these heavenly beings are willing to communicate with us, but, unfortunately, we are often too busy to listen to their messages.

If you learn to be attentive enough to receive your angels’ subtle messages, and become willing to remain open to communicating with them, you can receive all of your guardian angels’ subtle messages, which could help you in your daily life.

Do you know of people who have been able to communicate with their guardian angels? Share their stories with me. I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below!

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  1. Candy says:

    I love you, Tana!
    My love for angels goes way back. I’m not even sure why I love them so dearly, but I do!!! I hear them sometimes, when im upset, I hear “things will get better” it’s taken me a very long time to trust that voice, because I always thought, and sometimes still do think it’s my imagination. Recently, I know its my angels or guides, when I hear it out of the blue, and its not a thought that I was thinking. Tana, I wanted to tell you what I’ve been hearing, for quite a while,lol
    “You just wait!!!” I’m serious, lol I keep hearing that! I know it has something to do with growing more spiritually, and opening up more, and I hear, You just wait!…. not sure how I know, but I do. Lol. Thank you Tana 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    Whether they are guardian angels or spirit guides, I know for sure of two. One is named Chief, who protects me when I drive (and it’s a darn good thing, too!). The other is named Star. I’m not exactly sure how Star guides me, but I think she helps me assess a situation early on so that I know how to guard myself, or open myself up.

  3. Jeanette says:

    I had a visit from an angel. When my daughter was around 3 or 4 years old her hand got caught in
    door of the post office. My daughter was screaming because the pain was so great. In the mean
    Time a friend of mine was also in this shopping center. He. Asked me what happened and I begin to tell him.
    As I was talking to my friend this man came up out of the clear, because Iyou could see all
    Of your surroundings. He took my daughter’s hand and begin to talk to me. He told me that when we got home
    She was not going to remember the incident . My daughter stopped crying immediately.
    When we got home I asked my daughter if she remembered what happened to her hand.
    She didn’t remember. This angle was in the form of a man. He didn’t look like a regular person.
    He was dark and had very smooth skin with very deep eyes. His eyes seem as though
    He could see through you. He disappeared in thin air. My friend and I looked for him
    But we could not find him. I know that was an angel visit. Thank for letting me share.

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