How To Hear The Voices Of Your Angels Crystal Clear (Read this!)

In my last email, I taught you 6 important facts about Angel Mantras, the 5 important facts you need to know about Guardian Angels, and the one key psychic secret for hearing them. Possessing this knowledge will make it possible for you to have a crystal clear conversation with your Guardian Angels, allowing you to communicate with them as if you were talking to them over the telephone. You can read that email here!

Have you ever had a situation pop up suddenly, and it caught you off guard? Since life happens on life’s terms, and doesn’t follow “our schedule”, it can be scary at times when unexpected problems arise. Especially if you don’t have a special someone to turn to for support.

When unexpected problems arise, what do you usually do? Some people like to run from their problems, so they wait with knots in there stomachs, hoping and praying it ends soon.  Then hoping and praying when to does end, that it will turn out ok in the end.

But is there a better way to deal with unexpected problems when they arise? Is there a better way that having knots in your stomach, along with restless nights, until the problem passes?

How A Psychic Handles Unforeseen Problems

Being born psychic is different than being able to read for yourself.

As a matter of fact, many psychics are unable to read for themselves. The reason being is psychics are born with a special gift to see into the future of others. But psychics also have come here to grow, learn, and deal with past life karma too.

I know there are psychics who read for themselves, but I sincerely question the accuracy of their ability to do this. Psychics are human just like you, and when something scary happens in their lives, they experience fear, worry, anxiety, and all the other feelings and emotions as other people.

So what does a psychic do when he or she faces an obstacle? I can only tell you what I do – since I am not only a psychic, but I was born with the gift of Mediumship. so I am what is called a Psychic Medium.

If you have questions you need help with, a psychic reading will answer those questions for you! Click here now to schedule your private psychic reading!

The Power Of Your Guardian Angels

I am fortunate in some ways, because being born a Psychic and a Medium gives me a special ability to talk to the many Beings Of Light who live in the Spirit World.

As you know, I have always been able to see and talk to Guardian Angels, and they have been my invisible friends ever since I can remember. So whenever I am faced with a problem, the first thing I do is to call on the help of my Spirit Friends.

How I do this is I immediately go into a trance, and ask my angels for guidance, support, and help, on handling whatever problem I am facing at the moment.

Other times, I will hold a “special Angel Meeting” in my home, asking my angels to materialize in front of me, so we can have a “psychic meeting” of the minds.

But just because you can’t see your Guardian Angels the same as I do, does not mean they are not there around you! So you can call on them too!

The Most Powerful Way To Summon Your Angels

You should use an Angel Mantra ** if you desire a strong connection with your Guardian Angels. An Angel Mantra is formulated specifically for you, based on your vibrations, and is created using an ancient Egyptian Formula taught to me by my mentor. This formula is over 5,000 years old!

When you have an Angel Mantra, you will be able to have a crystal clear conversation with your Guardian Angels, allowing you to communicate with them as if you were talking to them over the telephone.

** (I formulate angel mantras for people during an Angel Mantra Formulation Session, and give you the names of your 5 most important Guardian Angels. So if you’d like to have one formulated for you, and learn the names of your 5 most powerful angels,  you can contact my office by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page. Angel Mantras are very powerful tools to possess for anyone who is serious about wanting to communicate with their guardian angels)

You also have 5 Guardian Angels that are more important than all the rest. So among all of your Guardian Angels assigned to help you when you were born, 5 of them are more important than all the others. Think of them as Master Guardian Angels, because they have special powers they can use to help make magic and miracles happen in your life! And you can only connect to them by using the power of your Angel Mantra to summon them and access their special powers.

By knowing how to work with your 5 Master Guardian Angels, you will experience many joys in life that most people only dream about, because your Master Guardian Angels have powers that are unimaginable to most people! They ARE your invisible guardians and helpers who make miracles happen, and dreams come true.

The Power Of an Angel Mantra

An Angel Mantra contains the energetic power that makes this communication possible. An Angel Mantra acts like sticking a “universal plug”  into a “cosmic electrical outlet”! And it’s this connection that makes it possible to have crystal clear conversations with your Guardian Angels. Your Angel Mantra acts just like a psychic antenna on a spiritual cell phone, connecting you to the invisible communication waves in the Universe, again, making it possible to have a crystal clear conversation with your Guardian Angels…

You also need to call out to your 5 most important angels by name. When you have an Angel Mantra designed for a powerful angelic connection, and know the names of your 5 most important Guardian Angels, this is when the magic and miracles of life start to happen!

Having a personal Angel Mantra, formulated to resonate with your unique energy vibrations, is a very powerful spiritual tool for connecting with your angels. Without having an Angel Mantra, trying to connect with your Guardian Angels is like trying to fly without an airplane. Or running without legs. It just won’t happen very easily.

The number one key to making a strong and powerful connection with your angels is by using an Angel Mantra.

You can have an Angel Mantra formulated just for you by scheduling an Angel Mantra Formulation Session.

