How to Talk with Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides - pure divine eergy

Guardian angels are winged beings that are made up of pure divine energy. They are gifts from the Creator to us.

The thought that we can all talk with our guardian angels and spirit guides is amazing in every way.

After all, being able to communicate with astral beings is truly a wonderful thing!

But let me tell you this, you too, are very capable of talking to your angels and spirit guides! You just have to learn the proper way…

Today, we’ll be learning about how you can talk to your guardian angels and spirit guides. So at the end of the article, you’ll know how you can start establishing your connection with your astral friends!

But before we get into the proper guide, let’s first discuss a little bit about guardian angels and spirit guides.


A Brief Definition about Guardian Angels


Guardian angels are winged beings that are made up of pure divine energy. They are gifts from the Creator to us. Guardian angels were assigned to us from the very moment that we were born.

Their primary duty is to protect the individual which they are assigned to for the entirety his or her life. The good thing about our guardian angels is that, since they’re made up of energy, they’re not affected by the physical realm of time and space. And thus, our guardian angels can help us whenever and wherever we need them to.


Spirit Guides spirit-guides

We are all going to become spirit guides ourselves after we’ve experienced and learned all the lessons here on earth.

Spirit guides were once people on earth, just like you and me. After a long series of reincarnations, they have attained perfection of their souls and thus transcended into a higher state of consciousness, which we now call ‘spirit guides.’

In short, we are all going to become spirit guides ourselves after we’ve experienced and learned all the lessons here on earth. This process of spiritual evolution is also called transcendence, which is basically the goal of our spirit journey.


The Need To Establish A  Connection


One of the common pieces of advice give to my clients is “Never feel lonely. Your spirit guides and angels are with you all the time.”

This is undoubtedly true for everyone here on earth. You, me, and all of the people you know, are being guided and protected by their own angels and spirit guides.

Their purpose of guiding us is to lead us to transcendence and perfection. It’s their duty and responsibility to keep us safe as we slowly move our way to transcendence.

One of the reasons why people lose track from their path of perfection is due to the fact that they’re swayed by the malice of evil beings.

This is the main reason why it’s imperative to establish a connection with your angels and spirit guides. To prevent evil forces from leading you astray, it’s important that you maintain a strong bond and connection with your angels and spirit guides. Because your guides are your divine connection to the Universe, and the Universe guides you on the path of transcendence.

But the good thing is, your astral best friends are protecting you all the time. They follow you wherever you go! This is why you’re never alone on your journey in life!

You just have to call them and reach out to them!


How to Communicate with Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides


Today, we’ll be focusing how to establish a connection so you can communicate with your angels and spirit guides. In reality, talking with your ‘invisible best friends’ is as simple as communicating with your earthly best friends! It’s not very complicated!

So let’s proceed with my guide on how you can properly establish a clear connection and start communicating with your guardian angels and spirit guides.


  • Meditation – This is one of the vital keys in establishing a connection between you and your angels and guides. It clears the way to clearer communication when you have cleared your mind and body from negativity and stress, before you communicate with them.


Meditation not only clears your mind, but it also raises your energy vibrations, which allows you to resonate with the energy vibrations of your guides and angels. Practice meditation every day for at least 5 to 10 minutes and you’ll notice a significant change within you. healthy-body-and-mind

A healthy mind and body is helpful in connecting with astral beings.


  • Diet And Exercise – Having a healthy body frees you from a lot of negativity and stress. It also improves your overall state of mind, which has a direct impact on your connection with these astral beings. This is the main reason why diet and exercise is important for improving your connection. Keeping a healthy mind and body is the first step in establishing a bond with your ‘invisible best friends!’


  • Keep A Clear Conscience – Angels and spirit guides communicate easily with those who have a clear conscience, and seek the goodness within themselves and the people around them. So communication is stronger when you maintain a clear conscience.


  • Call Out Their Names – The best way to communicate with your angels and spirit guides is for you to call out their names. Names send out a high energy vibration that lets you establish a connection a lot easier.


You can contact an experienced psychic medium to learn the names of your angels and spirit guides. I, myself, offer special reading where you can learn the know the names of your angels and spirit guides.


  • Sense Their Presence – When you want to talk to your angels and spirit guides, just simply call out their names and they’ll respond directly to your call.


Their response can sometimes be in the form of an action, noise, sound, appearance of certain things , or the finding of coins laying around.


  • Acknowledge Their Presence – Always know that your angels and spirit guides are with you all the time. So whenever you call out their names, always they’re somewhere ‘near’ you.


Always greet them with delight, and remember to give thanks and gratitude that they’re guarding you. They’re always beside you whenever and wherever you may go. A simple greeting can make a change to their happiness as well!


The messages you receive everyday can be a sign of your angels and spirit guides wanting to make a connection. As you become more sensitive of their presence and talk to them every day, you’ll be amazed at the way your life begins to work even easier.


