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Hello again,

I want to tell you about something, which quite frankly, is pretty incredible.

As a matter of fact, what I am about to tell you is something most people think is only a myth…

…when in fact, it is as real as you and me!

So, what am I talking about?


That’s right, dragons are as real and you and me. But the reason you cannot see them is because they live on a dimension, which is parallel to ours.

And anyone who is highly accomplished at astral traveling, can confirm that dragons are very real!

The Beauty And Power Of Dragons 

So, I hope I have your curiosity peaked because what I am about to tell you next can be life-changing.

Not only that, but you are about to become privy to some information most other people have no knowledge of at all!

You see, probably 99% of the population think dragons are a fantasy. A myth.

In other words, they think they don’t exist…

…when in reality, they do!

And the people who do realize that they are real know the amazing and incredible ways a dragon can enrich a person’s life. And the also know dragons like humans!

You see, when a dragon is respectfully approached by a human, and asked to share it’s magical powers with them, the dragon will be a loyal companion to that person for the rest of their life!

And when a dragon agrees to be a companion to a human, magical things will then begin happening in the human’s life!

I’m talking about real magic here! Like the kind of magic you see in Harry Potter movies!

And how does one acquire a dragon as their lifelong companion?

Just keep reading and you will see…

About My Dragon 

I first acquired my dragon companion ever since I was a boy of around 12 years old. Acquiring my dragon companion was the first thing my mentor wanted me to do.

As some of you already know, I had a mentor from around age 11 to age 22 or 23, who trained me in the secret teachings of the ancient Mystery schools. And these schools taught that having a dragon companion is very important for anyone wanting to have a powerful and successful life.

So, I’ve had a dragon companion since I was a boy but I can’t tell you his name. The reason is because dragons lose their power when you speak their name to someone else.

As a matter of fact, having a dragon companion is so highly treasured, that before a dragon will even consider being a person’s personal, magical companion, the person has to take a secret oath, called the Oath Of Dragazar, where they vow never to reveal their dragons name to another human being!

So this is very rare for a human to even have this opportunity, let alone being informed that dragon’s really do exist!

So, as you can see, what I’m talking about here is some high-level, deeply hidden, esoteric secret knowledge that is so highly guarded, a person has to take an oath to even be considered for this.

The Ladonian-Heraclean Dragon Initiation

The secret ritual that involves meeting a dragon, having a dragon companion assigned to you, and having revealed your dragon companions name, is called The Ladonian-Heraclean Initiation.

The Ladonian-Heraclean Dragon Initiation is an actual Initiation, and not a technique or transference of energy from me to you.

Dragons are highly intuitive, the same as horses are. And anyone who desires to participate in the one-on-one personal initiation ceremony, will send me an email letting me know they would like to be considered for this.

And since dragon’s are highly intuitive, once I read the name of the person who sent me the email, the Dragon King, who is the king of the Dragon Realm, will instantly send me a telepathic message, where he links his mind with mine, and he will tell me if the person will be accepted for this ceremony. 

The Power Of The Dragon Initiation 

During the Ladonian-Heraclean Dragon Initiation, you will first be instructed in taking The Oath Of Dragazar, promising to never reveal to anyone the name of your dragon.

After taking the oath, I will then connect you with your dragon companion, but mentally repeating the magical incarnations, which make this connection necessary.

The dragon which has been assigned to you will be your own personal dragon companion and will not be assigned to anyone but you!

This is why taking the oath is necessary, because if you repeat your dragon’s name to another person your dragon will abandon you immediately, disappearing into the ethers.

And if a person breaks their oath, they will never again be able to have a dragon companion assigned to them – in this lifetime, or in any of their future lifetimes!

So, when a person decides to apply to become part of this special ceremony, they need to be very sure they can keep the sacred name of their dragon a secret!

Then, after taking the Oath of Dragazar, the Dragon King and myself will perform the initiation ceremony where your dragon companion will be assigned to you!

After your dragon companion has been assigned to you is where the magic happens… 

The Magical Powers Of Dragons 

Having a dragon as your personal companion is one of the most incredible experiences since Buddha walked on the earth!

Why this is such a rare opportunity is because dragons rarely allow humans to connect with them because they are very protective of humans knowing too much about their dimension…

…and even when writing this email to you, I had to be careful not to be too revealing about secret information about dragons and the Dragon Realm. That way, if this information gets read by the wrong person, nothing is revealed here that could be used for the evil means of dragon domination.

Although during your initiation ceremony, many dragon secrets will be revealed!

And quite frankly, dragons prefer having humans think they are nothing more than a myth. Because it protects them from the types of humans who would try to figure out a way to dominate them and use their powers for selfish means.

Get Ready For an Amazing Life

So, if you are lucky enough to be chosen for having your very own personal dragon assigned to you, you will be in for an amazing life afterwards!

Because your personal dragon will be with you for the rest of your entire life, blessing you and bestowing upon you their magical, mystical powers!

What Happens Once You Have A Dragon Companion?

When you have a dragon companion, here are some of the incredible things you can expect:

Obstacles In Your Life Will Be Cleared Away

With one swoosh of your dragon’s tail, any and all obstacles will be cleared out of your way. Love obstacles, money obstacles, health obstacles, or any obstacles at all – will be gone forever!

An Overflow Of Wishes Will Come True

Dragons are wish-granters, and they love nothing more than making the wishes of those they care about come true. And the even better news is, there is no limit to the amount of wishes they will grant you! So, you can ask for literally any wish, dream, or desire, and your dragon will grant it to you.

You Will Begin Psychic Dream Travel 

Psychic Dream Travel means your dragon will fly you anywhere you want to go – while you sleep! You can travel into the past, present, or future, and see how outcomes will unfold before they happen.

While you sleep, you can also psychically Dream Travel to visit friends, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, or people you are interested in, and find out how they really feel about you!

It’s like having 24-hour access to your own private crystal ball!

Experience Dream Lovemaking

Your dragon will fly you to the dimension where psychic lovemaking exists! In this realm, you will be able to make love with anyone you have ever dreamed or fantasized about…

…and it will feel as real as if it actually happened.

And you won’t have anything to confess or feel guilty about because it happened on a different dimension while you were sleeping.

Think of this like a “dream that felt so real” that when you wake up it feels as if you hadn’t been dreaming! Yet, it will all have been just a type of 3-D dream.

Dragon Protection

You will be protected by your dragon 24-hours a day. You can think of this like having the world’s best body guard, except that yours is invisible!

Plus Much, Much More! 

How To Be Chosen For The Ladonian-Heraclean Dragon Initiation 

To be considered, the first thing you need to do is reply to this email, and also include your direct phone number saying you want to be considered.

You can reply to this email at, or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page

Once I receive either your email, or the form you filled out on my Psychic Reading page, you will be contacted within the next 24 hours if you have been approved for the amazing experience!

** Please know we call from a private number, so MAKE SURE to answer any calls from private numbers or you may lose your space for this.

There are a limited number of dragons that can be assigned, and after that, you will miss this opportunity because it will not happen again for another 200 years! 

So make sure to respond to this email right away!

Again you can either apply by sending an email and your direct phone number to:


You can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page.

I am so glad I am able to offer you this rare opportunity, and I look forward to initiating you into The Ladonian-Heraclean Dragon Initiation.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Make sure to respond right away, or you will miss this opportunity!

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