Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2018 (October Release)

Hello there,

Times are a changin’, let me tell you!

I usually spend every Saturday morning astrally traveling to different dimensions, but thru all the years of doing this, it seems I’ve spiritually advanced on some levels, and as a result of this, opened some higher inter-dimensional doors!

Because now, instead of me traveling to meet these different Beings, it seems they are coming to visit me!

Like last month for example, remember when I talked about being startled out of my meditation by a Karkel Bangle sniffing my face. Although let me tell you, Charlie the Karkel Bangle was the cutest creature I’ve ever seen!

And such a sweetie, too!

Or the little gnome Robey who pops in occasionally to visit me, and while he is here, he eats all of my expensive honey. And the only reason I don’t get mad at Robey for eating my honey is because he is just adorable.

And most recently, I was recently visited by another interesting being called a Scarferfold.

I know. I know.

You’re wondering, “what the heck is a Scarferfold?”

A Scarferfold is a being with incredible psychic powers. Scarferfolds only appear to people like myself when there is a serious message they need to deliver to the people on earth.

So, last week, a Scarferfold appeared to me in a dream in order to deliver a message to me.

The Unusual Way The Scarferfold Appeared To Me

Having a highly evolved Being like a Scarferfold appear in my dream was very unusual indeed. But this was how the Scarferfold appeared to me that evening.

What was so unusual about this particular dream was that I didn’t even realize I was dreaming. It actually seemed like it was happening in real life!

So, I’m still not really sure if I was just dreaming, or if I was in some type of hypnotic trance. But either way, I received the message.

The Scarferfold introduced himself as Raun (pronounced Raw-oon) and he told me he had a very important message for me.

Raun told me he was a Scarferfold, but already knew what he was right away. I had seen drawings of them in the ancient manuals my mentor used to have, and their look is easily identifiable.

He was about 9 feet tall, very thin, and had a greenish-red colored skin. Other than that, he looked perfectly normal! (smile)

Raun’s Message

As I mentioned a few moments ago, Scarferfolds only appear to spiritually evolved people when there is a serious the message people on earth need to know.

So, knowing this about the appearance of Scarferfolds, I knew he appeared because he had a message for me.

Well, Raun wasn’t much for chit-chat, so, he went straight into talking about the message he needed to pass on to me.

And his message was this:

“Tana, in the past, you have already spoken to your followers about energy imbalances, and the energy shockwaves caused by these imbalances, which attack the earth… So, many of your followers have already heard of these shockwaves before. 

Well, there is going to be another energetic shockwave headed towards the earth in the next few months, and when this one it hits, it is going to cause many things to go biggerbablop”

(I’m not sure where he learned the word “biggerbablop” but he meant out of whack, crazy, or get messed up) 

So, when this shockwave hits the earth in a few months, things on earth are going to go biggerbablop!”

He said, ”This upcoming energy shockwave has been named “ The Rumbler” because when it hits, a rumble will be felt throughout the entire world.”

As many of you know from the energy shockwaves I’ve told you about in the past, when it comes to these energy shockwaves, they are not something you want to ignore.

Getting protected is very important, as some of you found out the hard way.

So when I heard Raun use the words “energy shockwave” he definitely had my attention…

What Will Happen When The World Rumbler Shockwave Hits? 

Raun explained that when The World Rumbler shockwave hits, it is going to mess with people’s energy bodies in a way that will cause “very unique” things to happen to them.

He explained how this shockwave is going to “rumble” people’s lives in the following ways:

* When the shockwave hits, people are going to experience investment problems, especially investments made in the stock market.

* There are going to unexpected upheavals in people’s lives related to love, finances, and career stuff.

* As a result of this shockwave, people will also experience a heavier heart. So anxiety, fear, worry, and stress, will overtake people’s minds.

* It will cause relationship problems, especially among family members and spouses. Newly beginning relationships will instantly end and dissolve away.

* Plus a whole lot more nasty things you’ll want to avoid happening to you.

How To Prevent Your Life From Being Blasted By The Affects Of This

You need to get protected… 

…it’s the simple.

When energy waves like this hit the earth, the only thing you can do to protect yourself from their nasty fallout is to get protected.

When you go in the sun and want to avoid getting burned, you use sunscreen. The sun is never going to go away, so you have to protect yourself.

When you walk barefoot on sharp pebbles, you have to put on your shoes to protect your feet from h the sharp rocks. The rocks are never going to disappear, you have to protect your feet.

The same with these energy shockwaves. They are never going to go away, BUT you can protect yourself from their negative effects.

And how you do that is by having this powerful Anti-Shockwave Protection performed on you.

What Will Anti-Shockwave Protection Do?

Having Anti-Shockwave Protection performed on you will protect you from all the negative effects that are going to happen to people when it hits the earth.

Anti-Shockwave Protection is like wearing sunscreen on a sunny day, or wearing shoes when walking over sharp pebbles. It WILL protect you from getting burned, so to speak.

This shockwave is going to happen regardless if you do anything or not!

BUT just like wearing sunscreen or shoes, you CAN protect yourself from its terrible effects.

You Don’t Want To Ignore This One!

You don’t want to ignore this shockwave and think I’ll just take my chances. Because as those of you who ignored these shockwaves in the past had learned, if you aren’t protected from it, the fallout after it hits ain’t pretty.

So, I don’t recommend ignoring this, unless

– You have so much money you can afford to lose a lot of it.

– You don’t mind major negative upheavals happen in your life.

– You enjoy feeling crazy, anxious, and overly paranoid in your mind over everything that happens to to you.

– Or you don’t mind having relationship problems, or losing a new relationship that hardly just began (less than 12 months dating is considered a new relationship).

And believe me, some people enjoy having pain and misery in their lives. But if you’re not one of those people, then you’ll want to act on this right away!

The Next Step You Need To Take

The next step would be to reserve a space for your Anti-Shockwave Protection session.

I unfortunately only have 77 spaces available for this.

So, you’ll want to click on this link right now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page or you gonna get left out!

And you already know what is going to happen if you get left out from being protected from this!

So click here now and fill out this form on my Psychic Reading Page, and someone will call you back in the order we receive your email.

After 77 people are reserved, you just going to have to get through this on your own because there will be nothing more I can do for you at that point, because there is only one of me, and 77 people will be all I can fit into my schedule for this.

I hope this information has served you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Click here right now so you don’t get hit by this!

P.S.S. Here are my newest Psychic Predictions for October 2018

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  1. Irma says:

    Hi Tana, I did the protection for myself and my family in August I think? How long is that supposed to last? I understood for the rest of the year? This was proction from the energy that was supposed to drop August 21 I think. Anyway, I’m confused about so many energy waves hitting the earth.

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