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6 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Guides could be interpreted as the ultimate lightworkers. However this can be a subject of interpretation. On one hand you could say they have achieved ultimate perfection and wisdom thus making them eligible candidates for lightwork. On the other hand, spirit guides are effectively limited by their non physical influence compared to physical or earthbound lightworkers.

    In this instance, Id say psychics like Tana could have potential in being the perfect lightworker candidates, having direct access to both the physical and ethereal realms which gives them access to greater wisdom with direct influence on the physical world to implement it. Tana is effectively already a spirit guide in his own right. I would not be surprised if he transcends to guidehood after this incarnation.

    Psychics are not the only types of earthbound lightworkers however. Teachers, doctors and good samaritans in all forms cover the bill, especially if you’re highly empathic but that fact doesn’t discount everyone else. Even just praying for the wellbeing of others is lightwork since you’re effectively sending out positive energy. I could probably go as far as guessing that guides and angels might have some part to play in helping you in that regard by assistance of said positive energy getting to who you wanted to.

    On another note, there’s something wrong by Tana’s statement. Not by what he said, but the occurrence:

    “One of the reasons why people lose track from their path of perfection is due to the fact that they’re swayed by the malice of evil beings. This is the main reason why it’s imperative to establish a connection with your angels and spirit guides.”

    The fact that we can’t necessarily establish a connect in the first place is precisely the issue.

    There is no given reason why we are cut off from the spirit realm, if you’re not still already psychicly connected. I would have initially thought you’d have to learn this ability but we are already capable in the spirit world. Some might say the influence is only relative to the realm or state you’re in at the time, be it spiritual or physical. This is partially wrong. You’d not be wrong to think that, but the occurrence itself is flawed.

    Some get to retain these abilities upon reincarnation while most lose them. An obvious counter would be you’d need to learn and practice certain spiritual attitudes and rituals like meditation to regain your lost powers, but here’s the catch.

    But if if we are beings of divine right as Tana has in the past stated, then why are we not just given them within reason?

    Because it could pose a danger to have that kind of power in the physical world if not used correctly?

    Because there needs to be an established link between the astral and physical realms as a whole to unlock it?

    1. No. What is “danger” or the “correct manner” of use and if there is one, who decides it and what gave them the right to do so?

    2. If that’s the case, why is there a barrier there and if it was intentional, again who’s idea was it to put one there? If it was by a powerful being, other than directly the universe itself, what gave them the right to do that?

    Or if it was by the universal entity, what possible reason was there to break the link or block it? It doesn’t recognize various concepts that we do like good or bad. It lives through us, we live through it. We live and exist as a manifestation of creation and creation experiences through us.

    Take all of that into account with the notion of free will.

    We were given free will. If it was severed by by a barrier or to prevent chaos, again what is chaos? A concept, a state of mind, an idea of imbalance. A process of thought in the end.

    However this is still in direct violation of free will if you think about if, if it was deliberately severed, otherwise what possible purpose would it have? It is just counter productive as not having access to our guides and angels directly stops our ability to receive their guidance.

  2. Candy says:

    ? Maybe we just forget until we master it lol
    1) We come as earthlings (lol)
    We know nothing yet, we learn, we love, we hurt, we try to understand. Those growing pains hurt don’t they!? ?
    2) Were back! ?
    Wow… gotcha! I remember this… i’ll just be quiet and be observant… this all seems familiar!
    we learn, we grow, we love, we hurt… same thing
    But this time somebody always has my back…who? We ask? (Or I ask- lol)
    I made it – I really made it through that?
    How? Somebody has to have my back, wow!
    That was a tsunami! how did I surf through that!?
    Let me put it this way… It’s a knowing, an absolute certainty that somebody loves you and is watching out for you ❤️
    Because it’s true!
    Much love much light
    May your life always be bright

  3. Candy says:

    I love all my angels and guides dearly.
    Raul/Ra-ool is really watching over me 🙂
    I like him because I knew his name before you told me 🙂
    He loves me and is sort of like a body hairs lol
    I love you Raul ❤️?????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Candy says:

    LOL bodyguard!!

  5. Sam says:

    “Maybe we just forget until we master it lol”

    Then why is forgetfulness a thing? 😛

    I still don’t know my guides or angels names, though I wish I did. However, lately I’ve had the name “Solaris” stuck in my mind. I like the name in general but I don’t know it’s origin. Could be a name of a guide, angel or a previous existence I had maybe, I’m not one to just assume things. The only knowledge I have is “Solaris” means “Sun” or related to a solar concept of some sort.

    Eh who knows. If there is a Solaris I’d like to meet them.

  6. Candy says:

    Could you have seen a Solaris by Hyundai drive by you? ?
    Try this!
    Just have some quiet time and ask your guide what there name is ?

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