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Hi there,

During my most recent meditation, Macar, my Ascended Master Guide, told me to share with you something I was taught by my mentor when I was around 14 years old.

Until Macar mentioned this to me the other evening it never really hit me to tell about what I am going to in this email…

….The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System.

So, I am going to tell you all about this formula and how by knowing about it, the many ways it will benefit your life, as well as those you care about.

This Won’t Work On A Black Heart

Again, I learned this formula from my mentor when I was around 14 years old and I can still remember the room where he taught me this formula. It was full of all kinds of crystals and gemstones. And it had a beautiful  painting on the wall of the Hindu deity Hanuman…

…I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.

I can still remember my mentor looking at me and saying, “Tana, I am going to teach you something very powerful and it must never be misused for evil. And it should never be taught to anyone who has a black heart.

I later came to understand that someone with a black heart refers to someone who has a heart full of evil.

So, before I explain this, the most important thing to know is this WILL NOT work for someone with a black heart. Sadly, these types of people do exist.

Understanding The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System  

The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System is a formula system based on an ancient Egyptian system, which allows you to tap into the “natural, mystical, and invisible energies” of the universe to create yourself a magical life filled with wonder! And this formula system can also be used to benefit anyone you know! Anyone! 

The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System was first taught almost 2028 years ago, in the same ancient Egyptian Mystery School my mentor was part of. So, as you can see, this is an ancient formula, and it is just as powerful as it is old.

I feel so blessed to have been taught this very rare formula, and I feel even more blessed being able to pass it on to you!

Araba’a means the number 4 in Arabic, and the number 4 refers to the 4 universal elements, which are earth, fire, air, and water. So, The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System is based upon these four elements. And how it accesses the power of these 4 elements is what makes it so powerful!

And another amazing thing about this ancient formula is that it can be in many different ways to benefit a person’s life.

Also, once you learn this formula system, you will be able to use it for the rest of your earthly life!

And I’m going to explain all of the different ways it can be used in just a few moments.

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The Mystical Powers Of The 4 Elements (Elementos) 

First, you need to understand the 4 elements and the incredible powers each element has:

The Element Of Fire

Fire helps you become unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing anything you desire. This includes any desire related to love, stirring the passions in yourself or others, and giving you irresistible attractiveness to others. It can gives you a sex appeal others cannot resist!

Imagine being at a social event, and having several attractive gentlemen, or beautiful females, wanting to talk only to you. Men or women who find you irresistible, and are drawn to you like magnet is drawn to steel.

Or if you are already in a relationship, fire can rekindle your passions, which may have dwindled down long ago!

Or if there is someone from your past who you want to reunite with once again, fire can rekindle those passions, too.

The Element Of Earth

Earth helps you to have more confidence in yourself, and also causes others to have more confidence in you, and in your abilities.

Earth also opens doors to opportunities you may have thought were unreachable.

Earth also sets you on the path to a solid and stable career or business life. In other words, it removes obstacles in your way.

If there is a position you desire, a promotion you want, or if you feel like something is standing in the way to your success, almost like magic, promotions will happen, positions will open up, and the walls that once stood in your way will begin to disappear – right before your very eyes!

The Element Of Air

Air gives you the ability to get close to people you desire to be close to. Air also opens doors that may have been closed to you in the past.

Air also causes an endless flow of money to “blow” into your life, almost effortlessly. And it will also “blow” the right opportunities, the right people, and the right circumstances to you, in order to achieve the successes you desire in all areas of your life.

If there is someone you want a closer relationship with, but the door between the two of you seems closed, Air will cause a pulling together of the energies of your souls, and will open that closed door.

And since air has the power of “gentle movement”, money will seem to swirl all around you! Because this element “stirs up” prosperity energy, too!

Air also lines things up in the exact order necessary to accomplish whatever you desire.

The Element Of Water

The element of Water creates a tidal wave affect in your life. Because just like a tidal wave. In an unstoppable manner, this element causes good things you desire to come rushing into your life.

If you desire all the finer things in life, known also as living a “Life of Gold”, the element of water will turn any ordinary existence, into a golden one!

Imagine how it will feel to see the tide turning in your favor! To see everything around you turning to golden good luck?

