How To Know Your Guardian Angels!

Guardian angels are vibrational beings who watch and protect a person, place, or country. Belief in guardian angels is seen in all major religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

The Different Types Of Guardian Angels

guardian angels

Talking To Your Guardian Angels

There are nine types of guardian angels.


Seraphims are angels who are nearest to God. These angels  sit around his throne and emit powerful lights of love. Also called fiery serpents, these angels come to earth appearing as tall, thin, and clean-cut entities. But in their natural form, Seraphims have four faces and six wings.


Cherubim are keepers of records. They hold all of God’s knowledge, and were sent to earth to expel humanity from the Garden of Eden.


Thrones are angels that look like wheels covered with eyes. These angels carry out God’s judgments. Considered as heaven’s governors, Thrones can exist as spirits, and they can also exist in both the physical and material world.


Dominions are angels that carry the orders they receive from Seraphim and Cherubim. Their responsibility is to ensure that the universe is orderly and not in chaos.


Virtues are angels that appear like sparks of light. They make sure that the natural world is working smoothly. They take orders from the higher angels. When on earth, Virtues manifest themselves as artists, musicians, scientists, and healers.


Powers are angels that appear as brightly colored fumes. They can be likened to agents that guard the heavens and the earth. They are angels of birth and death who serve as consultants to earthly beings involved in religion, ideology, and theology.


Principalities are angels shaped like light rays. These angels oversee nations, towns, and cities. They also manage the angels working below them.


Archangels are guardians of anyone and everything existing in the physical world. They can appear in human form, and exist on earth as human rights leaders or philosophers.


Angels are personally involved in guarding people and homes to keep these safe from evil. Angels heal, nurture, and counsel. Guardian angels guard and stay with humans everyday.

Do You Have A Guardian Angel?

The following are signs that you have a guardian angel on your side. Have you experienced or felt any of these things before?

1. You hear sounds that induce positive feelings and cannot be described in human terms

2. You feel suddenly warm and comfortable during times of grief and sadness.

3. You inexplicably feel a rush of air. (This may have been created by a passing angel who is in a rush and has a mission to accomplish.)

How To Communicate With Your Guardian Angels

Angels are always talking to you. All you have to do is listen and open yourself up to the messages they are bringing.

You can communicate with your angels by writing a letter and specifying a problem you need a solution to. You can even directly ask for their names, and write down the thought that first comes to your mind. Be open and don’t judge what arrives.

You can also visualize angels are around you to guard you in your sleep.

You can also call on your angels mentally.

Something To Remember

Angels are waiting for you to call on them for help. All you have to do is be receptive when they send you an answer. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Angels only want what’s best for you, that is, if you also want what’s best for you too.

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  1. Martha says:

    Amazing! Thank you Tana! I’ll do the writing! I do surround myself and family daily when I pray for protection.

  2. Laura Barber says:

    Thank you for your clear explanation on Guardian Angels and their hierarchy. I asked you specifically about this topic in our last session and was excited to see the information today. I know my daughter will be as well. I look forward to researching it further and learning much more about my Guardian Angels and hers too.
    Laura Barber

  3. Lexy is the name of my guardian, his always at my side and i always talk to him since he got a human form (coz he ask god if he can have a human form here on earth) he became my classmate and he told me last month about being a guardian himself (he told me that god said to him that one day my guardian will tell me everything about him).

  4. heather dudas says:

    I remember there was a short time in my life where I was going thru something personal and didn’t know how to deal with it. I was watching tv and there was this bright flash and streak of blue light. It happened a few more times after that, one being when I was laying in bed and saw it across the ceiling. I didn’t feel afraid but more at ease and calm afterwards like everything would be ok. I asked Tana about it and he said it was Archangel Michael protecting me. He’s been with me ever since and I call on him for protection everyday. Protection for my family and friends and protection from the negativeness that’s been going around lately. I feel so calm after that. It’s funny that my husbands name is Michael and everywhere I go there’s always a Michael haha

  5. Lillian Tiyo says:

    Tana thank you so much to hear about the angels and I want to know more about them. I have been sick for 47 yrs no one is helping me and also have problems in my marriage nobody is solving them.
    I can’t even work for myself because I am sick with no energy.

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