How Handwriting Analysis Can Show If Someone Is Really Into You

Did you know that you can discover many things about other people through their handwriting? If you want to learn more about an acquaintance, an officemate, or even a prospective love interest, try analyzing their penmanship.

handwriting analysis

Handwriting Analysis

What Is Handwriting Analysis?

Graphology, or the study of handwriting, has been used for hundreds of years. By studying a document you’ve written,
a graphologist can make an assessment of your attitude, how you behave, think, and feel.

The way your letters are formed, the spacing, the pressure of the pen on paper, the strokes, and even the direction your letters lean – these all reveal a lot about your personality.

Handwriting And Psychic Energy

Your handwriting is as unique as you are. And if another person tries to imitate your penmanship, even if they exert a lot of effort doing so, they still won’t be able to do it perfectly.

This is because your handwriting displays more than just letters that you consciously jot down. It also reveals a lot of information about what’s in your subconscious mind.

Moreover, a document, or even a short note you’ve written, contains your psychic energy. The energy from your thoughts and emotions are sent through your hand, into the pen, down onto the paper, and it comes out as an expression of yourself.

Moreover, your energy vibrations get embedded into the paper when you write. In fact, psychics can do psychic predictions based on the energy imprinted on your handwritten note.

Discover More About A Person Through Handwriting

If you want to know more about another person, then you can do so by both looking at their handwriting, and picking up their psychic vibrations.

For example, when you read your crush’s scribbled note, you can determine if:

He’s shy (small sized letters)

Impulsive and eager (continuous flow from letter to letter, and even from word to word)

More of a loner (large spacing between words)

Emotional (large loops in the upper portion)

You can also get a sense of how interested he is by how carefully or carelessly the letters are formed, how his note generally “sounds,” and what psychic vibrations you pick up when you touch the paper.

A Word Of Caution

Although each aspect (size, inclination, space, and so on) of handwriting reveals much about a person, it must be taken into context with all other aspects of their handwriting. This means that when you do handwriting analysis, you need to examine as many of the indicators as possible, so you can gain a more accurate profile of the person.

For example, don’t just look at the size, but also check the loops, the pressure, and other aspects. Furthermore, you need to use your innate psychic abilities to sense the energy vibrations of the writer.

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