How different will your life be when you finally start having all the goodness you’ve ever wanted appearing in your life?

These are just a few of the many, many benefit these elements can give to you!

Learning The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System will benefit your life in ways you never dreamed possible!

And I haven’t even talked about the additional powers they have, once you know how to combine them!

The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System formula system is so easy to learn, even a kindergartner could learn it!

The Additional Magical Powers When These Elements Are Combined 

When you learn to combine these elements, they become even more powerful, and their possibilities are even more unlimited.

For example, when you combine the element of earth and fire, nothing can stand in the way of you accomplishing your financial desires.

When you combine the element of fire and air, you will begin to have unlimited opportunities to meet your soulmate presented to you! And meeting your one true love will be as easy as melting butter in a hot pan.

And when you know how to combine the element of water with earth, promotions, raises, and new career opportunities will seemingly appear out of thin air!

As you can probably see, when you learn how to combine these elements together, the benefits you can create are only limited by your imagination!

Your Life Will Transform In Amazing Ways

Once you know how to use this easy-to-understand formula system, your life will begin to transform in very magical ways.

People who know you will start asking you “Did you find a genie-in-a-bottle?”  Because they are going to be amazed when they see all these good things happening to you all of the sudden!

And even better, is the fact that anyone can easily learn this simple formula system!

As a matter of fact, it’s so simple to learn, I taught it to my 7-year old niece how to use it! 

So, it’s very easy to learn! But its power is mind blowing! 

AND, the amazing part of all of this is, YOU CAN use this formula to help, benefit, or make the dreams of ANY PERSON you know, come true!

Imagine how good you will feel inside knowing you were the person responsible for helping others you care about live their dream life, too!

A Word Of Warning!! 

The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System is as close to Harry-Potter-type-magic as you can get.

THEREFORE, it is for anyone who may be thinking of using it for evil. If you have a black heart, please stop reading this email and delete it right now!

Black heart people need not respond to this email!

But, when reading this email, if you are a person who began thinking of all the positive ways you could use it to benefit you, and also benefit others, then this definitely for you!

How To Learn The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System 

If you want to know how to use The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System and receive all the benefits it will bring to you life, then now is the time to reserve one of the limited spaces by clicking on this link and filling out the form on my Psychic Readings page! 

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As I explained earlier, once you learn this formula system you will be able to use it immediately, for the rest of your earthly life!

So, you are going to have years and years to use it, and receive all the benefits it is going to offer you, your life, and anyone else you decide to help with it!

The Number 51

That’s right! 51.

I am going to limit the amount of people I teach this formula system to to 51 people! After 51 people have learned it, I will never be sharing this information again.

I was informed the 4 elements can only handle 51 people on earth tapping into them.

And once 51 people have snatched up this opportunity to learn the life-changing Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System – it will be gone forever!

And as you may already know, once I offer something like this, I offer it only once. After that, the opportunity is gone forever! 

I hope you realize 51 people is not very many people. So, now more than ever, if you are a wait-to-the-last-moment type of person, then you are going to miss out on the biggest opportunity of your entire life!

So, click here now! DO NOT wait until the last minute to try and grab a space for this!

Or else, while all the other 51 people are living the life of their dreams, you will be feeling stuck, disappointed, and telling yourself you could have been one of the lucky 51 people, if you had not procrastinated!

Trust me…You DO NOT want to be one of those people!

So, click this link and fill out the form on my Psychic Readings page, so you can be one of the lucky 51 people!

Or you can reserve your space by replying to this email with your direct contact numbers!

The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System was one of the most amazing things my mentor passed onto me! And I have successfully used it to create the life I am living today!

And now you have the opportunity to be living the life you desire, too!

I look very forward to passing the knowledge of The Araba’a Elemento Egypto Formula System onto you, too

In light, love, and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2018 (June Release)

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  1. Ms. Giles says:

    Mr. Hoy
    Suggestions-If you have not seen the movies Forks Over Knives or Food INC., see them. If you have seen them, see them again to stay on a healthy road. You do not look like a heavy-set medium anymore.

    Ms. Giles

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you Ms. Giles. I know the movie well and am on my back into getting into shape. Thank you so much for your concern. 🙂

      Tana Hoy

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