How To Experience A Powerful Healing By Talking To Trees – by Tana Hoy

Can trees talk? Yes they can! Individuals who are in tune with nature know that trees have a “special” energy. But since trees don’t have mouths for speaking, how can trees talk?

healing touch

Trees Have Life!

Scientists are beginning to acknowledge that plant life does indeed, communicate – just not in the way that humans do! In fact, trees send out a positive energy, and that they have a “healing touch.”

How Do Trees Communicate?

Humans use different methods of communication, such as verbal and written words; body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions, and many other means.

Plants and trees also communicate in different ways, one of which is by emitting certain substances. For example, if one tree is attacked by a particularly hazardous insect, it emits a certain chemical that can repel the attacker, as well as warn other trees. The other trees, in turn, respond by emitting the same chemical to warn even more trees.

They also use chemical emissions to communicate with some animals whom they have developed a symbiotic relationship with. For instance, when some plants are attacked by a certain pest, they emit a substance that attracts another kind of insect which then kills the attacker.

Other than chemical emissions, trees also produce w-waves – a kind of sound that is way beyond the human ability to hear. When a tree is being cut, for instance, it emits a very intense signal (akin to screaming), and the neighboring trees respond by emitting less, but still significantly strong w-waves.

Furthermore, plants and trees give out energy vibrations, the same way we emit energy through our minds. And it is by means of these energy vibrations that we can communicate with, and talk to trees.

How Talking To Trees Can Soothe You

The energy vibrations that trees emit (or “tree thoughts”, as I like to call them) are very soothing and calming to the human soul. If you’ve ever spent time in a garden, an orchard, or a forest, then you know how different it feels to be in the midst of trees, compared to being in a place devoid of them.

This is because trees absorb the negative energy from your body, and transform it into a positive one. And their vibrational properties facilitate metaphysical restoration, and free blockages in your psychic energy systems. Trees are so well grounded with the earth, and tuned with the universe, that they can transform your energies for inner healing and cleansing.

How To Communicate With Trees

Talking to trees is not difficult at all. You can actually talk to them in a normal, verbal way, just as you would talk to another human. If you’ve never done it before, you may feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it if you do it more.

And because trees can sense your energy vibrations, you can also communicate with them using your thoughts. In fact, a tree is an excellent “shoulder” to cry on, a great companion when you’re upset, and a wonderful listener, even if you have no words to express your feelings!

While it’s fine to talk to trees anytime of the day, you will find that the best time to “hear” them is at dawn or in the evening, because your mind is less consumed by the chaos of everyday life. Here’s my favorite way to communicate with the tree of your choice:

1. Find a nice spot by your tree, and be comfortable.
2. Close your eyes and listen to the silence. The more you attune yourself to the absence of sound, the more the sounds of nature will become clearer to you.
3. Meditate on these sounds, paying attention to the rustling of leaves, and how the tree reacts to the movement of the wind.
4. Inhale the clean, fresh air from the tree, and let it inhale the carbon dioxide that you exhale. Focus on this exchange of air, and feel the cleansing that it brings.
5. Sense the positive energy that the tree emanates. Accept it; at the same time, let go of the negative energy in your body.
6. Do this for several minutes each day. You might start with five minutes, steadily increasing the time as you become more comfortable with this practice.

In time, you will be more sensitive to the unique energy vibrations from your tree, and you will be able to sense the immense wisdom it has to share with you.

How Tree Hugging Can Help You

As mentioned earlier, being with, and talking to trees, can restore you psychically. Furthermore, touching and hugging them provides physical healing, as their vibrations have a positive effect on your biological body. Their “healing touch” is also therapeutic for your emotional and mental health.

Trees are very patient listeners, and they are natural healers for both the body and soul. Spend time with trees and you will realize the magnitude and depth of their innate power and wisdom.

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  1. Preen says:

    Interesting Article Tana 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    I have to agree completely with this article. I don’t have a back yard so I sit under a few of my favorite trees in the park. I’m still working on listening to them but I feel great after I have sat or laid under the tree for 30 minutes or more.
    Thanks Tana

  3. Amy says:

    Great article Tana! Can trees also be used as a way of sending messages to friend or loved one?

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