Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2018 (September Release)

Hello there!

Something very interesting happened to me a few days ago….

…I met my first Karkel Bangle!

Very quirky creatures, they are! And honestly, I never realized how quirky they could be, until I met one in person.

Sure, I’ve heard of Karkel Bangles before. As a matter of fact, my mentor talked about them all the time!…

…but I’d never met one, or even seen one before.

I’d heard plenty of stories about them because my mentor used to say “If you ever get lucky enough to meet a Karkel Bangle, cherish the moment, because meeting a magical Karkel Bangle is a rare occurrence, in deed!”

So, I finally met one…face-to-face in my meditation room! 

How I Met A Karkel Bangle

I was deep in meditation, when suddenly, I felt something sniffing around my face!

At first, I thought it was one of our cats, either Lily or Winstin…

…but then I realized they were not tall enough to be standing in front of me, sniffing my face!

And when I opened my eyes, I almost jumped out of my pants!

I knew right away from the descriptions my mentor described to me, what was sniffing my face!

And then I suddenly remembered his words…”If you ever meet a magical Karkel Bangle, cherish the moment!”

So, imagine this…

…here I am sitting on the floor ,with this large, orange-colored, furry looking creature, standing nose-to-nose in front of me – and sniffing my face!

I mean, he wasn’t even startled when I opened my eyes…he just kept sniffing my face.

I must have screamed because just a few moments later Johnny came to the meditation room to see if I was okay.

And the moment he opened the door, the Karkel Bangle instantly vanished right in front of my eyes. It vanished so fast, Johnny never even caught a glimpse of it!

What Are Karkel Bangles?

My mentor had explained to me that Karkel Bangles are magical beings that can manifest, create, heal, resolve, or make anything happen.

He told me they come from the 37th Dimension, where many magical beings and magical creatures live. 

He also explained to me that Karkel Bangles are magical beings that can:

– make any dream, wish, or desire, come true

– manifest any desire into reality

– create any outcome or situation to happen

– resolve problems, frustrating situations, or anything else that needs resolved

– heal any sadness, pain, and even assist in relieving physical ailments

In other words, they are incredible, magical creatures. And I call them creatures because they are not human.They are more like an energy animal.

They are orange, very furry, and look like a cross between a small woolly mammoth and an aardvark, with a large nose that looks like a dog’s nose.

They have regular sized teeth, and are very gentle and friendly.

As a matter of fact, I later discovered that the Karkel Bangle was sniffing my face because he wanted to be petted, Karkel Bangles love attention and affection.

So they are very affectionate creatures.

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My Hypnotic Dream

That same night, the Karkel Bangle visited me in a dream!

Turns out, his name is Charlie, which is not the kind of name I’d expected from a magical creature from the 37th Dimension. But his name is Charlie…

…Charlie the Karkel Bangle.

In my dream, Charlie communicated with me telepathically (mind-to-mind communication) and explained he appeared to me because he wants to help me bring more magic into the lives of people on earth, since the people on earth are living in such uncertain times.

And then he proceeded to tell me all the things he was able to do…

The Incredible Abilities of a Karkel Bangle

Charlie the Karkel Bangle said he works by visiting people at night while they sleep, on an agreed upon time and date, and while they are sleeping, he sprinkles a powerful, magical energy dust on the person.

And it’s this energy dust, he explained, that is so magical, all of its powers cannot be described in words.

And interestingly, I also remembered that my mentor used to tell me that Karkel Bangles possess magical energy dust!

Charlie the Karkel Bangle then explained some of the results people will experience from having the magical energy dust sprinkled on them. He said:

– You will be able to manifest any desire into reality – just by thinking about it!

– You can think of the outcome you desire for any situation- and then watch it happen!

– Your body, mind, and spirit, will be healed of any sadness, heartache, or pain, and many physical ailments will also be relieved!

– Problems, frustrating situations, or anything else that is unresolved, will resolve itself without any effort!

– By simply wishing any dream, wish, or desire, to come true, it will come true!

– Marital and relationship difficulties will begin clearing up

– People will start finding you irresistible!

– Plus a whole lot of other incredible things will happen for you, too!