Angelismo EctoPlasmo Elavasto Conectantra

I am going to share a powerful Angel Connection Technique called Ange EctoPlasmo Elavasto Conectantra. When used with your Angel Mantra, and used after saying the names of your 5 most important angels, brings results that are nothing short of a miracle. Although without an Angel Mantra, and knowing the names of your 5 most important angels, expect very weak results, if any at all.

If you do not know the names of your 5 most important angels, and don’t have an Angel Mantra, you will need to skip steps 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. After steps 1 and 5, just immediately open your eyes, and go about your day. You might possibly see some signs, but you will not be able to understand their messages. But the signs will at least confirm you know you have angels near you.

So here is the powerful Angel Mantra technique. Again, this technique is called Ange EctoPlasmo Elavasto Conectantra. (The name translates to loosely mean “the most powerful angelic connection known to man, which will elevate ones life in the highest vibrational alignment for spectacular miracles to occur, one hundred times fold” )

Remember, if you don’t know your Angel Mantra, or the names of your 5 most important angels, you will need to skip steps 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. After steps 1 and 5, just immediately open your eyes, and go about your day.

1. Close your eyes, and silently say “I sincerely desire to connect with my guardian angels” (If you know their names, say their names here)

2. Repeat your angel mantra 6 times.

3. After you repeat your mantra, you may feel the energy of their presence. (This is because your mantra summons their energy. man So many people will feel their presence after saying their mantra because your mantra was formulated to connect your energy directly into their dimension)

4. Next, with your eyes still closed, tell them your problem you are facing, and ask them for whatever help and guidance you are seeking.

5. You can ask them to solve it for you, but if the problem you are facing is to help your grow, they will guide you on what to do, but not remove it.

6. Listen to your inner voice, because angels talk to you using your own inner voice. And due to the power of your Angel Mantra, you should be able to hear their voice “crystal clear” as it is talking to you! This is because your Angel Mantra has made this kind of connection possible or you!

7. Once you are finished, repeat your angel mantra 2 more times, as a sign of thanks and respect.

8. Now open your eyes, and sit for about 5 to 10 minutes to absorb, feel, and understand any information they for shared with you.

9. Now that you know what to do, you can apply their wisdom and guidance.

You can schedule an Angel Mantra Formulation Session and learn the name of your 5 most important Guardian Angels by clicking here now and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page!

Here’s a few emails I received after formulating an Angel Mantra and giving them the names of their 5 most important angels:

Dear Tana,

After you gave me the names of my 5 most important angels, and then formatted an Angel Mantra for me, I was shocked what happened two nights later!

First of all, it’s important to understand I am not a psychic, nor do I feel I have much psychic ability. So I said my mantra, as you instructed me, and called my 5 angels by name. That night, I had a dream where all 5 of them appeared to me. They told me many things about my life, my future, and even about finding my true love. The dream was so real, I didn’t realize I was dreaming! 

The information they gave me was so accurate, and I am already seeing what they said would happen, come true in my life. Amazing Tana. Thank you so much!

Jenny C. Toronto, Canada


Hey Tana,

That Angel Mantra stuff is powerful! I did as you said, and let me tell you…it was unreal what happened. After I said it, then said the names of my 5 angels, the lights in my room flickered, and then I saw the most beautiful heart shaped puff of white smoke that had the words “We love you” written in red letters in the center of it. I was tripping out. And I swear to youTana Hoy, it really happened! I’m not making this stuff up!

My room was filled with such a sense of love and peace afterward, and I went to bed with a smile all over my face, knowing my angels were there watching over me. 

Thank you so much Tana Hoy,

Sharonda S. – Detroit MI


Dear Tana,

You were so right! That mantra is incredibly powerful. I said it like you asked me to do, and then I said out loud the names of my 5 angels. The next thing I know, I felt like someone who loved me very deeply was standing behind me. Kind of like I used to feel when my grandma would stand behind me and rub my shoulders when I was a little boy. I felt like I was literally being hugged from behind.

At first I thought I might be imaging this, but a few minutes later when I went downstairs to find my phone, my roommate asked me who that beautiful woman was that walked out of my room a few minutes earlier?. He said “she looked like an angel!” I was floored. I just smiled at him and said “maybe it was” then I walked back into my room feeling in a way I can’t even describe in words. I know now, for 100% sure, angels really do exist.

Thanks Tana,

David R. – Houston, Tx

These are just a few of the many emails I’ve received from people after they had an Angel Mantra formulated for them, and learned the names of their 5 most important angels.

If you’d like to start communicating with your 5 most important Guardian Angels, and experience their presence in your life, then click here right now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of these powerful  Angel Mantra sessions.


I hope you find this powerful information helpful and useful, and until next time, please be blessed.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

Would you like to schedule an angel Mantra Formulation Session, or a Psychic Reading? If so, please click here or call my office at 614-444-6334 to schedule yours today!

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