Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2018 (November Release)

Hello there,

It’s been an interesting year so far. I’ve meet a lot interesting beings during my many astral travels this year, and with the upcoming shockwave, well, that was the wrench in the monkey pile…

…and well, more interesting things are continuing to happen for me!


Sometimes late at night, I like to rent an electric scooter and ride around the city. You know, the ones you see people riding on the sidewalks, and you curse at them under your breath wishing they’d use the road!

Riding a scooter late at night gives me a chance to clear my mind and really tune in to the world around me.

Some nights I will scooter around town for over 5 miles! I really love it!

But the other night when I was on a scooter, I saw something that really surprised me!

It was around 1AM in the morning, so it was really dark, and I was riding along on this secluded road that goes thru a beautiful park. No one but me was there, and it was a wonderful feeling.

As I rode past a large secluded area of woods, I saw a glowing orangish light off in the woods.

Naturally, I was intrigued….

…so I parked my scooter because you know me, I had to walk into the woods and see what it was!

Some people may think I’m crazy walking into the woods at 1AM on a Wednesday night, but I could “feel” inside it was something “not of this planet”.

And I didn’t feel afraid at all. I mean, no one was there but me and this orange glowing thing.

So, as I walked about 200 feet into the woods and began to get closer to the glowing orange light, you’ll never guess what it was!

My Incredible Surprise! 

As I walked closer to this orange light a huge smile came over my face, because right there in the middle of the forest was a ring of fairies dancing and flying around a little fire, with several gnomes standing around talking to each other.

It was as if I had walked into some kind of special gathering in the forest…and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

As I approached this fairy circle, I stepped on a branch, and it made a loud “snap”!

Then suddenly, all the fairies and all the gnomes, turned their eyes on me!

A gnome, about one-and-a-half feet tall, started walking towards me, and he was accompanied by 8 or 10 fairies flying beside and above him. He had a kind, gentle look on his face and as he approached me, he said “Hello, Tana!”

I almost dropped my teeth!

How did he know my name?

Jerome The Gnome 

“I’m Jerome, and we were expecting you! I am a friend of Robey’s and he told me all about you, and how you are a friend to all of us little invisible folk. I knew you were coming! 

How I knew you were coming is because I have the ability to influence people, things, situations, and events, using the power of my mind. So, I had influenced you to come here because I wanted to meet you.

We have gathered here tonight to practice what you might call Fairy Magic, and we use our magic to make wishes come true. 

Once upon a time, and long ago, humans first discovered fairies can make wishes come true, by spying on us, but that’s a story for another day… 

…the reason I wanted you to come here is because I wanted to thank you for helping all the fairies get homes a few months ago. Your kindness helped save our race. 

And, as a thank you, the race of fairies wants to help the humans who have a pure heart make their dreams and wishes come true, but the human must have a pure heart for us to grant their wishes.”

He then went on to tell me about Abracadabra.

Abracadabra – A Magical Fairy Spell

He told me that fairies and gnomes use a powerful wish-granting fairy spell called Abracadraba. So, to my surprise, it turns out that the word abracadabra is not some made up word magicians use at kinds birthday parties, but it’s actually an ancient word fairies and gnomes have used for centuries to make wishes come true!

He also explained that only fairies and gnomes of the highest order have these very special powers. and that only these fairies and gnomes, can perform this powerful fairy spell.

AND, he also emphasized that this fairy spell will only work on humans who have a pure heart.

He also told me in a very proud way that he IS one of the gnomes of the highest order who can perform Abracadabra on humans!

He then explained that Abracadra can grant a person three wishes, but the three wishes have to be specific, and they have to be free from any malice or intention to harm.

So, if you are reading this and thinking how you could use it to harm someone, stop reading this email right now! Because Abracadabra would not be for you!!

But if you have three wishes you would love to see fulfilled that are pure and good in nature, then read on…

What Does Abracadabra The Wish Granting Fairy Spell Do?

