Guess Who’s Standing Behind You right Now? (You’ll be shocked)

Most people don’t realize this…

But standing behind you right now are between 30 and 40 Spirit guides and Guardian Angels! They have been with you since the day you were born!

When you were born, you were assigned spirit guides and guardian angels to watch over you throughout this lifetime. They were assigned to YOU to be YOUR guides and teachers throughout this lifetime. But the sad truth is, most people don’t even know they have these light beings standing behind them. And even sadder…most people don’t even know their names!

Imagine having 30 to 40 protectors, teachers, and guides to guide you throughout your entire life, and then just ignoring them! But that’s what most people do!

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The Importance Of Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels

Your spirit guides and guardian angels can help you 24 hours a day. All you have to do is call out to them! As I’ve talked about in my e­mails in the past, the power of a name is the most powerful way to connect with your spirit guides guardian angels. Therefore, it is very important to know their names!

Why Knowing Their Names Is Important?

If you’ve had a psychic reading with me before, then you already know the names of some of your spirit guides and guardian angels. If you haven’t had a reading with me, and you don’t know their names, then I would suggest setting up a reading, so that I can tell you the names of your guides and angels.

Why knowing their names is important, is because calling on your spirit guides and guarding angels without knowing that means, is like walking down the street and someone yelling at “Hey you!” On a busy Street, you would have no idea who they were speaking to.

It’s the same with your spirit guides and guardian angels. A name is a vibrational energy that connects you to a specific guide or an angel. So when you say their name, you create an “energy connection” to that guide or angel, which gets their attention. Using their name lets them know that you are speaking specifically to them.

The Power Of Guides And Angels In Your Life

Once you start talking to your guides and angels, it’s important to understand that you can ask them to help you with anything! For example:

  • You can ask them to help you with problems in your daily life.
  • You can call on them to give you guidance and insight.
  • You can call on them for protection when you feel afraid.
  • You can call on them to give you insight or wisdom when you’re trying to figure out problem.
  • You can talk to them when you feel lonely, and know that you’re in the company of your best spiritual friends.
  • Plus, you can call on them for anything that you need, such as assistance, help, guidance, or encouragement!

So as you can see, learning to communicate with your spirit guides and Guardian Angels is extremely important! Enlightened light seekers realize the importance of developing a relationship with their spirit guides and guardian angels. If you have questions you need accurate answers Click here NOW to book a psychic reading with me!

What If You Don’t Know Their Names?

Out of respect, you should learn their names. But even if you don’t know the names of your guides and angels, until you’re able to find out their names, you can call out to them just by saying”I call out to my spirit guides guardian angels to assist me”.

This is not as powerful as knowing their specific names, but it will do until you’re able to learn them.

I hope you have found this helpful and enlightening on your spiritual path.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

To learn the names of your guides and angels, Click here NOW to set up a psychic reading, or call my office at (614­) 444­-6334

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