Guardian Angels – How To Hear Them Talk To You

We are not alone in this universe. This universe that we live in is a universe that is vast, mysterious, and mesmerizing.

There is a greater force of Beings that watches over us, yet they are unknown to many of us. I am talking about Guardian Angels.

What Are Guardian Angels?


Guardian Angels are beings of light that originated from the heavenly realms and they serve as personal guardians and protectors of human beings. Guardian Angels help humanity thrive by protecting individual people in hopes of guiding them in their lives, protecting them from danger, and giving them spiritual guidance.

Guardian Angels originally have wings that look like the wings of a dove. However, when they come to Earth, they usually disguise themselves as a normal human being to blend in with the human population.

Everyone Is Born With At Least 3 Guardian Angels Around Them guardian angels

Everyone has Guardian Angels who have been with them since the day they were born.


When you were born, you were then given at least three Guardian Angels to watch over you and keep you safe throughout your life. However, most people ignore their Guardian Angels because they do not know that they have these spiritual beings around them.

The reason for this is because they lack the knowledge that this world we live in is not entirely made up of physical matter. And that the universe is made of physical and spiritual forces like Guardian Angels.

Each and every one of us has our own Guardian Angels whether. But it is also important to remember that even though we have Guardian Angels, these spiritual beings do not impose their will on us. We still need to ask for their help because we have full control over our lives.

The Many Ways Your Guardian Angels Can Help You In Life


The Supreme Being created Guardian Angels and their main purpose is to protect us from danger and the evils in this world. There are times where we might stumble on accidents, then suddenly finding ourselves saved by someone whom we do not know.

If you have experienced this, then most probably a Guardian Angel was your savior! guardian angels -2

Our Guardian Angels help us in many ways, such as protecting us from danger, as well as guiding us when faced with difficult situations.

Life is indeed a puzzle piece, where we need to figure out ways to deal with the many problems that life will throw our way.

You may be facing a dilemma about what you should major in at college, or if proposing a marriage to your partner is the right thing to do. You may find your work very stressful, feeling like there is no way out.

Worry not, because your Guardian Angels are for a purpose. They can guide you on anything, whether it’s school problems, relationship issues, or anything you can think of.

If you are about to decide on something that will affect your life in one way or another, your Guardian Angel will step up and warn you, either through signs in your surroundings, or by talking to you directly.

Guardian Angels can open your mind to the reality of things, as they will enlighten you in a spiritual and emotional sense. Your decision making skills will also be heightened to a level beyond the reaches of human consciousness and logic as you allow yourself to tap into the capabilities and consciousness of a these higher beings.

The Importance Of Knowing Their Names


Guardian Angels are just like us. We can talk to them in a normal manner, the same as you would engage in a conversation with someone in front of you. This is the reason why you should know your Guardian Angels’ names, because knowing their names creates a stronger connection with them.

However, if you don’t know your guardian angels’ names, you can consult with me for an Angel Reading, and I can tell you their names, along with any messages they have for you.

The Importance Of Talking To Them Regularly guardian angels-3

Guardian Angels are just like invisible friends. Though you can’t see them, they are always there. All you need to do is talk to them regularly to establish a connection with them.

Your Guardian Angel is your best friend, guardian, and protector. To maintain a healthy relationship with them, and one way of doing this is simply by talking to them regularly.

Just like any relationship, the more you invest into it, the more you will reap from it. By having regular conversations with your Guardian Angels, you are not only developing a stronger relationship, but you are also strengthening your protection from the evils of this world. Because the more your Guardian Angels knows you, they better they can protect you.


4 Ways To Talk To Your Angels


  1. Call Out Their Names

One of the best ways to talk to your Guardian Angels is by first acknowledging their names. Call out their names, just like you would when starting a conversation with any person.

When you call out their name, you can then talk about whatever you would like to say. You don’t need to have a scripted message when you talk to them. As long as you first call out your Guardian Angels’ name, you are then free to voice what you want to say.

  1. Close Your Eyes And Listen

Conversation is a two-way process. You talk and you listen. The same principle applies when talking to your Guardian Angels because they are also your friends!

When you are done expressing your thoughts, feelings, or requests, to your Guardian Angels, it is then time for you to listen. When listening to what your Guardian Angels have to say, close your eyes and listen to their voices.

  1. Guardian Angels Usually Talk Using Your Own Inner Voice

You also need to know that when you are listening to the voices of your Guardian Angels, you won’t hear different voices. What you will often hear is your own inner voice talking to you.

When talking to your guardian angels, be sure to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts so that you can easily pickup the words that your Guardian Angels are saying.

  1. Write Down Their Messages

Writing down the conversation you had with your Guardian Angels is the best way to remember the what your they said to you. You can write down their messages on a piece of paper, or even type them on your laptop or phone.

Knowing how to engage in a conversation, with a higher being, from another realm, is not an ordinary feat. So treasure your conversations and discussions you have with your Guardian Angels.

Showing Gratitude To Your Guardian Angels


When you are finished talking to your Guardian Angels, you should thank them afterwards. Your guardian angels are just like you, except they stepped down from their heavenly origins just to talk with you.

It is because of our coexistence with these higher beings that you should show gratitude to them because they will protect you and serve you for the rest of your human life.

Thanking them every time you talk to them will not only make your guardian angels happier, it will also strengthen your relationship with your Guardian Angels.

Let me know your thoughts about Guardian Angels by leaving your comments below.

If you realize the benefits of knowing the names of all of your Guardian Angels, then a Guardian Angel Communication And Acquaintance session will let you know all of the names of your Guardian Angels, and also give you any important messages they have for you.

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3 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    (See! I did say they can go into human form. :P)

    I find the idea of gratitude a bit…iffy. It’s fair enough to be thankful for what you have but half the time it can be considered an ego thing. I believe it just probably shows more through actions than affirmations to be honest. It’s like when you’re a kid and your parents say “say please and thank you”, especially when they give you something or do something for you and such and sometimes at that age you begrudgingly do it, or rather you feel forced to do it instead of it being a natural fluency (even though the purpose of them doing that is for it to become so) but it just seems like it’s partly for the wrong reasons. So I kinda wonder, do angels have egos?

    In perspective, shouldn’t the overall relationship with others like people or angels be more important then simple gratitude? Shouldn’t it mean more that you show respect for them by how you treat them overall than just by gratitude alone? So even if you don’t necessarily show gratitude to them but you still show them that you still respect and think highly of them overall which still essentially shows gratitude in a subconscious way. Words can be anything. They can be honest, they can lie, they can pretty much be anything without meaning and demonstration. Not forced demonstration like you do an action just for the benefit of showing it but rather like said earlier, natural fluency of suggestion of respect for another.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I consider it nearly on the same level as procedure and such like when you bow in front of royalty or have to salute to a high rank in an army. It just seems more like a demand for respect whether it’s deserved or not. It’s not about whether you should or shouldn’t be or whether you are or not grateful for something, it’s the way it’s done.

    Basically, I think it’s worth more when it’s given in it’s true value.

  2. Candy says:

    I thank them naturally!!
    It’s a natural thing to me, because I love them so much ‘not’ thanking them isn’t something I even think about. Imagine the love you might feel for your animal… you know that good feeling you get?
    It’s way stronger, the thank you comes naturally because you love them so much.
    Archangel Rafael always takes any pain I have away, you only have to ask him! I love telling all the angels by name that I love them ❤??????? ?☀️???????
    Have an awesome day! 🙂

  3. Netta says:

    They are with me always. Guiding, protecting and giving me love. Thank you for this article. Was a great read x

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