Chuck Got Karkel Bangled – and Here’s What Happened!

I just had to call my friend Chuck.

If you’ve read my emails for a while, then you know Chuck is my best friend.

I told him everything that happened, and he was excited to get Karkel Bangled!

So, I did a numerological calculation to determine the best date and time for him and the calculation showed August 1st, at 2:00 EST was the best time and date.

Then I explained to Chuck, all he had to do that day was go to sleep as usual and during the night Charlie will sprinkle his magical energy dust on him. And then when he wakes up the next morning, he will have already been Karkel Bangled by Charlie.

He asked me if he woke up as he was being Karkel Bangled, if he would see Charlie? And I explained he would not see him because Karkel Bangles remain invisible to humans, except on rare occasions, like the night he appeared to me.

Well, we spoke a few times between then, and the morning of the 1st, when Chuck woke up, he called me right away – at around 6AM my time! Needless to say, I was still asleep!

He was so excited.

I said “Chuck, it’s 6AM here!” He said “I know, but I just have to tell you about this experience!”

He then proceeded to tell me that only a few minutes ago, out of the blue, his boss called him to inform Chuck he was going to resign, and wanted to offer Chuck his position.

He offered him the job over the phone, which is very unusual for corporate America!

His soon to be ex-boss also said this new position came with a $40,000 increase in pay, since it was a regional Vice President Position he was being offered.

Chuck accepted it instantly, and he started training the following week.

He then told me “Tana, I swear I am not making this up, but my stock broker also called while I was talking to my boss. So, when I called him back, he told me one of my penny stocks, just earned me $450,000!” 

Now, I almost flipped out myself when Chuck told me this!

Now it’s important to understand that Chuck’s results were Chuck’s results, and it doesn’t mean everyone will experience the same results as Chuck. Because as Charlie the Karkel Bangle explained to me, everyone will have a different result based upon their own unique magic in their life!

I jumped up and down for Chuck, and when we hung up the phone, I immediately thanked Charlie the Karkel Bangle. I felt so grateful to have been able to share this with someone I care about so deeply!

How To Experience The Joy Of Getting Karkel Bangled! 

Chuck’s results may not be your results, because we all have different wishes, dreams, and desires. And this is why this is so exciting to me! Because everyone’s results will be different based upon their own unique lives!

So, anything can happen because the possibilities are wide open!

And according to Chuck, getting Karkel Bangled is an amazing feeling when you wake up.

So, if you’re ready to experience the magic of getting Karkel Bangled, then get ready for the joy ride of your life!

Getting Karkel Bangled is very unique because all it requires is going to sleep. And since you sleep everyday, you will easily be able to experience it.

Due to the uniqueness of getting Karkel Bangled, I have more spaces available than usual for these unique sessions. So there are going to be 82 spaces available for 82 lucky people who want to get Karkel Bangled!

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And you don’t want to miss this because Charle the Karkel Bangle already informed me this is a one-shot opportunity because after the 82 spaces are gone, he will not leave the 37th Dimension for another 3,000 years.

So, you have “one shot” opportunity to get Karkel Bangled by Charlie!

Getting Karkel Bangled not only feels good, but the feeling you get after having yourself sprinkled in this energy dust is going to blow your mind!

And Chuck is continuing to experience even more benefits from this!

AND THE EVEN BETTER NEWS: The effects of getting Karkel Bangled will last for the rest of your life.

So, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve your space.

And trust me, you don’t want to get left out on this one!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. You can click here to reserve your own personal space for this amazing experience!

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    Hi Tana,
    let me start by saying although I’ve never had a reading by you, I believe you do have the gift BUT all the things this magical creature you state can give, is what is said of the Lord. Faith Faith Faith ( I hope you know I mean no disrespect for bringing religion into this post/email.)
    I’d like to think your helping the higher power, your abilities to guide those in need. Weather it be to Confirm or Reassure. Growing up, it was said people with your gifts were evil. Now, Grown Up, I do not see it that way at all.
    On with my point right?! lol What is your opinion on the difference of the two, The Lord and The Karcel Bangled.
    Thank You

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