Healing With Crystals: How To Heal Yourself Using A Quartz Crystal

A lot of energy healers use crystals as tools when they heal their patients, and this is for good reason. Crystals have natural properties that directly affect the way energy flows in the human body, making them natural pain relievers.

healing with crystals

Healing with crystals

This is why they are so effective in healing. In fact, I’ve been using them as a way to relieve pain for years now. And so far, they have been pretty effective. Let me share the use of crystals to you.

Quartz Crystals And How To Use Them

Quartz Crystals act as an energy amplifier. This means that by using this type of crystal, you are fundamentally increasing the vibrations of your aura. This makes Quartz Crystals the popular crystal of choice by energy healers, since they are able to project more powerful energy when using them.

Getting your hands on Quartz Crystals is quite easy, since they are readily available in the market for a relatively cheap price. Using them is pretty simple too. Here are some steps.

  • Step One: Regulate your energy flow through Pranic Breathing.
  • Step Two: Hover the Crystal over the area that hurts
  • Step Three: Using your wrist, rotate the crystal in a counter-clockwise motion. This is the motion energy healers use when removing negative energy from your chakras. It works the same here.
  • Step Four: After you feel a shift in your auric vibrations, stop the counter-clockwise motion and just let the crystal hover over the painful area. Project your energy on the spot you are working on and just let it stay there for about 1 minute. This technique is done prominently in Pranic Healing.

Cleansing The Crystal After Use

When Quartz Crystals get used for pain relief, they absorb negative energy from our chakras. This is why cleansing them of negative energy after use is very important.

To cleanse the Quartz Crystal and rid it of the negative energy it has absorbed from you, all you need to do is wash it in a basin with water and a handful of salt. Salt has natural cleansing energy, and it works very well when it comes to crystals.

If no salt is available, rubbing alcohol works too, though the way it cleans is not as extensive as that of the salt and water solution.

With these tips in mind, I hope that you will have instant relief from any pain you might be experiencing. I love using this for the common after-dinner stomach ache. Try it out for yourself! Happy healing!

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