Jerome the gnome told me that Abracadabra was so powerful, that when a person’s three wishes are fulfilled, the result of the wish last forever.

And YOU GET TO CHOOSE any three wishes you desire!

So, what this means is:

* if you wish for love, not only will it come to you, but it will last forever!

* if you wish for financial abundance, it will be unlimited for the rest of your life!

* if you wish for a successful career, you will grow and grow, all the way to the top!

* If you wish for your own business, you will have an unlimited supply of clients!

* If you wish to write a book, it will send limitless copies!

* If you wish for good health, it will be yours forever!

* if you want to lose weight, you will – and it will stay off forever!

* or you can make any wish that YOU want to come true!

So, once fulfilled, your three wishes will last forever!

Jerome The Gnome Had Special Conditions

Jerome the gnome told me a person with an evil heart, would not benefit from this magical fairy spell. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t seem to stress this to me enough!

So, it is very important to know that this won’t work for people like that.

He also stressed that any person who wants to have their three wishes granted, has to have certain energetic qualities that “only a gnome will be able to identify”!

Jerome the gnome was so serious about this when he explained it to me, that he said he would perform Abracadabra on any human, as long as they meet the energetic conditions required.

So, he insisted that he look over every single name, of every single person, who wanted to have three of their wishes fulfilled, and he wanted to know each person’s special wish in detail, so he could determine who would, and who would not, be chosen for this.

Then he said after he looks over each one that was submitted, he will let me know who has been chosen – and he told me he will not choose more than 75 people!.

Something else you need to know, Abracadabra is going to be performed in a very different way. And this will be explained to the 75 people who are chosen.

How To Apply To Get Chosen 

Per instructions of Jerome the gnome, here is what you need to do if you want to experience this powerful fairy spell, and make any three wishes you have come true!

** Instruction from Jerome the Gnome:

1. Reply to this email

2.Address it to Jerome

3. Write down the 3 wishes you desire

4. Promise you do not intend to use your wishes to harm anyone or anything

5. Send it directly back to me right away and MAKE SURE to include your phone number!


** I have made this very easy for you to fill out because I’ve designed a copy-and-paste template you can use!

A Copy-And-Paste Template For you

I created a template for you that will only take you 5 minutes to just copy and paste into an email.

Then just answer the 3 simple questions, and send it back to me ASAP!

Here’s the template (Copy and paste this template)


“Dear Jerome,

Thank you for considering me.

My three wishes are:




4. Here is my best phone number where I am easily reachable:


I promise I would never create any wish to harm or injure another living thing.

It would be an honor to be chosen by you for Abracadabra.


(Your name goes here)


After I receive your email, Jerome will look at it right away, and if you are chosen, someone will get back to you to schedule your Abracadabra Wish Granting Fairy Spell.

I Suggest You Make Your Move Now!

If you want to have 3 wishes fulfilled, wishes that will last forever, then answer the questions right away and get them back to me immediately!

It will only take you 5 minutes to just copy and paste this template into an email, answer the simple questions, and then send them back to me.

I know one thing! Jerome the gnome is a fast mover, and no moss grows under his little feet! And I can tell you by the look in his eyes, he is ready to find 75 people to make their wishes come true!

So if you play around, wait, or procrastinate, filling out the copy and paste template, and sending it back to me ASAP, you will lose a once-in-a-lifetime chance of making your wishes come true!!

AND, the AMAZING PART is, your wishes do not have to be for you, they can be for anyone you know!!

Seriously, how many people do you know who will also have this same opportunity in this lifetime? I think I can safely say “none”, unless they are part of my email list!

So copy-and-paste the template into this email, fill it out, send it back to me, and Jerome will look at it as soon as he receives it.


Good luck on being chosen!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Make sure to copy-and-paste the template and send it back to me ASAP or you WILL miss this!

And you DO NOT want to miss this!

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