Guess Who Visited Me Recently? (It will make you smile)

Hi there, 

The Angees Visited Me Again!

The Angees came back to visit me again over the weekend. On this past Saturday after my last astral travel, when I opened my eyes, guess who was standing right there in front of me? Robey AND Albazar! You may remember Robey, the little blue gnome who sat on my chest and woke me from a deep sleep by pulling on my hair. And Albazar, he is the head of the Angees.

The Angees revealed themselves to me back in October. They are 3 to 4 inches tall, and when they fly around they have a greenish-white glow. They look like fireflies when they are glowing.

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My Psychic Prediction: My Grocery Bill Will Go Up!

Well, it seems like Robey and Albazar have become friends. and NOW, Robey told Albazar about how much he loves honey, and so Albazar wants to taste honey because he has never tasted it before.

Due to Robey and his hearty appetite for honey, my grocery bill has gone up. He only likes the expensive kind now – raw honey!

I jokingly told him beggars can’t be choosers, but he’s so cute, I can’t say “no” to him. And now, he has Albazar wanting to try honey. Alcazar said to me. “I want to try that sticky sweet stuff that comes from little beings with wings who fly around like me”. He’s referring to bees.

So, I went and bought a larger size of honey, and guess what? Albazar loves it too! Not only does he love it, be he has told all the other Angees about it, and they want to try it too! There must be over 100 of them! I’m going to have to work out some kind of deal on buying bulk honey if all of his Angee friends like it too!

These kinds of experiences happen when you are psychic and they become an everyday part of life!  And if it brings Robey and all the Angees joy and happiness to eat honey, it makes me feel happy to be able to buy it for them!

These are my invisible friends. Well, not invisible to me, but invisible to others. I’ve become very fond of Robey, and I am becoming fond of Albazar too!

Robey And Albazar Told Me Something Interesting

Robey and Albazar told me they’re going to be informing me of many events long before they occur. They informed me they have a special relationship with Mother Earth, and she always informs them, way in advance, of any earth changes that are going to happen.

They also said have a special relationship with the Merpeople, and also with Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. They explained to me they are all related because they are all descendants of one another. Except for Spirit Guides, since they were once humans who lived on earth, who don’t need to reincarnate in human form again because they learned all of the lessons they could learn on earth.

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A Technique To Share With You

Robey and Albazar taught me a technique they wanted me to share with you. They told me this will give strong protection from negative forces in the universe and it can be used to protect yourself, your loved ones, and anyone you care about.

They explained there are evil forces lurking “out there” in the universe, who look for weak souls to take advantage of so they can cause havoc in their lives. Robey and Albazar explained to me that these evil beings enjoy playing with people’s lives because it is a form of entertainment for them.

So they explained we all need to protect ourselves from the evil energy of these evil beings. So here is a simple, yet powerful technique they taught me, that can be used to protect you, or anyone you know from demons or evil beings of any kind.

The Technique

1. Before you begin, you need to light a white candle. This candle should be placed on a stand or table in front of you, and it needs to be at least waist-high.

2. Stare down onto the flames of the candle, and imagine this flame casting a white shield of protection around your entire body.

3. Then, imagine the faces, one by one, of anyone you also want to protect with a white shield of light.

4. After you’ve imagined all the people, using your power of intention. Imagine sending this white shield of light to all of them at one time!

5. Now, close your eyes, and repeat the following words: “Abrama, Abrama, Sheite (pronounced she-ight) I place protection around myself those I have imagined in my mind. Protect us, and cast out any negative forces that may try to get near us! Abrama, Abrama, Sheite.”

6. Now open your eyes, and you and those you imagined are protected from demons and other negative beings.

7. You need to repeat this every two weeks to build up continuous protection. otherwise, you will be vulnerable to negative attacks!

This is very powerful and it works. After I’ve taught this exercise to others, I could literally see evil beings flying right past them, because it makes you invisible to them. Invisibility makes it impossible for these evil beings to find you and harass you.

I hope you’ll take the time to use this because this is powerful information to possess!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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